Monday, April 20, 2015


I am waiting for HOT.....

a few things I am working on....

It has been a rough spring, but behind all the surprises, mishaps, disappointments, there has also been some miracles...  Sometimes we just have to slow down and pay attention.

Well I have been paying attention, I cannot say I have slowed down to a crawl, I don't think that is in my nature, but I have noted some lovely surprises.  Surprised that some unexpected emails came through my inbox that brought joy, some tears too, but they were indeed joyous ones.

One night I could not sleep, and it turned out a fellow artiste in her own right, could not sleep either,
so we bantered back and forth for a couple hours ( in emails)  till sleep finally found us. It was one of those nights I was a bit apprehensive and somehow this person knew it.... That was a miracle...

I am overjoyed that through our gathering of some pretty amazing ladies like YOU, we come together and share a passion of threads and needles and for a few hours each day, everything in our world
just seems right.

YEP, that is a miracle too...It does not matter if we speak English, Russian, Swiss, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Ukraine, French ( I speak that too) .....
 We are .....UNITED BY STITCHES....

Our sweet Maria in Russia stitched this UP...  I had done this pattern for our MEET and GREET Last month, and she shared that she thought this represented me....I disagree actually, it represents all of us...

In her tender sweet heart she manages to touch everyone who is lucky to find her in their inbox...
She is a sweet Miracle too!   Thank you Maria...

Наша сладкая Мария в России нашит этом ... Я сделала этому образцу для нашего встречают и приветствуют прошлом месяце, и что она поделилась, что думал, что это представлял меня .... Я не согласен фактическион представляет всех нас ...

В ее нежной сладкой сердце она умудряется прикоснуться всех, кто посчастливилось найти ее входящей почте ...
Она сладко Чудо тоже! Спасибо Мария ...

I too have been busy stitching, seems in the wee hours of the night, stitching brings me comfort,
there is something about seeing coloured threads on a piece of material that brings peace in heart.

And then there is my garden, way too cold to place my seedlings that have now become quite
nice size plants in the garden, but that is okay, they seem to be quite happy on my window
bench.  I just planted more seeds the other day in that large bowl....they are 
shooting up like bean stalks....I hope they slow down a little bit...it is still another
month before they can be transplanted....

Yes a month of sweet Miracles...
from a grain seed to this....it is amazing isn't it?

These are my Cosmos...I have quite a few from a dear fellow gardener...
She made sure I have plenty for a couple of years....They will remind me each year of HER! 

And Sumatra is overjoyed at all the snow finally leaving so she can go on our deck and watch over
our garden. She loves the outdoors and will sit for hours watching the birds at their feeders..
Seems they are not afraid of her one bit....A MIRACLE actually...a cat who loves BIRDS, but just wants to watch them...

So you see sometimes if we slow down just a wee bit, we can witness our own very own MIRACLES.... Thank you for sharing them with me...

You are smart, kind and important to me...


  1. May you be blessed with many more miracles! Sending you Aloha hugs!

  2. Your plants are doing great. You are right you do need to take time to slow down and smell the roses. The miracle of Spring is upon us. Enjoy

  3. Aww Samm, you warmed my heart with your post! You are so right - sometimes we are so busy that we can't even stop and see a Miracle...no, Miracles that are surrounding us. You reminded me how good it is - just to stop and look around :) And thank you for featuring my United in stitches heart again! I am so pleased ^_^

  4. I love your hot red head!! And your darling Sumatra is a vision to behold!
    What a beautiful post and it is so very true - we do need to stop and take time out and smell the roses and see the miracles all around us. I am always amazed at how connected I am to bloggers and stitchers around the world that I have never actually meet - I often feel more of a connection to my sister stitchers than I do with people I work with or see every day! Indeed we are United in Stitches :o)
    I often think that it is only stitchers (crafters) who truly understand the comfort that working with a needle and thread can give... maybe if more people took time out to stitch then the whole world would be so much more relaxed!! :o)
    Enjoy the warming of the days...
    Big hugs xx

  5. Love seeing your peeks at what you're working on. Great pic of Sumatra.

  6. This is a great reminder to slow down and become aware of all the joy that surrounds us each and every day. Thank goodness for miracles!

  7. Samm, you are so right! If we slow down, we'll see, that our whole life is a miracle itself! That is wonderful, I think!
    And it's definetly a miracle, that we, though, live a long distance between each other, are connected by our lovely hobbies!
    I'm sure, there are a lot of miracles waiting in our lives!

  8. Lady-doll is so elegant!! and of course Sumatra is great!!!

    1. Добрий день Солодкий, наступного разу залишити свою електронну адресу, я можу написати вам назад, ви не відповідь блогер

  9. Love lady doll, and your sheep mug.
    Oh I also have nights I can not sleep too much going on in my brain .
    Your seeds are looking good, we are having to put ours outside now no room in the green house but we still cover at night we still have the odd frost . some are already flowering ! I love cosmos such a great flower and easy to grow.
    Have a good day.

  10. oh, oh! I can see with my favorite mug design Alex Clark! I embroidered picture of her design. Showed a blog
    Unfortunately we have not seen in Russia on sale this posudu- very cute!
    what a doll elegant!

    1. Добрый день Сладкий, в следующий раз оставить свой электронный адрес, я могу написать вам обратно, вы не ответ блоггер

  11. Always happy to see a post with your wonderful pictures and your words of hope. Whenever I need a miracle, I look out at all the beautiful things blooming right now in North Carolina. It lifts my spirits and keeps me going. I am in phase two now and so far, so good. Love and more miracles to you dear Samm.

  12. Slowing down is not always easy but your post was a sweet reminder on why we should. Beautiful Sumatra and flowers!

  13. Ha, my pain has slowed me down! It is good. I look to God more. I too am growing little seeds. Cannot put them out yet. I thank you for your encouragement. I wish I had known you as a girl. I could have used you on my side.

  14. Samm, Always happy to see a post with your wonderful pictures! Beautiful Sumatra and flowers! How good it is - just to stop and look around! Hugs!

  15. Yes, lovely Samm, thanks heaven for miracles. I am so happy to see your beautiful pictures and your lovely posts.

  16. Beautiful doll! I look forward to see your new works :))
    Marion xx

  17. Miracles....yes, they are surrounding us everyday. What a lovely post to remind us to treasure the simple joys in our life. Your amazing pictures are so welcoming with your little plants growing ever so diligently. What fun it is to see those little seeds spring to life and become a beautiful addition to your pretty garden.

    Maria,your project is just divine!

  18. I agree miracles are all around us every day. We just need to take a little time to reflect. YOU are smart, kind, important AND beautiful to me.

  19. Le printemps est effectivement la saison des miracles... une fois la neige fondue! J'ai vraiment aimé lire votre texte. Une chance que vous êtes passé par mon blog. Cela m'a permis de découvrir le vôtre! Je vais d'ailleurs poursuivre ma visite...

  20. I believe in miracles. God has a plan for each of us, through everything we endure.
    He carries us when we are exhausted frustrated and afraid.
    I love what you are doing Missie Samm. You are a great person and I am proud to know you.
    Think about the past 5 years, the roads we have traveled together, really, arms linked
    and boldly stepping where we need to go. We have to make every moment a miracle, because that is what life is

  21. What a wonderful post Samm! I love this doll - she may be my favorite of all your dolls I've seen. She reminds me of Lucille Ball....who reminds me of my oldest daughter, another redhead. :) Maria's blog is one of my favorites to visit - she is indeed a wonderful artist and makes the most beautiful things. And Sumatra watching the birds made me smile. Miracles are around us all the time if we only notice, not the least of which is good friends gifted to us by the good Lord Himself! blessings, marlene

  22. Beautiful post! Your seedlings are really growing.

  23. Agree, there is a lot that keep us connected around the world. Your garden is growing nicely and hopefully you will have warmer days soon to transplant them outside:)

  24. Samm, this cup is just lovely, and I like the Lady sitting next to it! Hope you are doing well, I am also busy potting all my seedlings in the garden, a wonderful peaceful work, just me, the plants, the worms and some birds waiting for eventually forgotten worms.... but I am always very busy putting the Little crawlers again in the soil....

  25. Beautiful post!
    I love Maria''s little heart, too!


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