Friday, March 13, 2015

Paper Ladies for February update with some Chalk Talk

I am so thankful for portability, stitchings and prayers.
It has been a challenging week to say the least but also with it ---came
enormous blessings...

I was able to work a bit on my Paper Ladies for FEBRUARY and I settled
on some taupe floss to colour her sash in gingham pattern...
Using only 3 colours of Taupe Floss, look what is possible.

I completed her sweater, brushed her skirt, outlined both
and the results are very feminine, don't you think?

Look at her sweater, now she just got her special brush so she has not been brushed 
yet, but you can imagine how pretty she will be...
It is possible that both our ladies can switch sweaters...
hence Paper Ladies....

YOU create what you want, you can embroider them, applique and cross stitch
we show you how....we will even help you with YOUR colours
and share what would work best, if you can stitch at all

Soon, just waiting for a couple more orders to arrive
but we are going to make available to all of you
some Paper Ladies Necessity Kit...
It will have tweezers, cashmere, a specialty brush and some wipe out, 
pencil and q-tips.

We are going to share the exact tools that helps us to be better stitchers...
Just imagine the possibilities....

NOTHING could stop you from turning your Paper Ladies into anything you like
or you could choose the same colours that both Cori and I have chosen...

I will be stitching more of her today , I still have her back bow to do, and her box of flowers..
my goal is to complete her by the weekend, so we can show you our MARCH Paper Ladies..

As spring is around the corner, my daisies are still in bloom and remind me to keep 
hope alive! 

I also have been working on this project, it is a tender sweet message and one
I hear a lot these days, I am sure many of you will find this message 
one you can live by too...

These will be perfect for new stitchers of any age...
they are done with 1-2 floss only! 
They will be in kits or just the pattern.

I will share more soon!

Spring arrived at least in our home today.
Such a delightful surprise from a very special someone...
I am so in the PINK now ....xx

If you are interested in seeing some BIRD projects
that some very dear ladies are creating, 
you can check here with Lana
to see the list....fly on over there and see..

in tender stitching warmth


  1. I was worried for you this morning when you weren't here. Take care of your sweet husband and relax with your beautiful cross stitching!

  2. She is just beautiful.. and may your weekend be filled with peace and joy.

  3. We continue to keep you close in prayers and thoughts.

    Your stitching is beautiful. It is nice to have a portable project to keep your hands and mind busy.

  4. Your stitching always makes my mouth open in awe...beautiful!

  5. Love seeing this come to life. The cashmere floss is excellent! I need to find some of that!

  6. Once again I admire your work! Thin, elegant, feminine! Very pretty!

  7. Oh Samm she is becoming more lovely every day. I love her so much....are you sure you can't let her come here for a visit? LOL. You make me laugh so much you funny lady. Can't wait to see your chalk talk, looks like I am going to have to find me some black cloth, because I will probably have to have one of those too! xx~Cori

  8. Beautiful stitching. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers ... {{{hugs}}} <3 Pat

  9. Your work is very beautiful! This lady is so nice, and her clothes is very interesting and elegant!

  10. I'm curious about your message - it looks very interesting!
    And the lady is realy great.
    Greetings Marion :))

  11. The cashmere is so so pretty. A Necessity Kit is a great idea. Having the right tools make all the difference. Have a sweet weekend.

  12. Your lady is looking so pretty. I'm interested in what your chalk message is.?

  13. Beautiful flowers for a lovely lady. Take care.

  14. Msm Samm, I loke the colours you use! You have a good taste ^^

  15. February girl is becoming more and more beautiful each day - it's a pleasure to watch her becoming her.....

  16. Such beautiful progress and I'm so glad to hear that everything turned out well--hope next week is a bit more relaxing for you :)

  17. Msm Samm,very unusual cross-stitch! And very elegant :)

  18. Unos trabajos preciosos, te quedaron espectaculares.
    Besos desde España

  19. Dear Mdm Samm,
    I admire your stitchery, it ist absoutely gorgeous!
    Liebe Grüße


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