Monday, March 16, 2015

I can and I will , Chalk Talk with us...

8 x11 size
Each day I wake to find my beloved by my side is a day to celebrate.
Every weekend we share so many tender moments, moments
that last a lifetime.

I CAN & I WILL is a quote I hear often around here...
It means as long as there is hope, there is love, there is faith...

I bet many of you will find your own interpretation...

This Chalk Talk is one of many. Here is 
another example of how 
stitched hers up....
( both are included in the pattern) 

Here is a sneak peak of  a different design that she is working on...
she has a bit more to add....
( you will love hers) 

Both patterns are available this week,
you will get both...The one above is 8 x 11
and Cori's is 5 x 7

The pattern will be $10.00 U.S.
( pdf pattern) 

Or a kit

and if you would like us to trace it for you on some BLACK AIDA Cloth
we will do that too and add the Presencia floss you require as well as a needle!

for $20.00 plus shipping

 ( please indicate which pattern you will require traced) 

( they stitch up quickly, we provide tips on how to stitch on  black canvas ) 

5 x 7 size

Let us know if you would  like your very own
I CAN & I WILL pattern....
It will be available WEDNESDAY of this week! 

Chalk Talk with US....
"when a sweet reminder is all you need to carry on..."


  1. Dear Mme Samm, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dear husband. You are such a lovely and encouraging person, I'm sure you are a comfort to your husband. There is no need to respond to my comment, I just wanted to send you some 'quilty' love. Elli

  2. Samm, yours turned out so wonderful....and with those flowers! They add such a spring time look to your project, so pretty. AS for your connection with this quote, well, your love for your sweet husband inspires me every day. Your tender and sweet devotion to him is beautiful. xx ~Cori

  3. Samm, I think of you and David all the time, I wish I could do something... do you need something sweet to brighten up the sky a Little bit? Goodies from my chocolatier?

  4. Replies
    1. Samm my mail is

      Have a nice day!

  5. My dear friend you are in my thoughts always...
    Love you xx

  6. Love the Chalk Talk! Can't wait until Wednesday, well I can, but it will be hard, lol! Hugs as always.

  7. Love the Chalk Talk....very nice!! groetjes Petra

  8. As I love chalk art in general I really love your Chalk Talk. This quote says so much!
    You have perfectly presented it!


  9. Muy bonito diseño y muy bonitas flores.
    Besos desde España

  10. This is so wonderful Samm - perfect for this time in your life. Prayers going up. blessings, marlene

  11. You can and you will, Samm. So many thoughts come to my mne with that saying. I am keeping all of you close in my prayers.

  12. It is a wonderful quote and I wish you 1000's and 1000's of these mornings ♥
    I see the stitching makes you happy, it is wonderful my dear friend.
    You can - you will - always!

  13. Beautiful stitching, Samm! Thank you for these positive emotions ^_^

  14. If I could move mountains I would. Keeping you and your entire family in constant thought and prayer.

  15. Beautiful work Samm. So much inspiration in so few words. Thinking of you both.

  16. You both are so inspiring to me. Your devotion to each other and thoughtfulness. Much love to you both. Beautiful tulips. They make any day better.

  17. Thinking about you...love you! Praying for you...

  18. I Can and I Will continue to pray for ultimate healing, for strength, courage, and HOPE!! You are Loved!

  19. I Can and I Will continue to pray for ultimate healing, for strength, courage, and HOPE!! You are Loved!

  20. I love the sentiment. It exemplifies a family I grew up with, some of the most optimistic, resilient people I've ever known.

    Thinking of you, as you treasure the gift of each day together.

  21. What wonderful words to live by..... my hope is that you will have lots of mornings and weekends ahead!
    I love the chalk board look - your pic with those gorgeous tulips is a breath of spring! Outside my window today I only see black clouds and rain at the moment (the beginnings of Autumn for us) so seeing your hint of spring is just the tonic!
    Hugs to you both xx


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