Thursday, February 12, 2015

Use your floss like CRAYONS....how to cross stitch/ x-stitch with a graphic...Part 2

   Nice to see you again.... Thought I would share with you what I did last evening, as I settled in for the evening...

I first chose the colours from my floss stash ...unlike counted x-stitch where you usually begin in  the middle of your canvas ( fabric) when you sketch it, you can begin anywhere...I started on her left leg first...As the seam stocking divides the leg...I opted to go with a slight darker shade on the right
and lighter floss on the left....

I stitched the seam to see if I liked the darker colour...check...liked it....I have not outlined her leg until I complete all of the stitching...

For the shoe I chose a darker red, outlining this as it is a smaller scale....Think of your FLOSS as crayons...you are colouring with no limitations....YOU can colour her stockings any colour....

 You can already see the shading of her stockings...today I will complete a least all the stockings..
show more a bit later of my progress...

Think of the possibilities with me for a moment....EVERY ONE OF YOU can colour...it is something we have all done since childhood... what is different ...OUR TOOLS today are threads/floss....

I am loving this new adventure.... I am thinking that the only thing stopping any of you is
picking up some LINEN or fabric and stitching...

All you need is a CANVAS and a GRAPHIC....

I chose some solids, some variegated and dyed floss for this project...
YOU don't need many when you are x-stitching...just enough for some texture and shading..

My floss stash is in my sewing studio...all of my boxes are numbered and inventoried...
I also could not stitch without my needle keeper....it just so happens
to have the same rose as my blog....

I am so enjoying doing this lovely pattern that Cori Designed..
If you want to join us it is not too late...details in previous post..


  1. Wow! You make it look so easy! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Samm - very helpful! blessings, marlene

  3. It looks amazing...you are so good!

  4. Lovin' being an observer of your process...colouring and not counting. How liberating! X

  5. This looks really nice Samm. I love this idea....reminds me a bit of my going rogue days...but with much more skill and forethought. I love your idea of shading the legs. Can't wait to see how it looks all done! Ruby shoes.....love 'em! xx~Cori

  6. I also love how you did the shading on the stockings!

  7. It really looks great, Samm. I love what you are doing with those gorgeous threads.

  8. Dear Samm, thanks for your visit. Very nice your blog:)) I will follow you with pleasure!! Have a nice wk


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