Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Paper Ladies need names...will you help us out...?

What is in a NAME? 
WEll according to the PAPER LADIES so far...
Obviously nothing... NADA.....

WE need YOU to give them some names..
Leave your suggestion  in our comments...

Once we have collected them all we will do a top 3 POLL
for each one..
and YOUR suggestion will be on all of our patterns
with a LINK to your blog....

#1 January ...

#2 February

#3 March....

Upate on our Patterns, WE have added a grid with the pattern
so you will be able to colour them and if counted cross stitch is easier
for you....( we don't think it is) wink..

We will prove it to you over time...baby steps...
Future Paper Ladies will have more closer photos so you can learn this method
of colouring with floss...
 WE will get you there....wait and see! 

WE have a NEW
that will be ready tomorrow...

As well as a collection of Cashmere by Paper Ladies to show you..

With no sun here, we had snow this  morning...YES MORE WHITE stuff
and it is staying it is so cold....so many some pretty photos tomorrow...

So back to our request...
will you help us NAME our PAPER LADIES?

Just leave your suggestion....
and we will choose top 3 and then vote on them....

YOUR blog link will go on that Pattern....

YEP.....we want to share the JOY of having a NAME....
A Paper Lady NAME...

YOU can suggest your own name....
I think one of the Paper Ladies will have to be called
MDM Samm and Cori..YES???

WE were asked about our Choices..

Cori chose these

January - Juliana
February -Francesca 
March - Maggie

Mdm Samm chose these

February- Juliette
March- Claudette


  1. Hazel, Delilah and Rosie. :)

  2. Katie (January), Ruby (February) and Bella (March).

  3. Oh Madame Samm...you are so funny. You make me giggle. Can't wait to see all of these great ideas. It is going to be hard to choose!

  4. Lucy, Roxie and Alma. Love the ladies.

  5. Hmmm, vintage ladies = vintage names: Mary, Linda, Barbara. These were the three most popular women's names in 1945 in America. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Ariadne, Rose and Daphne! AriadnefromGreece!

  7. February, Anna Marie. Rose Katherine

  8. What a lovely idea :)
    So besides Samm and Cori... I think
    January -Mary as in Lady Mary from Downton Abbey
    February - Jayne as in Mansfield....
    March - Lucy as in I love Lucy... It's the red hair and green dress :)
    Hugs xx

  9. How fun.

    Joyce for January
    Frieda for Feburary
    Martha for March

  10. Wow....so many wonderful names listed already! I can't decide who should be named what, but the names that I like for this are Maggie, Margot and Macy (if we stick to the "M" letter). I also like Ruby, Rose and Rebecca...and in thinking ahead....Rain for April. Good luck narrowing it down! :)

  11. Lovely ladies,
    Midge, Rosie, and Lucy

  12. Lovely ladies,
    Midge, Rosie, and Lucy

  13. What a lovely idea to let us name them =D Here are my suggestions:
    January - Jenny,
    February - Beth,
    March - Marilyn (she reminds me Marilyn Monroe )))
    Or I can suggest Russian names for them - January - Polina, Feb. - Daria, March - Natasha =D

  14. Replies
    1. next time you pop in...leave an email so I can respond Maria...great names ...

    2. wow..thank you :))

  15. Great idea on naming these lovely ladies! Windy, Rosie and Bunny come to mind.

  16. Vintage names for vintage ladies ... Adeline, Rose, Henrietta, Victoria ... a few of my aunts names and my mom's name (in no particular order).

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  18. How fun.

    Cucki for January
    Hannah for Feburary
    Anne for March

  19. January: Giulia
    February: Soraya
    March: Soleil

    What a great idea :-)

  20. January = Crystal
    February = Ruby
    March = Emerald
    This is fun , great idea.

  21. January - Valerie
    February - Ida
    March - Lili

  22. Jan---Jenara (Greek for January)
    Feb--Aimee (French for love)
    Mar--Shauna (Irish for present or gift)

    And, as Marlene said above, Barbara is a vintage name from 1945, so you can't go wrong there for any of the months. Wonder why she didn't pick 1946 as vintage???

  23. January - Daphne
    February - Rosie
    March - Daisy

  24. January- Brianna from Outlander who had bright red hair
    Feburary- Geillis Beautiful seductress and witch from Outlander....
    March- Claire from Outlander book series who loves her plants and herbs
    Yes their's a theme going here....I have read all the books now and am working on the small little novellas that are spin offs.

  25. January- Mitsy
    February- Violet

  26. What fun to name these lovelies. Here are my three: Beverly, Thisbe, and Bonnie.

  27. I don't have a blog but how about, Jan- Sky, Feb, Isabella and March- Suzette. Hugs Sandra

  28. January:Josephine. February:Juanita. March:Violetta

  29. January: Abby(Abigail), February: Sophie, March:Lyndie


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