Tuesday, March 3, 2015

6 Days of Stitching Paper Ladies...I need a COFFEE! ( she is done)

Yes I poured myself a very large cup of coffee this morning...
and although this is the very same cup I am sipping from , 
this photo was taken last summer in our garden...

I know spring and summer will be here for we know it....
I am an OPTIMIST! 

 I completed my January Paper Ladies, late last evening..
I could not be happier....she came out perfectly...
just as I imagined her...

What is nice with this  PAPER LADIES pattern is even though you choose
applique, embroider or cross stitch, no 2 ladies will ever be the same....
 Using your floss to colour and materials on hands
helps you to create a ONE OF A KIND....

( all the threads I used Presencia with DMC conversion
will be included in the pattern) 

I was so stuck on the pleats of her skirt, I dry brushed her for this effect..
AS CORI and I both believe there are NO RULES....

It is nice to go Rogue...and that we both did....

I had some crystal buttons Shellys Buttons and More that were the perfect

Add my vintage Kettle phone, we have a couple of them...
I really like the rings of them too...
Now my January looks even more VINTAGE....

I have all of my FEBRUARY tools and pattern ready...
So I am going to start my February Paper Ladies..

Cori did her January lady in Applique along the same colours as I did them in the blues ....
and she redid her eyes using my tutorial on the eyes...what a difference..
both are beautiful.....

Here is a sneak peak of FEBRUARy Paper ladies...

Pattern will be available next week..

I am doing her in Raspberry colours..

Before I start her I may need another cup of coffee...


  1. I love her! She is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am finally beginning my stitching today after going back and forth with floss colors and fabrics and this post gave me my final push! The sneak peak for February is wonderful too - she is going to be just as pretty as January! Thank you to you and Corri for this fun!


  2. Ваш блог подобен сказке:) Спасибо вам, что привели меня сюда:))

  3. The girl is beautiful, the idea with attritions on a skirt very much is pleasant to me! And in general approach to process of an embroidery - such free, absolutely creative.

  4. She's so pretty! Love everything about her. The gingham in her skirt is so perfect! February looks to be just as wonderful!

  5. Oh goodness Madame Samm, she is just gorgeous! Love the pattern in her skirt.. and the chalking, what a pretty effect. Going rogue has it's benefits! I just love this blue girl. I am so looking forward to your February. In raspberry....just can't wait to meet her! xx~Cori

  6. Your lady is beautiful, Mdm Samm.

  7. She is so gorgeous and with all of your special touches she is the best of all.hugs Sandra

  8. She is stunning!! I so look forward to what your February girl will look like :)

  9. Oh wow! She is absolutely beautiful :o)
    I love the blues that you used - they just jump off the screen!
    Can't wait to see February's lady
    I am totally fascinated by how you are creating two completely different finishes from the one design - can't wait to see Cori's final pics :o)
    Hugs xx

  10. I just love to see what you are going to come up with next. Keep up the hard work!

  11. She is beautifully done! LOVE those blues!

  12. Woooooow! She is absolutely gorgeous! I like your idea "there are no rules" ))))

  13. She is beautiful. You did amazing "no rules" stitching. Love what you are doing.

  14. The beads really add a special touch to her. She is wonderful.

  15. Always loved breaking the rules! Coffee is the magic potion


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