Friday, March 27, 2015

Chalk Talk #2 are you LOST? or have you been FOUND?

Mdm Samm's FOUND is a good sign! 

Have you been FOUND ? or are you still LOST?

WEllllll let Cori and I help you along the way...
We have designed 2 different Chalk Talk  designs in 2 different sizes...

YOU check if you are lost or found....
5 x 7 or 8 x10 ( both patterns are included in both sizes) 

We want to guide you as you learn how to colour with floss...
These are very simple patterns, YOU just trace on Black AIDA  with your choice
of floss... We chose 2 colours this time, simple white and red....
and you stitch within the lines...
( we have kits too, we will trace for you and add floss as well as a little extra -wink)

I think we both completed these in just a couple of days...
( reminder here Cori just learned how to cross stitch a couple months ago) 

Each month we will have a NEW ONE to show you...

We have come up with a very FUNNY one for next month...
I just stretched mine this morning, and I am ready to stitch, all the while
I have selected my colours for our APRIL Paper Ladies.....
( will take pics on the weekend of my choice for this lovely lady) 

sneak peak

Each time you see this....it is a friendly reminder
we have something NEW!

( will show more on the weekend)
The sun is not up yet....but I will show our new CASHMERE collection
for our Paper Ladies this afternoon)
I have some errands to run this am...
This is Cori's.....and let me say this lady is not LOST.....

Recap of our 1st Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk #1  ( my post)

Pattern for LOST and FOUND is now AVAILABLE

 IT is FRIDAY, and I have a few things planned, as things seem to have settled here...
Prayers help...yes they do...Thank you !

Chalk Talk with us....
Oh and thanks for the great names, keep them coming...
We will choose the top 3 to vote on early next week..

in Stitching Warmth


  1. Now those are just too darn cute! I want on my the front of my shirt and one on the back! LOL!!

  2. I am definitely FOUND! :)) Today's Friday and it's already Spring! Life is great! I feel happiness EVERYWHERE in every little thing of my life! So..yes, I'm definitely found! :)) Nice design! Wish you great weekend!

  3. Oh I love your finished project. The curvy letters are so pretty! I feel very lost in this amazing world of cross stitching, thank goodness that your floss coloring is so easy. Especially to a beginner like me!

  4. Love your Chalk Talk. Very cute. Glad things have calmed down.

  5. I'm found too - thank goodness. :) blessings, marlene

  6. I Love your Chalk Talk....So cute!!!

  7. I am found, too! [I just need to have enough hours for sleeping and stitching to feel myself found =D] Your stitching is beautiful, as usual ♥

  8. Love the newest Chalk Talk!

  9. I really like these messages on chalkboard! I'm curious to find out the next! , Kisses, Dona

  10. Oh, this is beautiful !!!
    I feel very lost in cross stitch!...

  11. Cute, cute Chalk Talk design! I'd be checking the lost box for sure. :O)

  12. These really are just so cute.... :o)
    Me... I am definitely lost! Don't think I will ever be found again..... lost in a sea of threads and beautiful stitching!
    Hugs xx


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