Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring, window treatments , let's Chalk Talk and Paper Ladies update!

I took a bit of a break from FEB Paper ladies...
Fabric arrived and more inspiration...
and when that strikes you , you must go with it...

So I did ....yes that wee Swarovski tea pot  is but an inch in diameter 
the wee cup 1/4 size.... I was looking for some Crystals to put in my Window bench window....

The sun has been so bright and very welcomed....
and before we know it Summer will be shining it's bright rays in my kitchen..
This is where I cross stitch most days, at  my window bench...

3 years ago I designed these unique indoor awnings...and I have loved them.
However this summer a new awning will be build outside to offer
more protection from the sun so I decided it was time for a new look inside...

As I am Queen of my kitchen....as evident by my little ornament here...

I shared with David ( my beloved) it was time for a change...

This is fabric collection is so luscious, it feels like silk, looks like linen
but it is cotton, and it is beautiful.... They make lovely fabric, yes they do! 

Yes it may look dark at the moment, but I assure you
with my bright white starched valence this will be striking in our kitchen...

As I have many butter cream accents in this room, this will appeal to me
and all those who come to visit...

This border by the way is from a bed skirt my Nanny had around all of her beds
I have been adding it to quilts and now my window treatment...
A constant reminder that she is always near...
( it must be over 40 years old) 
I am thinking of adding some red accents to it too!
And as I take inspiration from NATURES gifts...
these pussy willows is what had me thinking 
greys and blacks in our kitchen...

As long as you have accents, it can make a room very distinctive...

And as I seem to be in love with anything and everything chalk...

I designed a couple QUOTES for a series called Chalk talk with me...

I started it last night....should have it done today....we will see...

I have cut some material for the window treatments, so I am going to sew awhile first...

I would like to have the kitchen done by next week...

What is she up to....I see LIPS lol

I am thinking SPRING, really I am..
and our snow is beginning to melt...very slowly....


  1. Your buffalo plaid looks very promising! I just love it with the pretty white...and who doesn't love pussy willows? Such pretty colors aren't they?
    Can't wait to see what you're chalk talkin' about, now that looks like so much fun! Always inspiring to stop by and see what you are up to Samm! xx~Cori

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  3. I love the crystal teapot ornament - so adorable! I really like the combination of the plaid and the lace trim - I can see red added for a little splash too! Enjoy your window treatment project, I always love making something to change the look of a room!

  4. 3 years! Has it been that long ago that you showed that awning for your window! Time is flying by so fast! Your buffalo plaid will look gorgeous! I love plaids as well!

  5. I love buffalo plaid, so can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. The bufalo plaid is very nice!

  7. Love your buffalo plaid. In fact, I love it so much that my stitching chair and ottoman are covered in the very same plaid. :) I ordered some red and white buffalo a few weeks ago, and I'm having another chair covered in that next week. Great minds.....Love it!

  8. The lady and the tea cup are great !!
    I'm curious how your kitchen will look like.
    Sunny Greetings from Germany

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    2. noreply-comment@blogger.com
      Please leave email Marion so I can reply....thank you ..E-Mail Marion . Bitte senden Sie mir eine so antworte ich kann ...

    3. Here is my email: marionk888@gmail.com

  9. I love your mini teapot! I have weakness for teapots and have a difficult time passing up unique ones, but alas there is only so much room. Your ladies are wonderful and I can't wait to see your kitchen.

  10. What a lovely stitching place do ou have and your kitty looks also very sweet. I love your windowdresses, realy nice. Love, Nienke

  11. I love the look of the white with the buffalo plaid Samm - so crisp and uplifting. Hmmm, chalk? Interesting!! blessings, marlene

  12. I love your window seat, that is one thing I want when we buy a house!

  13. I don't know how anyone can improve on perfection, but if it can be done, YOU can do it. Can't wait to see the new window treatment.

  14. Really love the buffalo plaid! And I love that border that you are using, too... Your house is decorated beautifully--and what a gorgeous kitty... She looks like she is queen of the castle :) (Or is it a male cat?!)

  15. Oh my gosh!!! I can't take my eyes off your cat! How beautiful!!

  16. Spring here now for sure. 60-70 degree days the last couple of days. Rain starting tomorrow and then daily for the week. Hubby says it will be a pretty spring with all the rain. Feeling pretty good, so trying to get a bit of sewing done. I can't wait to see your new awning. I love the sweet teapot and cup. So pretty. Have a lovely day...what's left of it.

  17. I love your window bench! It is my dream to have such a sunny place for cross stitching))))

  18. A new project is always so much fun. With cross stitching on black you will need that additional light.

  19. Love your idea for the new window treatment! The Chalk talk looks interesting.

  20. I love your cat and window bench!!

  21. Oh my gosh - how long have I been away from bloggerland? When I look back your blog and see what you have done in the meanwhile, it must have been years!
    Pretty Paper Ladies! And "Chalk talk with me"? I am that curious to sea more if it.
    Your window bench looks very cosy and the new window treatment will be adoralble with that fabric!

    Have a wonderful day!

  22. What adorable little beads! I also love the queen of the kitchen!
    That plaid is gorgeous! I am also using a lot of gray and black. Also camel and sepia tones. My house is insisting on its own color scheme and not the one I thought I would end up with. You are making good progress!

  23. I do love your awning, but it will be fun to see what's new. Chalk Talk looks cool.
    Glad the snow is melting.
    My daffodils peeked up today. :)

  24. Beautiful fabrics Samm. We are kindred sisters with our decorating schemes. Hugs to you! :)

  25. I just love that teapot and cup! Your post is just full of such beautiful things as usual.... chicken soup for the eyes (and soul!)
    Absolutely adore your plaid - I can't wait to see that end result - it is going to be just gorgeous! While I love colour... I also find that I am drawn to black and white every time!
    Those red lips are just great... will pop over and see what is going on over on Cori's blog as I am quite intrigued about them!
    Hugs xx

  26. Thank you for your comment on my blog!Carolina

  27. Very nice fabric...looking forward to seeing your window treatment all done!

  28. That is so lovely! Your blog is truly adorable! I'm joining the site!


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