Thursday, March 5, 2015

Paper Ladies update for February- day 1 of cross stitch....

Paper Ladies does bring you back to dressing Paper DOLL...the only thing limiting you is your imagination. And that is something I don't think anyone would think I am lacking.. I must of changed her colour of her hat 3 times before I settled on petit point in taupes and mini roses... I did her bow in taupes of gingham Presencia floss...
All stitched on White Monaco...

I was going to cross stitch all of her hair in black, but it seemed to heavy so I just stitched all her curls....the results suit me better...

I am working from this colour Palette of Presencia Floss...
Although initially I was going to do her in mostly REDS being she is FEBRUARY..
I leaned more towards the raspberry colours and taupes...against a white canvas it shows very well..

I enjoyed stitching her face...it is nice to see what you are 
working on when you begin from her head.

All the lines will be removed when I complete her with 
wipe out a solution I came up with that 
removes stains with no residue...
The more I looked at her hat with the mini roses, I thought wouldn't it be nice to continue
that on her dress....using only 3 colours the mini roses were designed by using an L upside down
and upright and adding 2 stitched in green for the leaf....

I will be filling in her dress in a light soft pink...

This pattern will be available next week.
more than likely Cori and I will both have them completed so we can show you 
March ...It would be nice to show you each month in their month..So we can also take
advantage of seasonal photo shots..

p.s just got off the phone with Cori and she was asking if I had any PINK cashmere...
and I do I do... and look the colour matches perfectly...now what were the odds of that happening...?
100%....so her skirt will be done in this....

OMG I am so excited ....


  1. So very wonderful! I find myself drawn to her hair. HA! I have very straight hair. Isn't it always the case you want the opposite?! And to admire a Paper Lady's hair! Ha! Speaks volumes of your amazing talent!!

  2. OH my gosh Samm....the roses....THE ROSES! I love her little hat, and the tan gingham bow is fabulous! I was wondering how you were going to go about this with the tan, that was the color that was throwing me when I first saw your colors...but oh my I don't think it could get prettier! So inspired by you.... xx~Cori

  3. She is coming along very well. Love the roses. The colors you have chosen are perfect.

  4. Your work is amazing. I am so enjoying this ..

  5. Oh, so pretty!! The way you stitched her hair is perfect :) I look forward to seeing her pink dress, too...

  6. Beautiful, I have been stitching and watching an old series called "House of Eliott" it has fashion from the 1920's, romance, history, sewing machines, fabric, and thread holders and using natural light. Fun Fun.

  7. These gals are really darling. I recently saw a pin on Pinterest that was a similar (but different) vintage stitchery of an early 1900's gal. The girls are outline stitched but their dresses and hats are appliqued on. Very darling! Love the little rosebuds on your gal's dress! :)

  8. Samm I didn't think February could compete with January but I swear - she's beautiful too! I love, love, love the roses! blessings, marlene

  9. С интересом буду ждать завершения картинки:)

  10. I envy you...your work is so perfectly done.

  11. Miss February is going to be as beautiful as Miss January!

  12. Леди прекрасна! очень нравится!

  13. Ooh la la.... she is beautiful!

  14. February is looking fabulous, love the roses!

  15. So fabulous, and I love the pink cashmere thread it will be so beautiful with the tiny roses lovlee.
    Blessings Sandra

  16. She is beautiful so far. I love the roases and the way you did her hair. The cashmere is going to be incredible.

  17. You two are having too much fun!

  18. Replies
    1. dank je wel lieve dame , ben ik zo geniet van het inkleuren met draden
      laat dan een e-mail , zodat ik direct kan antwoorden
      kus mdm Samm Canada

  19. She is going to look gorgeous, and very fluffy :-)

  20. She is such a beauty with her black curls and the ribbon in her hair.


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