Monday, February 9, 2015

We continue to Support you this week..

Leah certainly wowed us on Friday...

Welcome Back...we still have a couple more days ...
to show support to those we love and care for...

Cancer has no barriers and it certainly does not discriminate....
It seems to affect us all these days...

as our cheerleader too... She has been so supportive of all of our participants..

Let's support all of our ladies
and leave them lovely comments....
They will be tickled PINK..

Support is what we all need these days...

A very sad day today to our ladies
who have had many LIFE things happen..

WE apologize to you all
they certainly need our support and thoughts...

PLEASE return tomorrow...
there will be more shares...

A tender sweet story behind this pillow...
this lady wowed us more than everyone would know
through the tears...


  1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog! And thanks a lot for the support to all of us who have or have had cancer! Love from Liv Aagot, Norway

  2. Lovely creative ideas again today!

  3. It is so sad that so many are struggling with life issues at the moment.

  4. Yes, it's important to be aware that there are so many of our online friends who are struggling with issues. The projects we did see were really nice!

  5. I feel so heart sick of so many who have to go through with this disease and the family and friends who support them. Very creative ideas and things made from the heart. Support to all.

  6. That zebra bra and story were so touching, as were all the posts today. Lots of hugs to them all!

  7. I can't believe we are already in the last week. This has been such a great hop to support all of those family and friends suffering from this horrible disease.

  8. The zebra bra is very special, indeed. What a moving story and tribute. I've been so moved by all the stories in this hop and all the love and support poured into each post.

  9. Thank you Samm. I can't honestly say this one was fun but it certainly was cathartic for me. I thought about her a lot, mourned her as I embroidered and smiled at many of the memories. blessings, marlene

  10. What a special and precious bloghop. It is really touching. I didn't join for sewing but since 10 days I am looking after my good neighbours son as his mother is in hospital with breast cancer...
    Thanks so much to you and everyone for their shown love.
    Hugs martina

  11. Marlene's story brought tears to my eyes. After reading it, I felt her friend was also a friend of mine.

  12. May God bless all those affected by cancer...I hope all those here in this hop that have been or still are will feel loved and supported with great care....

  13. The stories from this blog hop are so touching. Thanks to all who have participated.

  14. I grew up never being allowed to say the word hate. No swearing either. Now I can easily say, "I HATE cancer!" Thank you Madamm Samm for thinking of this wonderful way to lend Support and think of others in need. Blessings...


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