Thursday, February 5, 2015

We will still support you on Day 6

Jane wowed us yesterday with this very simple yet impactful mug rug. 

So today and all the days to follow... we will be supporting 
our ladies who have Cancer and all those who are dear to us
who face challenges trying to beat this terrible disease...

Together we will support all of our ladies in style..

and she is soooo supportive of all those who are participating..
Schedule is top right of our blog. 

..Let's support all of our ladies
and leave them lovely comments....
They will be tickled PINK..

Feb 5th  

Our ladies certainly made us proud this morning..
Support is what we all need these days...

And who WOWED us today...

Everyone brought something personal
to this hop - nobody could deny that...

However this lady just knows how to support someone in need
with PINK finesse and a dosing of PINK MOOSE...
and the recipient will know how much she is cared for...


  1. Good morning, I am up early... There are some gorgeous projects waiting for everyone. Just finished looking myself. :)

  2. Each day I am amazed at the variety of projects created with your pattern - such fun. :)

  3. Who wouldn't love a quilt with pink moose all over it! :O)

  4. There were some great ideas today for sure!

  5. Great "support" today. Love the pink moose. Everyone is so supportive and kind.

  6. Today's WOW is perfect! Nothing like pink Moose to make you smile.

  7. Another beautiful day of blog hopping! Today's ideas are all sew different and sew creative. Sew many ways to sew our support. Thanks to everyone today for joining in ... {{{{quilty hugs}}}} ... <3 Pat

  8. Pink Mooses dancing around a bra will keep me laughing. What a intivative work of art and pink. Songs of Eight Days A Week are also playing in my head. Support, Support, We All Need Support.

  9. Each day the Love and Support pour forth. I am speechless and wowed at the very same time. A cure MUST be found.

  10. The WOW pick of the day is simply incredible! Love the pink moose.

  11. Both are very cute and bring a smile. Since a name wasn't put with the moose let me take a guess, would that be Joan? I have really enjoy this hop every thing has been so cute and yes uplifting. Have a good day Samm.
    Blessing to you,

  12. love the pink moose and my friend would love it too. She is moose crazy and has BC.

  13. Of course she would create something with a pink moose. I just love it along with all the other great projects shared.

  14. I am a day late but so glad I had time to catch up. Everyone is just so creative and caring.


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...