Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bringing the sunshine in...Window Treatments for Spring/Summer

Before I left, I started these new window treatments for our French Doors
that lead out to our garden,...
Since spring has certainly forgotten us to date, I thought I would bring
some SPRING/SUMMER into our home...

I cannot even tell you how old this fabric is....I have made duvet covers
out of it, tea cozies, and now window treatments..

 In our area most of the modern homes do not do window treatments, 
settling for California shutters instead or NOTHING!.

Call me old fashion, but I still love window treatments, I think it adds so much 
to a living space...I don't think I ever have purchased drapes, curtains, lace...
I have always made them all.... A couple of years ago, I did get a quote
for indoor awnings, that I have now...quote was over $4,000 for 2 windows..
I am so pleased I know how to make them myself :)

I still had lot's of this fabric left over....I washed it all up again...

I had plenty of lace to work with....I ended up adding 2 layers for this effect...

But here are some  other choices I considered...

Although this fabric is  medium weight decor fabric, I chose to line it with Ticking, the same fabric
that I used for making duvet shell....it will withstand the summer bleaching....

These are my winter window treatments....we have not had a lot of sun, so these are dark...
but the material is a very light and soft yellow...

Initially I set this ruffled lace, the problem was it was toooooooo ruffled....
it looked more like a skirt...wink..

Then I added batten-burg, problem with this one...is it was too light....in weight...
did not give enough impact...

I design my window treatments with no stitching lines...
they are all hidden...kinda like a pillow case turned inside out...
I sew the lace all my hand.

So I went with 2 layers of this lace....here is the contrast between each season..
My winter one is already in the wash and ready to be starched and put away for the 
cooler months ahead...

I am now ready to sew the panels for my Window Bench
remember the Buffalo PLAID...well that is on 
my list for today...I have it all cut...
now to sew for a couple of hours, while he is resting...

Got my Valence done...now onto the panels....LOVE the look of the Buffalo Plaid as my topper!

Tea for Two, Mary is having a party....
so check in on our ladies today who are having 
a lovely display of needle arts.
They may wow you! 


  1. bellissime le tue tende, è una bella idea!

  2. I'm so glad you're using this floral Samm - I love it! And the two layers of lace just set it off beautifully. Love, love it! blessings, marlene

  3. I still like window treatments too. Just not a plain window kind of gal. Yours are lovely. Hope spring comes soon for you. Hugs

  4. Your Spring curtains are beautiful! The double row of lace is such a great idea.

  5. I love your pretty curtains. I can't decide which one is prettier... good thing you get to display them both!! I don't think you could even buy that kind of handwork these days. How inspiring you are to take it on yourself. It is the little details that turn a house into a home. I am so impressed with your attention to detail, even in this little curtain your heart shows. AND.....your buffalo plaid.....can't wait!!!

  6. I love dressing up windows but in my road the blinds are in , but I still like pretty windows.

  7. I have missed so much but am thankful to read this post. Your window treatments are simply gorgeous. Blessings and Healing Energy for your husband. Creative Sewing Bliss Dear...

  8. Rosemary B here:
    Oh these are adorable. I love this fabric! A nice color with the roses. Perfect for summer!
    I do like valences and have them and textured sheers in almost every room. I greatly dislike those metal blinds, the one inch ones.... this house had them in every window.
    My sewing office has no window treatments, just white wooden blinds. I want to make some fun patchwork curtains one day.
    Happy Easter Missie Samm

  9. Very pretty! You are giving me the spring cleaning itch!!!

  10. Awww Samm, your window treatmennts are just adorable! Sunny-yellow color and roses...perfect combination ^_^

  11. So pretty and cheery on those windows! Very beautiful!

  12. Very pretty curtains you are the only one I know in this day and age who changes her curtains in spring and summer. I think you are such a beautiful homemaker. I had a good friend like you but I could never keep up. Lol
    Hugs and blessings Sandra

  13. Fabric always makes such a lovely finish to a window and yours are so beautiful. Of course, I love yellow. The lace is such a wonderful finish - summer and winter. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  14. beautiful sewing, love the fabric

  15. This looks beautiful :) Not old fashioned at all as they look very light and airy, not heavy and dark.

  16. Очень красивые занавески получились. Деревенский стиль, как я люблю)))
    Very beautiful drapes. Country style, how I love)))

  17. Beautiful, beautiful work! I love valances and make all my own also. :)

  18. Short and sweet...Love your curtains. Rushing out today for a road trip to present another Quilt of Valor to a military veteran.

  19. Very pretty...love your choice of double lace. Also love the buffalo plaid valence...sharp! Keeping busy I see; mmmm pretty pretty seedlings. The soil warmed by the sun (when it manages to shine) must be just heavenly.

  20. Do you have a pattern for the valence?

  21. That fabric is so pretty. I love your curtains :o)
    Hugs xx


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