Monday, March 2, 2015

Paper Ladies stitching on Day 4-5 ...Springing Ahead...

Although our property is still covered with metres of snow,
I remember SPRING from last year....it is coming...
And WE are ready for it....

But in the meantime, I have had a wonderful excuse to sit and stitch our January
Paper Ladies....

I have a wonderful chair by my window to watch the birds and squirrels who come to visit..
So this is what I got done on day 4 of stitching....( Saturday)

My bag in the background is what I carry all my needlework, so perfect in so many ways...
All my necessary tools, readers, so I can see my canvas with ease, my tweezers,
my scissors....and of course threads....I did her sweater in cashmere wool too...

  Day 5, I have completed most of her skirt, will show details tomorrow...still have to do the rest of her coat....
 I did her belt in metallic threads by Presencia.... ( what I accomplished on Sunday)

I just had put out more bird seed when I had a visitor....he was staring right at me...
Wondering what I was doing inside when he was outside trying to keep warm....

I think he is wondering where our spring is as well....His tail is almost as big as he is...

And today Cori is showing you how to do the eyes in embroidery..
Her January lady is coming along so well..She is showing everyone
how to do January Paper Ladies in applique...

Must run, have some errands to run and then I will complete
my January Paper Ladies..because I am so ready to begin
FEBRUARY's , which we will show real soon.


  1. Gorgeous work! Still cold and white here in Wisconsin as well. Those squirrel pictures are so cute.

  2. She is beautiful. I love the shading you have accomplished with the different colored threads.

    Aww.....I hope that squirrel has some warm fur on him.

  3. Bel ricamo e speriamo che la primavera arrivi presto

  4. Your colors are so soothing and cool..I love watching this lady come to life...
    I am hoping for Spring as well...we aren't as cold as you are, but there isn't any sunshine and that is a deal breaker for me for sure!!!!

  5. She gets more beautiful every day. I just love the look of your fuzzy floss. It just makes it so much more cute! Your pictures are gorgeous. xx ~Cori

  6. Love your beautiful January lady!

  7. So nice!!! And such a lovely visitor!

  8. She's coming along and looking pretty. I can't wait till I can get my pattern.

  9. Such a beautiful paper lady. Oh, and love your squirrel...they are such fun to watch!

  10. Oh, I love the apple lady timer in your first picture. My kitchen is done in apples. Better keep eye on that real good. ...wink, wink.....

  11. Coming along beautifully, keep up the good work. Blessings Sandra

  12. This paper Lady is getting more and more beautiful!
    Squirrel is sooo funny =D Probably it would like to be your little helper lol

  13. Honestly I just sigh every time you put up a new post - those colors might be cool but they melt my heart! blessings, marlene


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