Tuesday, March 24, 2015

United in Stitches, YOU can bet your HEART on it and our March Paper Ladies, completed

Once upon a time, there was this young girl who loved CRAYONS, SCISSORS
and PAPER.  For hours she could be found sitting at her little table and chair her Grand-père
 (grandfather) had made with with such tender loving care.  She just followed her heart and created.  She really wanted to be an artiste, but her professional family had other plans for her.

To this day you can  still see a crease between her eyes
as she is still  be so focused on her creativity.

Some things just don't change...that young girl is still there
 however she has now replaced
her crayons with FLOSS ( Presencia her favourite) , she still uses scissors ( dovo her favourite) 
and her PAPER is WHITE MONACO  fabric. ( her favourite too).

With the addition of Cori's INSPIRING PAPER LADIES, her paper dolls
have been replaced with sophistication, femininity and monthly INSPIRATION. 

She has been very busy lately stitching up her MARCH Paper Lady.
( By the way, her artiste side has decided to write in the third party,
why, I have no idea, but go along with her will you? :)

One of her very best friends from childhood is a NUN, 
Sister Johanna-Therese, shares that she prays everyday for Mdm Samm.
When asked why? She says " Because if God gives YOU more gifts
I know you will  share them"

She does believe her ability to bring some things to life is a GIFT.
She never takes that for granted, NEVER!

She wanted to show YOU, how to COLOUR WITH FLOSS....
She outlines every Paper Lady with a pencil. Very lightly she traces
and then the MAGIC begins. She never really knows what colours
or style will influence her. For March she was thinking all YELLOWS
and daisies, but THIS LADY had other plans...

Sister Johanna, tells her, she has to be very still and quiet at times
so creativity can pour into her heart and mind. A big reason why she embraces

So this day, Periwinkle, variegated yellow and white were the floss
that brought this to life....She embroidered her hair in a deep copper colour
and her BLOUSE, well she will share that cross stitch technique in the 

She includes all the colours she has used for each Paper Lady she has completed to date.

She has plans for them, but YOU will have to wait till the end of the year
to see where they will end up...

and SHE DOES THIS Twice...She has a set of all the ladies so far...
Mdm Samm cannot keep up to this MUSE....
but oh my does she inspire her to stitch....

 Here is she is completed, complete with cashmere bunny. (Cashmere floss is exclusive to the Paper Ladies, they will have some to sell very soon)  

Her blouse is done with 2 colours of periwinkle and some yellow variegated floss, it resembles a popcorn blouse from the past she used to wear. She even added a feather in her hat...

Here is she is close up, isn't she darling with those eyes to match her bow! 

Tomorrow, APRIL Paper Ladies 
will be revealed as well as the NEWEST to the 
collection Chalk Talk .....

YOU will no doubt find something funny about this next addition..! 

We have something we wanted to bring to your attention
before we end our post for today..

Maria from 
littleroomintheattic created and designed this beautiful zippered pouch 
from OUR free pattern...

She certainly brought sweet tears this morning as she too was moved
at our Meet and Greet that 
UNITED us all in Stitches last week...

She has been such a delightful asset to our stitching world
we just wanted to share her with you too.

Cori and Mdm Samm will be doing this one up very soon too!

Thank you Maria....will all of our heart....
YOU delight us in every way! 

Мы хотим довести до вашего внимания
прежде чем мы закончим наш пост для сегодня ..

Мария из
littleroomintheattic создан и разработан этот красивый сумкой молнии
из нашего узором ...

Она принесла сладкие слезы сегодня утром, она сказала, что эмоциональное
в нашем встретиться и приветствоватькоторые
UNITED всех нас в стежках на прошлой неделе ...

Она была такой восхитительный актив нашей строчкой мире
мы просто хотелик делить ее с вами тоже.

Кори и МДМ Samm будет делать этот очень скоро тоже!

Спасибо Мария .... будет всем сердцем ....

Here is the pattern for you too..

                                                                UNITED in Stitches....


  1. Ahhh, Ms. March - she's a sweetheart! And Masha's post was an emotional piece that spoke to my heart. blessings, marlene

  2. Be still my heart! This post is about as adorable as it gets! So funny, cute story, and just full of heart....LOVE your paper lady Samm. She is just the prettiest - that sweater...so cool. Your Masha, well she has melted all our hearts today with that sweet post. Such a great reminder of those little things that YOU do to inspire and unite us all. Love you sweet lady! ~Cori

  3. Che bella questa signora , il coniglio è tenerissimo !!

  4. Just when you think things can't be better, you show us Ms. March! Her colors are wonderful. Marsha's little treasure's purse is sew sweet.

  5. Rosemary B here:
    Well you know I am always reading along....
    This has escalated into something quite remarkable and lovely!
    Stunning work and designs

  6. How absolutely beautiful your March lady is, Samm!! And I don't think I've ever seen a sweeter bunny :) I'm so enjoying watching this series come to life each month!

  7. Она прекрасна, очень нежна.А этот кролик-это маленькое чудо))))

  8. I love miss March. The feather in the hat is perfect. The blouse has such an interesting look to it. Great job and now i am off to see Cori's and read Masha's post.

  9. Awwwww thank you for this post, Samm! I mean not only mentioning my stitched project (although this in itself is wonderful, and is a great source of pride for me!), but for your inspiring words, too. You are right, this creative little girl who lives inside of each of us, will never disappear =D
    March Lady is just as beautiful as her girlfriends are! I love the colors you used…and her blouse, too ^_^
    And thank you for sharing your stitching method with us! Wish I had less projects in my "to do" list to try your method))))
    And thanxs to all ladies who mentioned my heart projects in their comments =^_^= I am very pleased!

  10. Dear Miss March - what a doll, and the bunny - what a hunny! What a lovely post Mdm Samm

  11. Dear Miss March is a doll, and the bunny - a hunny! Wonderful post Mdm Samm

  12. What brand of white Monaco do you use? I am doing my first project on Monaco right now and I love it! The project is text and I found Times New Roman font. I like that font to begin with so I am happy. Any resources of fonts you are familiar with?

    1. Hi Karen, no email so I could not answer...I use 28 thread count white monaco...and TYPE fonts from Mac, it is an adobe software that I purchased.

  13. These paper ladies are just gorgeous - both appliqued and cross-stitched. Beautiful.

  14. Both of the March girls are fabulous! Your cross stitch is just beautiful. That little bunny looks so soft and cute. I can almost feel it from here!!!

    I loved Masha's little heart when I saw it on her blog today. It is perfect!!

  15. I love all of your Ladies they all are beautiful in their own special,way. March's bunnie in the cashmere is just adorable. Will look forward to April. Hugs Sandra

  16. I am loving these paper ladies. Maybe this winter I can sit and stitch them in our new home in Alabama. :)

  17. Incredibly beautiful work! I've been thinking about your talent to create such beautiful pictures!

  18. Beautiful work.

    Greetings, Manuela

  19. The creative girl - who wants to be a artist ..... isn`t this girl in everyone of us ??
    I love your March Lady!

  20. Hola!!! tus creaciones son maravillosas, me encantan... Te sigo en GFC, yo también adoro el punto de cruz, te invito a visitarme y veas mis labores.
    Saludos desde las Islas Canarias!!


  21. I love Miss March. I do believe she is my favorite.

  22. Miss March is classic, and her little fluffy bunny is adorable. So so sweet.

  23. Your ladies are so beautiful. Well done!

  24. Oh wow! She is a stunner. This is my favourite so far :)
    Love your post... And love Maria's beautiful finish. How quick was she?
    Hugs xx

  25. Поздравляю с завершением прекрасной дамы! Она очень красивая!

  26. She turned out just gorgeous. Nicely done


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