Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paper Ladies February and introducing MARCH with some Chalk Talk!

My gorgeous bouquet is getting quite the exposure....It is so nice to have something SPRING
added to my completed February Paper Ladies....I loved stitching  Ms February , she was easily portable in our latest adventures and certainly gave many of us something to focus on...

So she brings to me today, a calmness and beauty and a reminder of all that is GOOD in our world....
and of course there is YOU!

And let me say there is a lot of GOOD and HOPE and BEAUTY....So with Gratitude I am so thankful for MONACO fabric, Presencia floss, cross stitch frames and lovely Paper Ladies Patterns...

As you were able to see my progress of her ( Ms February)  on past posts...
I settled on the gingham bow in  lovely taupe colours....

( all the Presencia floss I used as well as Conversion chart is 
supplied in each pattern) 

Cashmere can be purchased directly from either Cori or I..
just let us know...
it is exclusive to PAPER LADIES...

As you can see we still have SNOW, but it is going away quickly..
and the TULIPS look soooo good against it..
so that is good news.... ( the snow part) 

She is so classy and filled with so many possibilities....

Cori manages to do 2 applique versions of ladies next to my 
1 cross stitch...She fills me with inspiration and I am sure she does the
same for you... She is funny too..she says until she added the HEARTS
did she....( well ---go and see what else she wrote) 

January and February Paper Ladies PATTERNS are there too..
March will be added possibly next week! 

YOU can get this in a kit too...we will supply you with
some black aida with your choice of graphic
already traced on, some floss and needle will be added. 
( plus shipping depending on where you are) 

When you see this ...you know there is something new.....

As I have completed my Paper Ladies for February I am  now onto MARCH 
as we are in this MONTH....and I will no doubt have this completed
by the end of this month, so when we begin APRIL our Paper Ladies will be
reflective of that month...

LOOK at our MARCH lady...complete with bunny..
The pattern is full size but only half of her is showing 
it will be available to purchase by end of this month
As both Cori and  I are just getting her started....
I chose the colours, and no doubt Cori will be following suit
in doing her up in APPLIQUE. 

YOU can also just embroider our Paper Ladies...
they can be done in applique ( like Coris, ) 
Colour with Floss ( cross stitch like mine)
or yes EMBROIDER them all in one colour...
( that would be striking too) 

 As I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds me in nature....My gerberas were my inspiration
for the colours of my March Paper Ladies.... I have added some periwinkle colours as well as luscious buttercream and my bunny will be done with an off white cashmere.....

Speaking of off white cashmere...here is some of my bunny that I have
stitched so far...

You can see my bunny coming to life already...
 I am just working on her other leg at the moment..

My March lady is traced on my MONACO fabric...
and I 'm eager to share my stitches each day....
( and yes she has some whiskers) 
not my lady -my bunny :)

Lana is cheering like a spring bird...beautifully.

In stitching warmth..
My girls have been busy behind the scenes, so thanks to them 
for posting this for me...

MEET and GREET reminder tomorrow...
FRIDAY we are ready for you..


  1. Love love Miss February! Your Miss March will be sew sweet in the colors you picked.

  2. She is so gorgeous Samm. I love how you stitched that bow on the box. I just love your girl, her cute little face. I can't believe all you were able to get done in light of your "latest adventures." Your posts are always so sweet. You just have a way with words sweet lady. AND.....let's not forget the bunny!!! awwww.... the bunny!!! I still can't get over how cute this bunny is! I cannot wait to see your girl so I can start my little copy cat problem....lol. I am wishing you many hours of worry free stitching....for all the right reasons...not JUST because I can't wait to see her *wink. xx~Cori

  3. February lady is just gorgeous! And March Lady's bunny is the cutest bunny in the world ^^

  4. Кролик как живой.У вас бесподобные работы))))))Вы просто талант)))))

  5. Miss February is so elegant! I like all colours and tiny details! It's amazing!

  6. I love your embroideries. But as you know cross stitches are not my favourite stitches to make. But I admire your work so much. The girls are awesome

  7. Che meraviglia i tuoi lavori.
    Un caro saluto Nadia

  8. February is just beautiful! And already I am excited to see what March will bring. The colours you have picked for March are lovely and how cute is that bunny!
    Hugs xx

  9. Miss February is a delightful little lady. Love the cashmere sweater! and that bunny... he is just gonna be too precious!

  10. Miss February is so gorgeous and elegant. I love the colors for March. Very cheerful and spring-like. I am really enjoying seeing your and Cori's ladies come to life. Both so different, but I love them both. She is one talented lady also. I hope life calms down for you so you can enjoy your spring. I am loving the Tree Bird blog hop too. Lana is doing a wonderful job keeping it all going. You picked the right bird for that one. Have a great day, dear Samm.

  11. Oh my! That bunny is so very, very adorable!

  12. Your February lady is so elegant, Samm!! And the sneak peak of the March design is looking adorable--love that sweet bunny :)

  13. I love the March lady with her cute bunny!

  14. I can almost feel the softness of the bunny just looking at the picture. She is going to be beautiful and your color choices are spectacular again!

    Keeping you in my prayers!

  15. You two are AWESOME!!!! You know I will be buying the Bunny...I love all of Cori's work and I love ALL of your stitching!!! Hugs! Miss you!

  16. Just gorgeous! No one stitches like you do!

  17. I am delighted with your decorations ! That's so beautiful !

  18. So many beautiful things here Samm - and I just love them all! blessings, marlene

  19. I love your cross stitching end projects. I have a friend who does cross stitching and the back looks as good as the front! I just can't do handwork anymore so I am very envious...take care...and I hope your future adventures are the kind you really want to be on!

  20. Великолепные работы! Спасибо за вдохновение! очень красиво!

  21. Очень красивая и оригинальная дама и прекрасные фотографии!

  22. Your February young ladies are so good!
    Mart also promises a lot of beauty! The rabbit already fascinated me)
    We have too so far a lot of snow.


  23. "Aqueles que passam por nós, não vão sós,
    não nos deixam sós.
    Deixam um pouco de si, levam um pouco de nós." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
    Uma linda e abençoada semana.
    Beijos Marie.


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