Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 3 of Paper Ladies --April update

I am away but did find some time last evening to do a bit more to our April
lady, who has no name yet either...

I will be making her dress gingham....so what you do first is...

Choose a your darkest colour, do up 4 stitches, and leave 4 stitches in between...
As her skirt will be back stitched, I think in different threads of the gingham...
YOU will see soon enough...
Her Shawl I have decided I will use some variegated threads...

Cheerio, off I head to yet another meeting by end of day...

 I wanted to show an update
before I left for a couple of days..

I have it with me, so no doubt I will get even more done...
She is really coming to life...

Again with using less than 10 colours and colouring with FLOSS ( Presencia
and some Cashmere) She is SPRINGING to LIFE ...

I have my April Paper Lady outlined on her white MONACO, all the 
threads have been chosen....( sneak peak here)
I always begin with hair and face...She kinda of dictates where I go from there..

This lady will be done in shades of light blues and oranges....
Her hair is outlined with only 1 strand of floss ( Presencia brown)
I then outline her brow with the same colour.....

Her eyes I do with some AURIFUL thread, I used #40 for this....

Her lips were outlined first then filled in satin stitch in a rust pink lip colour..

Now the rest will all be done in X stitches....

I just colour with FLOSS....
( all of our patterns are now detailed with every step so you can copy the same
colours and x-stitch to get similar results)

And speaking of FLOSS...
We have our own collection of CASHMERE that will
give you the same results as January, February and March's Paper Ladies...
I will be adding a bit of Orange on our April Paper lady...

They come as a COLLECTION. 

8 colours with approximately 100 feet of each colour, enough 
for at least a dozen projects.

Let me know if you would like to order them.
Cost is $40.00 plus shipping.


all of these will be included in present and future Paper Ladies..
Wait till you see what we have store for the fall ones to winter...

And an update on my garden adventures.

Although -9 C today....the sun is finally shining... ( I actually had a fur hat and winter 
coat and boots today.....it was that cold) 

So my seedlings from last week, welllll they are POPPING...these are the MOONFLOWERS,
They are coming up everywhere....

and my cosmos although tiny, finally broke through the soil
and are happy to see sunlight....

and if they continue growing they will be as strong and as Healthy this beautiful pot
of Hydrangeas, my beloved picked up for me today...They are beautiful....

The rest of the afternoon will be preparing a warm meal for supper
and some more stitching with wishes of summer days...

In stitching warmth...

Ps. I actually forgot to show this....

I dropped into a local Antique store....
The sweet lady who owns it knows my taste...

Now I am not sure of the translation in English...
But it is called a SPOOL Cabinet.../Drawer...

Anyway, I remember my Nanny having one...a place to put all of her 
spools of thread beside her sewing machine....

WELLLLLLL I had to have it....
I have huge plans for it....First I will strip it down and I am not 
sure I if I will paint it just yet...but I am leaning towards that...
depending on how good it looks BARE...

It is quite heavy so there is no doubt it will see the next 100 years
somewhere else...but for now....

IT will be mine! 

Will keep you updated on HER Progress! 

I have to order a few things for her first..


  1. Samm!wonderful!Your garden is so fresh!! Spring is coming!!
    Alena Bots

  2. Очень интересная дама! И цветы прекрасны!

  3. I adore Cosmos...remembering many Springs where they would greet me with their pretty waving buds! Oh, that cabinet! xxxxx

  4. Sew many beautiful things in one post. Thanks

  5. Love those pretty threads. They are going to look so gorgeous on your April girl, looks like she is coming along splendidly. That weather is just too cold for those tiny little sprouting beauties....have faith, spring can't hide much longer from you. Can't wait to see what you do with your cute cabinet! ....I have been on the hunt for one of those for a while, so cute you lucky lady! xx~Cori

  6. Love, love, love your spool drawer! And your seedlings - oh my they are definitely growing. I hope your weather changes soon so you can set them out. And your colors for your April lady....perfection! blessings, marlene

  7. What an unusual spool cabinet. The only ones I have seen, sit on the table and do not have the lift up top. Ms. April is going to be gorgeous! Hope your Spring arrives soon.

  8. Wonderful post with so many things to smile about. I am totally smitten with the Paper Ladies and was on the verge of purchasing them when I ended up having emergency surgery, not once but twice within six weeks. Needless to say that purchase has been postponed in favor of medical bills but I am living vicariously through you as you work on each one. I even checked on your progress last week while I was in the hospital recovering from the latest surgery. Checking each day gave me something to take my mind off what was happening. They are just so beautiful and you are making them all the more stunning. Rina

  9. April Lady shows so much passion =D She is beautiful!
    And your spool drawer is just any needlewoman's dream ^_^
    Thank you for your positive post!

  10. Your lady are beautyful.... and the garden so fresh.....let de spring begin!!

  11. Wonderful spool drawer! Really love April Lady's hat...I have Lupus so always drawn to big hats to ward off sun induced flares. Got my thumb brace off, so will be stitching soon. And, today is 70 degrees so hostas and muffin virburnum to plant...hooray!

  12. Your Paper Lady is looking great. As well as your plants. It won't be long now! Love that spool drawer. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  13. Your April lady is gorgeous so far. Love the color combination you are going with. The Spool cabinet you acquired is so neat. It will be fun to see what you will create with it. Lovely to see your seedlings are coming along. Looking forward to seeing your stitching.

  14. Love the April lady , and the spool drawer .
    Your garden is going to be beautiful , thanks for sharing.

  15. I have never seen a Spool Drawer before - but it looks very interesting! I look forward to see what you will make with it :))
    The April lady is so beautiful.
    xx Marion

  16. April is another beautiful lady and I love blue and orange. Love the spool chest remember seeing them around when I was growing up. Have a lovely Easter.blessings Sandra

  17. Aaaahhhh....beautiful stitching! Love the dress design! And there's that Garden update...I love that! I am sorry it is still so very cold there! But a warm meal and evening stitching sounds sublime...enjoy...hugs from Texas...

  18. I am loving these ladies so much but still have to much on my plate to finish before I bring another thing in. Feelings of being overwhelmed are not good for me. I am loving your Garden too!! Actually quite envious~ still way to wet out here to plant without rotting. Have a wonderful trip my sweet friend, I hope this is a good one. I Love the New Image of yourself by the way, absolutely Stunning!!
    Many Huggs, Nancy

  19. Your Paper-Lady is so beautiful - Spring ist coming. I love your spool drawer, I'm curious how you work it
    Hugs, Andrea

  20. sei bravissima, vorrei anch'io saper disegnare e ricamare così

  21. The April Lady looks great.
    The spool drawer looks interesting.
    Greetings, Manuela

  22. Wow! Day 3 and she is looking stunning!

  23. Wow! I love the idea of the gingham dress - she is going to look amazing when she is fully dressed and ready to go :o)
    The spool drawer is a great find
    Enjoy your break! :o)
    Hugs xx

  24. Ahhhh, whe is already looking so elegant.

  25. How beautiful your April lady is turning out, Samm! And I'm in love with your new spool drawer--what a great find!!

    Happy Easter to you--hope things are sunny and warm for you in Canada!

  26. Está quedando un bordado precioso, los sombreados, estupendos.
    Las plantas, estupendas.
    Besos desde España

  27. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your stitching is beautiful and April lady is looking just lovely.
    Your spool cabinet is just great.

  28. Your spool cabinet is happy to have a new home. Oh, I like the flowers on her dress. And the pretty cashmere floss.


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