Friday, February 13, 2015

Walk on over here....Part 3 of cross stitch/ X-stitching any design...

A very cool SHOT.....as it was taken outside in -24 degrees

I would have had much more to show you today, except for the fact
that I needed to take out a few stitches...It HAPPENS...lol

I had completed the seam with one long stitch and anchored it with 
smaller stitches, did not like that...

So I went back to very small individual stitches..the same I use
( backstitch) for the outline of her legs...

As you will note, your right side is a smidgen lighter shade then
the left....intentional....

The shoes the same...I did one of them a slighter darker shade too....

I like to outline with backstitches as I complete each small section...
NOTE I added some thread bows to Cori's shoes...I think hers had zippers..
This is what is nice about working with threads and linens...
YOU can add little touches...

AGAIN, think about your threads/floss as coloured crayons..
YOU are only limited by your imagination...

I always like to mention necessary TOOLS....beside the LINEN

I was asked a few times over the last few days about embroidery..
Yes you can embroider this design quite easily..but if you are thinking
x-stitches you really need AIDA or a linen of your choice to make all your X's.
ON just a cotton, it would be very difficult to keep your x's uniformed...

And to tell you the truth....I find it easier.... on MONACO....
pure white....I think I best get in yards lol

NOW the most necessary TOOL next to floss, and linens, needles and scissors..

THESE TWEEZERS.... there is nothing ordinary about them...

Besides being so sharp and pointy, they are a dream to 
FROG ( ribbit) rip out ....stitches...

Martelli, is the only company I know that has them...
They are worth every cent...

Now I am off to make my beloved one of his most favourite 
treats...CHOCOLATE brownies...

I have all the necessary tools...
bowls, mixers, HEAT....and lots and lots of love..

Is there a favourite TREAT you make your special loved one?


  1. Waaaaaoh, these legs!!!!! Great, Samm, abd the shoes are sew sexy :-)

  2. There you again Samm...bringing a bit of glamour to our gray winter days! Beautiful!

  3. Love your leggy lady! And I just ordered a couple pairs of those tweezers.... I meant to do this some time ago and forgot. Hope you and hubby have an extra, extra special Valentine's Day!

  4. Oh sew cute Samm. I really love those red shoes... they should be red! And the bows....the BOWS!!!! Adorable. It is coming along nicely. Stay warm, those temps...ridiculous! Here we are with the same ridiculous temperatures...only it was 72 degrees today....can you believe it? Crazy weather this year. You have a wonderful Valentines with your sweetie. xx ~Cori

  5. Love your embroidery. Those shoes are just too cute, and the bows the perfect touch.
    Have a warm molten brownie and ice cream at lunch. So good. David will love your brownies!

  6. This is great! Part 2 answered one of my questions, how was I going to cross stitch with only a embroidery drawing. Color it in. Now I will have to check out the Monaco fabric to see if I can see those squares with my magnified readers, and if I can transfer my pattern onto the Monaco with my Frixon Gel pen. You are always overflowing with help and I am so grateful for it!! I hope you and David have a Super Duper Valentines Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  7. Your legs are looking good, lol! My favorite treat for Valentine's Day is white chocolate cherry bread from Great Harvest. Now instead of their round loaf, it is rolled so you get lots of the good stuff with each bite. Happy Valentine's Day to you and David!!!

  8. Nice looking legs! David is a lucky guy to have you baking his favorite treats! I made nothing, nada, no treat. My poor hubby!

  9. I have cross stitched for years but have been learning from watching your progress on this project. It is beautiful!

  10. Hermoso y a la vez muy delicado trabajo..
    Mis felicitaciones

    Besitos mi niña

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    1. Hello Lolly next time leave your email so I can write you back...

  12. These legs are looking marvelous!


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