Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Wantobe A BETTER Gardener.. do you? .( lot's of photos)

                                    This post has nothing to do with cross stitch or applique or embroidery..
but  it does have something to do with my second passion...GARDENING!

So if you are not interested at all in any lesson on what I learned yesterday...we will see you on another day...HOWEVER if you love gardens and what to learn a tidbit or two...please sit a bit and take notes....

It is metaphor for life..... ok, my life and how gardening pertains to me...I love simplicity, although I love many colours, in our garden, we do WHITE, GREEN and a bit of RED ( furniture accents). I had to laugh with a dear friend of mine who said "she is too busy raising kids to do gardening".

I think gardening is one of those rewards as we get older provides the same rewards as raising children, you plant seeds, you care for them, nurture them and then you have to  let outside influences dictate the results. Many times those results by the way, bring you such joy, such love and you are forever celebrating the seasons of their lives.... That is me and GARDENING!

    I spent yesterday morning at a GARDENING Class- here is why? 
I want to be a better gardener.....

As long as we can remember, my beloved and I  have had only WHITE gardens....Our season is so short and during the summer months, you can always find us in our garden, me stitching something and David reading....he has a ferocious appetite for the written word...And well you know I just love all needlework..so this is where we do it.. This is last summer's photos.....I can share, it will
be even more spectacular this year....NOW that I have taken a GARDENING class!

David is very worried....( in a happy way of course), every time I learn a new technique -our garden explodes just a bit more....it means more weed control, pest control and dealing with the elements...
 ( by the way snow flakes are falling from the sky this morning) ...

All summer long, we have white buds and flowers everywhere....
we even have flowers that only open at night....
We have so many fireflies that visit us at dusk that we call our garden...
Fairies in the Tea GARDEN.... OUR garden is filled with activity all hours of the
day and night..

One of  our garden beds is filled with daisies, they attracts many butterflies
and bees and they just smell so sweet..

And our Viburnums, well I think at last count, we have 9 very Large bushes and trees..
they come up in the spring and last for about 3 weeks..

These are my Snowball Hydrangeas...we have 5 of these now... They just keep spreading growing 
taller each season... this is at the back of our yard and is approx 120 feet long....

More daisies...gosh I love daisies.

One of my most favourite photos , Sumatra and my beloved just having a sweet moment! 

Now for the lesson.....

I loved our facilitators name Pat SODwin... 
She was very good, kind and filled with gardening expertise! 

One of the first things she mentioned as an asset to starting seedlings....
 SPAGmoss, it is from New Zealand, it is the perfect addition to your 
Seed Starter, that holds moisture, keeps mould and mildew away
and keeps you from over watering ...

One tiny brick, we are talking about 11 inches long and 1/4 thick...
is like a magic sponge....
cost 9.00 in Canada

I placed in a stainless steel 14 qt bowl

I poured warm water about 7 cups....
and within seconds....look...
                        ( click on photos to enlarge them all)

After 5 minutes, the moss absorbs the water and it looks
a bit like sea weed.. smells welllllllll odd....
but that is fine...because you take about a handful
and mix it with your seed starter, I like Miracle Grow...

I took another bowl and mixed it and then you are ready
to fill your trays..

Great tidbits..

1. YOU lightly fill the trays, with mixture, you do not pack it down... The seeds need
roots to spread and grow...

2. You only add 2 or 3 seeds, and you do not push it in the soil. This can damage
them if you push them into the soil...

3. Only large seeds ( that may look like a popcorn seed) have to be pushed into the soil
just a bit ( 1/4 inch)

4. You top it with more mixture, placing it all over the top... you just sprinkle
mixture, do not pack it down...

5. YOU mist the top.

6. You pour water in your tray,  in the corner, waiting about 30 minutes, pour off excess.

7. Cover and leave somewhere near a window, just a bit of sunlight

8. And WAIT till you see the first signs of GREEN , remove cover
and give it its first fertilizer. ( Wegeners Fertilizer was recommended) 
Cost $16.00

9. Every two weeks you fertilizer until they are ready to go into the ground.
(the perfect nutrients provides ultimate results) 

10. Once your seedlings  presents with a second set of leaves, not the first two 
that sprout, the second set...transfer to larger pots....

11. Climatize your seedlings when ready to plant outside, an hour a day,
then 2 hours a day, 3 hours a day....and then......You are ready to plant anywhere in your

Use 1/4 cup to 1 cup of seed starter, YOU have to wear
gloves because it can cause a bit of reaction to sensitive skin,
It is loaded with nutrients...

This is the tray they provided us in class, THIS IS like
a PENTHOUSE  class seed starter....it has room for 24 plants,
the bottom tray holds water, and there is a mat
that absorbs water and keeps it watered until you are
ready to transfer to new pots..
( these were $25.00) 

Within minutes, ( GREEN HOUSE in mini form) :)

( these were $10.00) for 70 plants...

I was pleased she talked about SEED PUCKS...
this tray has 70 of them...( I have 2 of these already)

1. Fill tray with warm water to completely cover seed pucks

2. Wait 2-3 hours till they fill with moisture

3. open with a little knife the netting under each puck...

4. add only 2 seeds per puck

5. Sprinkle Spagmoss and Seed starter mixture

6. Spay with water all over the top..

7. Cover and place in sun....

Seed pucks have seeds, sprinkled on top.
see the large seeds on your left, those were before
I pushed them down 1/4 deep into the seed pucks..
the smaller seeds are just placed on the top..

Add 1 inch of Spagmoss and seed starter on top..

Mist top and cover...

MY FAVOURITE Annuals..... 

some of of my Peonies..


I forget the name of these...they are great ground cover and they
keep flowering to the first frost..

They are called DIANTHUS..thank you sweet lady! 

These re my cosmos..( from last summer)

Some of my most favourite annuals will be making another appearance this year..
Cosmo's Pscyhe WHITE, these keep flowerings from May right till the first
frost...they grow to be about 6 feet tall. 
( they are hard to find, I have to order them in each year) 

Moonflowers only open in the evening...they have the most beautiful scent.

I love these tiny white flowers, I put these in all of my hanging plants
they are called Bacopa....and you can get them in a variety of colours
but I prefer WHITE....
And another favourite are these ASTERS, they look bluish,
but they come up striking white with a hue of blue...
they smell so nice..

I hope you learned something from my gardening class..always nice to share something
with fellow gardeners... My next lesson will be my raised Vegetable garden so stay tuned...
if interested of course...

Tomorrow, I have a special project for our Tree Bird Hop...

In stitching and gardening warmth..


  1. I have some annual seeds started and my vegetable seeds started too. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this great info. I love to garden. I used to start a lot of my plants in the basement with grow lites but as I get older I buy them. I want lots of plants so the weeds will stay to a minimum. Cant wait to see your results. Happy Spring.

  3. I too am so anxious to get outside and see some activity in the yard. This winter has gone on far too long.

  4. I love daisies too! Hope to start my gardening "career" this year (just relocated)))

  5. Thanks for all of the tips! Your garden will be lovely.

  6. What an interesting class this must have been. You shared a lot of wonderful information. My garden is a riot of color. Can't help it. They say we are up for snow tonight. Would rather have mor sun and warmer weather.
    Spring is coming.

  7. Thanks for the tips! Your garden is beautiful!

  8. I can't get over the size of your YARD!!! Wow! I live in a city with a "postage stamp-sized" yard. lol I think the one flower you couldn't remember the name of is Dianthus. I haven't had a garden in a number of years. Now I'm going to be too busy babysitting our granddaughter to try to grow anything this year. Have fun, Samm!

  9. Like your sweet friend I have never had the time to garden with five children, but I am excited to add this technique to what I have started! This gardening could be your Sunday posts! Love to you Samm...

  10. Mdm Samm, very beautiful ))) We have snow((( I want to get to their flower beds...

  11. Your garden is beautiful! Beautiful!!!! Hugs.

  12. This is such a great post Samm! Thank you so much for sharing your class with us. I remember doing this with Dad as a teenager. We had the most amazing garden the summer after high school. I enjoyed it so much and hope to get back to it someday soon. Your garden.....OH MY GOODNESS, how beautiful it is. No wonder you spend all your time there, what pretty place you have created. Add the fireflies....magical! By the way, that picture with your husband and kitty....aaaahhh melt my heart! How adorable. xx~Cori

  13. Your garden is amazing.. I do believe you do everything very well that you attempt...

  14. Great post love your garden, and thanks for your many tips.

  15. Love your white garden, madame Samm, a little piece of heaven!

  16. White flowers are gorgeous! Thanks so much for all the gardening tips. I may try starting seeds from scratch again. It was so funny to read about the Cosmos where you live. Here in Ohio I just "toss" the seeds on the worked soil and they germinate and bloom right there. Probably one of the easiest here.

  17. Your garden is beautiful. Thank you so much for the lesson..I always have a hard time with seeds..I am so excited to try this method.

    1. Hello Faythe, so nice to see you ...next time you drop by, leave an email so I can reply back to you...you are a no reply blogger

  18. Unas flores preciosas, a mi tambien me encantan las flores y las plantas.
    Besos desde España

  19. I love gardening so this post is really enjoyable. Many thanks.

  20. Yippee! Yep, that's us New Zealand - Spagmoss - Happy Sheep Dance! That sounds like a great class. Love all the white!

  21. I love gardening and I am so happy that we have a huge flower, vegies and fruit garden. I cannot be more happier when digging in the soil, planting and watch all the animals which are living in our Little paradise, like snakes, amphibians, birds (or course....), huge snails, bats and we also have a Fox which is somewhere living behind our old Wood piles.....
    And I already started planting as well my babies, from cucumber to zuchini and my beloved artichockes!
    Gardening keeps our lives so full of energy and happiness, but I hardly have White flowers, Samm, mine are a huge mixture of everything.

  22. When I see gardens like yours Samm I am so jealous! Here on the lake it is incredibly beautiful but nothing like your garden - just pretty in a different way. I miss having all those beautiful flowers so I will enjoy having them through you. :) blessings, marlene

  23. What a fun class! I don't garden anymore, but sew enjoy the flowers and plants that come back every year.

  24. I seed start just about every year. My two big problems with seed starting is the spider mites and the late planting. I have to wait till the middle of May before I can plant anything outside. It's usually too cold at night and there is at least one or two deep freezes. But, I seed start anyway. Sometimes twice. lol I'll be getting it together in the next week of two. Sweet picture of your cat and DH.

  25. Oh wow! I love your white garden! The good old fashioned Daisy is one of my favourite flowers... ;o)
    Our poor old garden has suffered throughout a very hot summer... but now that Autumn is here it is time to get outside again and give it lots of TLC. We are planning on doing a bit of garden renovating this year and hopefully it will then need less maintenance... although I fear that weeds will always appear where you least want them!
    Enjoy your spring seed planting :o)
    Hugs xx

  26. I am really envious of your gardens. We moved into a new home with zero landscaping, so have a clean slate...but will take so looong to get to the point I would like to be. And, Ozark Mountain rocky, clay soil will be a new experience.

  27. It sound like you had a good day and a little break from everyday life! I am glad! As many others have said and it is true you have beautiful gardens every year! I do so enjoy watching your gorgious flowers bloom! I am confused were we stitch or quilt but I am always a little confused and you have always been kind and loving! Thank you for that! You and David are important to me, always in my prayers!

  28. You must be itching to get out in the garden by this time of the year, Snow flakes??? How can that be??? Your whites are going to be stunning when they are in full bloom and you are stitching away in their midst. Enjoy the anticipation!! xo

  29. Aww your garden will be lovely xx

  30. Your white garden is stunning! I love all the flowers and shrubs you have shown. Thanks for sharing these wonderful gardening things - I love gardening too. In summertime it is my favorite pastime!
    Have a wonderful new week!


  31. Чудесный пост! А сад - волшебный! И спасибо за полезные советы!

  32. Beautiful garden, hard to believe you will top it this year...no, I know you will :) We are to have an inch of snow this afternoon, as well...what an uninvited guest to my garden!

  33. I grew up in a garden and that is one thing I miss now that we have only a very small space for growing things. I try to put as many things as I can in containers and planters and move them as the season goes on. It is very hard to make sure they get their share of sun and regular watering. I wish I could visit you and enjoy your garden (and I am a very good weeder ... in fact, a weed-a-holic).

  34. adoro il giardinaggio, purtroppo il mio giardino è piccolo piccolo, il tuo è stupendo!

  35. Your garden is wonderful!!!So beautiful flowers!

  36. beautiful garden! I plant mainly white perennials but alter the color of the annuals each year...this year I'm hunting for blues! I also have a "friend" garden that is made up of only plants given to me from friend's gardens...this is obviously multicolored!

  37. Hummm, I'm no gardner for sure...but you make it sound so easy! I just might have to give it a try!

  38. I love seeing your gardens. We are always changing plants in our yard. Mostly because some do well and others don't. I live in Arizona near Prescott where we do have some snow and we have an area in the back yard where the ground freezes. It's good to see your garden to see what works in the cold weather. Now I just have to wonder about our hot summer months. Does it get hot where you are, too?

  39. Besides needle and thread, dirt in your hands is very therapeutic! I do love flowers. My yard was always my respite until a few years ago when Fibromyalgia stole little bits of my ability to kneel and bend in the dirt. I have to hire help for what I used to do...cleaning the flower beds in spring, etc.. However, I have discovered container gardening and for now that will have to suffice. I once had an impatien in a container that measured 8 ft across by end of summer. It was a thing to behold. Down here in the deep south, a magic addition to the soil is composted cotton seed hull. Oh my, Samm, I wish I could send you some because it is some amazing stuff. The years I have skipped that step I have lived to regret. So, I have made a new connection with a cotton gin owner and I now have my personal source of all the cotton seed hull I can shovel into the back of a Toyota Tundra pick-up truck! The stage before composting, the hulls are used for feed. Most of the other is thrown out back of the cotton gin just waiting for those of us willing and able to come get all we want for free!!!

    I do not have vibernums but you have inspired me to plant some. I don't know the best time to plant...do you know???

    Love you psst...Love Love Love the picture of David and Sumatra
    Gmama Jane

  40. Beautiful pictures Samm, you can design me a garden any day! Sounds like a great class, glad to hear you are enjoying it. The only thing white in my garden is snow-wish it would melt quicker. Hurry up spring!

  41. Sounds like you are going to have a beautiful garden this year. Thank you for all the great tips.

  42. Sounds like you are going to have a beautiful garden this year. Thank you for all the great tips.

  43. I also love gardening, yours are beautiful. XX

  44. A garden is medicine for the soul - your photos are great - pure medicine :)))
    XX Marion

  45. Ciao , mi unisco ai tuoi followers , grazie per essere passata da me , mi ha fatto piacere il tuo commento.
    Bellissimo il tuo giardino , e che dire la foto del tuo micione e del tuo compagno è bellissima .ù

  46. Hi sweetie, I love your all white garden it is so beautiful and I will look forward to seeing it this year after your garden lesson. I really miss having a garden but couldn't look after it anymore. That can happen when you get older and have to downsize. One thing about Stratford lots of. Beautiful gardens to enjoy. Hugs Sandra


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