Thursday, April 23, 2015

And let there be a LATTE of LIGHT!

Remember me showing you this?

Every one of these would have been perfect for a LATTE Lamp...but I chose this one - at night it gives off such a light that illuminates our reading room...

As shared earlier, I picked up this lamp, it was FUSHIA, not one of my favourite colours...the lampshade had ribbon and dangles that looked more like ....can I say a " rather risky parlour taste" kind of lamp...It was at an auction, I only bid on it, because I saw potential..... ( wish I had a photo to show you, but I have no idea where that file went)

Of course it sat in a box for a few years when I remembered it and painted it flat black paint
and gave her some lips and wellllll the result is NOW---- I LOVE HER!


To make her dress bouffant...( full) I cut up a container that had some whitener in it for my delicates, I cut it in half and placed her on her body to create fullness in her dress....I gave her a little bust
and added a strapless top in stripes and gathered her dress using DAN's coffee collection print
and added a huge bow in the back.

Her  lampshade, I first drew up a circular pattern , stitched 2 pieces of dotted fabric and sewed it all by hand on her frame....

Now she is holding a wine glass but let me say this, it is only filled with cup of joe, Sumatra Reserve todays choice....

I love the richness of her...

and I had enough time to do a new pinnie to match a Tammy Bag

the pattern came from Chitter Chatter Designs, 
a unique pinnie for your needles as well as a thread keeper in the back of it..

YOU matter
Now time for another cup of JOE! 

A very special thank you to Joan, who is possibly the perkiest
lady I know...

It is Friday, the weekend has begun, I will be away all weekend, and there is no doubt
this tune will be playing in the background , just a reminder of the LOVE in my life....

It comes from a book that was made into a Musical Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria 
Loosely based on the book A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888-1889 by Frederic Morton

Cori and I have a few things we are trying to get done, in the meantime, I am away
today at an event that no doubt will be an inspiration to SEW more ....
To a lovely weekend...


  1. She IS BEAUTIFUL! and your little Pinny is ADORABLE!
    Such a wonderful idea....

  2. Your lady is adorable! So creative!

  3. Love these, Samm! And I guessed right! Very fun projects.

  4. Innovative and fun! The result looks great!

  5. She makes me smile. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Hello ! une réponse pour toi !

    Hello! I use glue, I found this piece of furniture from IKEA

  7. Great idea, Samm !!! Your lamp looks fabulous :)

  8. Wow, you are so creative! Well done! She really looks great :) I wish you will find her old picture some day, it would be so interesting to see

  9. She is just gorgeous. I especially love your sweet little pinny.

  10. As sweet as it's designer....love the detail and your creativity...the bows on the purse and the back of the dress are perfect!! Love the fabrics! Hugs!!

  11. You are right, not the color combination I picked out. I love what you did. The pinnie looks great as well. Fine job on everything.

  12. Innovative and fun! The result looks great!

  13. Seeing the potential in an otherwise "orphan" item has truly paid off in this fabulous Latte Lamp you have created. Well done dear. Thank you sew very much for Latte Hopping...

  14. You always amaze. Your vision is second to none. Love your latte lamp !

  15. I commented, I really did, but it must of been gobbled up, lol!

  16. Дизайн просто восхитительный.Лампа просто сказочная)))))

  17. Wow, what a creative Latte light.

  18. Wonderful Latte light, you do have style.

  19. Oh she is so lovely - she certainly would brighten up any room!

  20. There will always be a latte light. Bravo!

  21. Beautifully done,she looks awesome.

  22. I love her! What a wonderful lamp and it is made even more wonderful with your creativity!

  23. Your Latte Lamp looks amazing! Love the "wine" coffee glass :o)
    Gorgeous work!
    Hugs xx

  24. Love, love how this turned out. Beautiful work.


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