Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet and GREET with Mdm Samm

 to a world of talented, kind, exquisite ladies. They all  either applique, embroider or cross stitch.
( translate link is on my side bar)

If you are looking for inspiration they will no doubt inspire you in so many ways. I also have a list on my side bar of many talented stitchers who continue to inspire me and have me reaching new heights. Their photographs, their unique style and their presence on our planet unites us all...

I poured you a brew....your favourite ...

Now a little background on me... Mdm Samm from the Escarpment in Wine Country, Canada

I have been stitching for decades, from as early as I can remember, I was the only girl at boarding school who had her own sewing box complete with threads, scissors and needles.... My sweet girlfriends  would find me whenever they needed some mending or a button sewn on.

So it stands to reason, what you learn as a child has a habit of sticking with you into womanhood.
A role I love playing by the way, I am still a little girl inside, and as my goal as young child was to unite girls who were kind and thoughtful to this day- it follows me...LOOK YOU are here...

WE are united in stitches, a bond no matter what language has-- universal appeal. So thank you for coming along my journey. My hopes is to gather you all and  to CELEBRATE YOU! ( and your incredible talent)

In the meantime, let's see some of my favourite stitchings...

I believe it was over 20 years that I first did this rose....( this is a remake) I lost
my other in a flood a year ago.  I have always loved the depth, the colour....So I dug
up the pattern in my archives and it has become my blog banner....

I never liked roses for a variety of reasons but TODAY, it has come to represent
the petals of my life, the sweet,  the depth of colour,  and even some thorny pricks.

It stirs deep emotion, deep love and a passion that will 
linger far longer than the petals on its stem. ..

And  then there are BIRDS.....

 I really like birds, something that is part
of my daily ritual....I grab a coffee in the early hours and sit on my window bench
and watch the many feathered friends I have come to admire...

They teach me so much- for instance:

  patience....in capturing that perfect photo, 
tenderness in heart that I may be a small part of their survival during the winter months
united in flight, they watch for any predators, no matter their species, they all look after each other
 pure joy, that they trust me so much to come so close 
and smiles... oh yes many many smiles...I love their chatter, because even in their
language -I KNOW they are HAPPY and content! They Matter!

And then walked in some LEGS....

If you been following us at all you will note Cori from Chitter Chatter Designs

Each one UNIQUE and filled with possibilities...

This is what your legs could like in just embroidery...
( Cori designed this for me) Isn't it beautiful...?

Well these legs started it all....She appliqued hers and I traced mine
and coloured it with Presencia Floss.( my floss of choice) This stirred us both as we LOVE LADIES.
We love dressing them up, we love anything we can do with threads...
hence PAPER Ladies...kind of like Paper Dolls you may remember from your youth. 

We teach you along the way on  how  to NOT FOLLOW THE RULES....
It is so very easy, just colouring with floss between the lines...
Cori teaches you how to applique using her unique method!

This led to January- Paper Ladies....I have completed her, but I wanted to show you 
with simple colours ( only 10) , you just trace the pattern and cross stitch within the lines...
I did her muff and pompom on her hat with cashmere threads
we have them exclusively called Paper Ladies Cashmere ( all colours will be shown soon) 
if you would like some, let us know

 And next came February -Paper Ladies ....she is also completed. Wanted to show you by using one strand of white cashmere and one strand of Presencia pink floss, combined you can create a wool skirt. We have  special brushes to fluff them up....She just comes to life before your eyes...

I am now working on March- Paper Ladies  will have her completed by end of the month..
The March Paper Lady is holding a bunny....
yes she is also done in cashmere...
and she has whiskers... ( the bunny not the lady)

So YOU see, if you are ready to NOT FOLLOW RULES
we would love to include you in our Adventure..

We will keep you stitching, we will keep you inspired, we guarantee that! 

I am so pleased to be among the best stitchers around the world.
YOU inspire me, you make me smile with delight when I see 
your latest creation and you make me proud to be part of something 
that keeps us all in Stitches...

Besides the Free cross stitch below, we, Cori and I  wanted to have a giveaway
of our  favourite tools ...

Be a follower of this blog
Leave a comment...

You will get some cashmere by Paper Ladies - red, black and red...enough to last you 
many many projects...
A special brush to brush your cashmere
A set of tweezers for shaving and picking your threads
one piece of Black Aida ( Chalk Talk with us Pattern)
one piece of Monaco Fabric ( white 28 ct)
1 bottle of WIPE OUT ( removes your marks from your fabric)
1 stick with me button ( needle holder and pattern holder) 

Congratulations to the following LADIES

Konstance in Bavaria ( you won the one in the other post)
Александра in Moscow ( you won this one below)

YOUR prizes ladies are on their way! 

I wanted to design a FREE cross stitch for YOU to remind you that we are all UNITED in Stitches...
Just trace on your favourite cloth and begin stitching....

In tender warmth and universal stitches...

Our link will be available till early next week! 


  1. What a beautiful post Samm. Love all the meaning behind your sweet creations. You inspire me everyday, so excited to be on this journey with you! The BUNNY!!!! Oh my...he is so stinkin' cute! xx~Cori

  2. This is a perfect way to learn about other stitchers!

  3. Samm, you inspired me with you post as usual... I just start to love my hobby and my life more and more each time I read your words ♥
    Thank you for sharing "United in stitches" pattern!
    An bunny....ohhh I like to see it closer ^_^

  4. Samm, I love your post! Your pictures are just beautiful... and your words and stitching always makes me smile :o) ♥
    Thank you such much for sharing such a lovely pattern.... I will have to get onto that one real quick... perfect for some Easter stitching I think!
    I am so looking forward to reading all these great blogs and seeing all the gorgeous stitching :o)
    My post is up.... Thank you and Cori for hosting such a great event and having such a lovely giveaway prize.
    Hugs xx

  5. Samm! I recently met with your blog, it has become my favorite. With such warmth you write about your hobby. This love in every stitch. A variety of work, very beautiful and unique! Thanks for the review!

  6. Thank you for the chance! I'd love to join in and am sharing my blogpost too!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. What a beautiful blog, love reading your post and seeing the beautiful stitching , thanks for sharing .

  8. Wonderful work ))) Especially liked the LEGS ....

  9. Thank you Mdm Samm, those wise words, united in stitches is so true and a wonderful design. No matter whom is going through what, the sisterhood of the Needle prevails, nurtures, and inspires with Love, Care and Concern, all the while without judgement as something is good or bad, just cheer leading each other on as individuals with the passion to follow their bliss with a needle.
    Your friend,

  10. Your stitching is sublime and your words beautiful. I look forward to reading your blog and sharing your world.

  11. Your cross stitch us so beautiful - I live what you do

  12. Thank you for hosting this meet & greet! Your stitching work is really lovely; you take such care with everything you do and it shows!

  13. Wonderful to see such precious stitcheries! The little bunny is adorable with that cashmere fur!

  14. Aww I love all your sweet stitches..so beautiful xx

  15. Dear Samm, thank you so much for such a lovely idea as "Meet and greet" project! I found so many interesting blogs here, so many different people sharing their masterpieces!
    I like your blog so much and would like to thank you for your kind words!
    All your works are so beautifull, but these "petals of life", that is a rose, it's GORGEOUS!!! It caught my eye from the very first sight!
    I'd like to wish you inspiration and lot's of new ideas to realise!!!

  16. I am truly enjoying seeing all the stitcheries that people are making. It is so inspiring to see all the beauty and creativity. I am particularly loving seeing you and Cori do the paper ladies. So different, but so beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration, dear Madame Samm.

  17. Your work is too beautiful to describe. I like that you have expanded to cover quilting, and other needlework art. You are a gem, and a magnet!
    xx, Carol

  18. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stitchings.

  19. I love these Paper Ladies stitchery. Your work is exceptional. I do love to applique, cross stitch and just started to embroidery again. Thanks for bringing the love of stitching back to many us and thanks for the great giveaway.

  20. Dear mdm samm,
    I am so happy that we found each other and to be in your meet & greet today.
    I LOVE your rose stitching.
    And I adore your way of painting with cross stitches!


  21. I loved learning a bit more about you. I truly enjoy your photos.

  22. I am loving this hop. I love hand stitchery. So many talented folks among you here. Thank you for the lovely cross stich heart. I am a follower via blog loving of both of your and Cori's blogs. Can't wati to see what's next.

  23. Although I can't be a follower because I don't have a blog, I just wanted to say thanks to you for all the blog hops you create. Its so much fun to visit blogs and see all the lovely creations...including yours :)

  24. I too have been a stitcher for many,many years! I love these vintage ladies soon much..... since I am a quilter and cross stitcher, it is hard to choose. I love Cori's designs.Very talented lady! Love following the two of you!

    1. how sweet please leave an email so we can drop you a line or two

  25. Samm, your work is always so inspiring. Thank you for this Meet and Greet so we can meet new friends around the globe and share our stitching with each other.

  26. Using a brush to fluff up the stitches in genius! I need to try it.
    I am a cross stitcher, so selfishly I am very glad that the blog took a stitching turn.

    1. how sweet please leave an email so we can drop you a line or two

  27. You've been wowing us for some time now and your work is beautiful! I adore your rose cross stitch!

  28. Sweet post, Mdm Samm! You always share.... always inspire... always cheer us on.... and always lift our spirits. God Bless you!

  29. Beautiful work, Mdm Samm, and Cori's is adorable, too! I follow both your blogs.

  30. I am excited to greet all of the stitchers who have linked up today. Your rose is beautiful and I have been love seeing how your cross stitch progresses. I have been stitching for years but have learned from your posts, not to put it to practice.

  31. I feel really inspired today! (Too bad I have to spend the weekend preparing for a trip and not stitching!) My head is swimming with ideas!

  32. I love the cross stitch designs - esp the rose with multiple hues of red. I wold love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  33. Great work !!
    I love all of your designs - and I need days with more than 24 hours :))
    Hugs and kisses

  34. My post didn't automatically post so I have it up and running now. ;-( I just love seeing all of the wonderful stitching that you have been doing with these ladies, Samm. You are such an inspiration to all of us.

  35. Your work is truly inspirational, as is your blog. I'm been following along for ages. I look forward to seeing the different things you come up with. Thanks

  36. I've said it before...no one stitches like you do! Gorgeous...all of them!

  37. Because of you two ladies....I am just BEGINNING to STITCH almost as much as I quilt...I do have the peace in the moment feeling you speak about when I am quietly stitching away...You just can't know how wonderful it has been for me to discover this...and to have so much support from YOU Madame Samm...has been amazing...as I have my little stand loaded everyday with a cloth and project! I will be showing mine off soon...
    I love both blogs~~~

  38. Thank you for organizing this event! You have a lovely blog and I'm enjoying following it. And there's something about that little bunny that's so dear. Thanks for the close-up of him.

  39. This is such a fun time meeting other stitchers. Thanks for putting this together. I love your work, so pretty. The rose is beautiful and a great choice for your banner.

  40. I am just in love with that bunny Samm! :) Everything is beautiful and elegant just perfection! Thank you for everything you have taught me already and for all that is to come. blessings, marlene

  41. I'm not big on flowers however that rose is beautiful with all the different shades...great post.


  42. The little fuzzy bunny is so adorable and all of your stitching is amazing. You and Cori make a great stitching team.

  43. I love your beautiful stitching. Thanks for the linkup and the giveaway. I will be visiting Cori's blog next. I found your blog through Michelle's Romantic Tangle.

  44. All of Cori's designs are remarkable and your ideas of how to stitch them are fab! But I really want to know how to get some of that Wipe Out. Can you please let us know where we can purchase? thanks! yessewingisfun@yahoo.com

    1. you are bouncing RM....tried your other emails too..all bouncing...we will have kits ready soon...stay tuned..it will have wipe out in it

  45. You are the Best! Always inspirational, always beautiful photos, always caring and sharing. Thanks for organising this Meet and Greet. Such fun to see what beautiful things people are creating! Very Special! Arohanui.

  46. Love these links Samm - thanks so much! blessings, marlene

  47. Always good to see all your creations and I will enjoy clicking through to see all these new stitchy friends :)

  48. Love all of your beautiful needle work projects! Especially I love your little bunny! Thanks for your inspiration!

  49. This has been a lovely day. Your post is wonderful as always. Your stitching is so pretty. You and Cori are making a wonderful combination. It has been fun to visit all these lovely laddies.

  50. So pretty! I am following you and Cori both on Google Friend Connect as Rose Santuci-Sofranko. Thanks & God bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol.com

  51. You continue to amaze with all your creativity and talents. Love all your cross stitch. So very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  52. I am so thrilled to have discovered your blog and Cori's. Thank you so much for allowing me to join in the blog hop. This has been so much fun. I've visited every blog. And many have visited mine . . .I still drool over that bag that Cori designed for you. On to "Tea For Two".

  53. I had sew much fun going to the blogs of these talented ladies! I let my dust bunnies have the day off while I visited everyone. Thank you for showing the way.

  54. This Meet and Greet blog hop is such a lovely idea and I have already been to many of the participating blogs. And I have seen so many great projects on them. Just like here. I also love stitching roses and birds, they are always among my projects. Your paper girls are just amazing.

  55. I found your blog through another group and became a follower. Your designs are lovely.

  56. I follow on facebook. Love your blog. Visited Cori's but could not find a button to follow.

  57. Спасибо, что подарили так много красоты! услада для глаз:)

  58. I'm so glad I found your blog this year, Samm! Your creations and talent just amaze me :)

  59. Oh, Samm, your so touching history! With pleasure I admired your works! It is pleasant to me to take part in the project, thank you!

  60. I am speechless at the beauty and perfection your stitcheries are achieved through your needle and threads. Blessings and Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping. Creative Stitchery Bliss...

  61. Just in case no one has told you lately, you are a very unique person. You have influenced a lot of people in a good way and I am happy I found your blog, Sew We Quilt, last year. I only do simple embroidery, no cross stitch, but I will continue to visit this blog. You are always inspiring. You matter. XX

  62. What a great idea to have a "Meet and Greet". I went to each and every one. Such beautiful work, such talented ladies. (Including yourself.) You are very talented, I enjoy seeing your work. You are very inspiring, watching you had me do things I never thought I could.


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