Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tea for Two in Applique and Cross Stitch and Paper Ladies for January is ready NOW!

Kisses everywhere....Cori completed her Tea for Two...LEGS in applique..
and you can see her detail here....OH MY goodness....her applique and embroidery
with all the steps makes it possible for us all to do this....
And look, she has a gingham skirt and rose skirt too....

We really do compliment one another....
so what is stopping YOU...?

We are showing you every step  on how to applique 
and colour with Floss. YOU will be wondering 
why you have not picked up your hoops, frames and floss before NOW! 

Cori's Tea for Two in Applique

Mine ( Mdm Samm) is in cross stitch...
All colours I used will be in the pattern..
just a bit of shading...YOU will love 
that you use only a few colours and you can colour
using any floss you like....

YOU will have to wait till our blog hop in April
to see what we have done with these in a project...

OHHHHH Cori, won't even tell me what she is doing...
so I wont' either wink...

More good news...

PAPER LADIES Pattern for January is ready now....
2 days early...That Cori has been working all hours..

button is on top right of blog that will
take you to the pattern too! 

Cori has already started her Applique..
Isn't she looking so fashionable....?
What will yours look like...will you be appliquéing her, 
embroidering or x-stitching?

Today I will start My JANUARY Paper Ladies
in x-stitch....

Will trace my pattern and show colours a bit later...
I use Presencia floss and will supply conversion for DMC too! 


You can get the pattern now and follow along with us...
I cannot wait to begin something NEW...


  1. Dear Mdm Sam,

    thank you for the invitation to collaborate and participate in your beautiful project. I am very pleased that you offered me to do such amazing things with you.
    I am sorry, but unfortunately I can't accept the offer and participate because of the huge amount of work that I have to do. However, I will be enjoying the works of other participants and that makes me feel a lot better!
    Thank you!

    Best wishes,

  2. Love your cross stitching Samm... it is just beautiful. Can't wait to see your paper lady! I am sure she is going to be amazing! xx~Cori

  3. Just bought the lot, I will start next week, when the assembly is over :-)

  4. You both are just amazing with your creative styles...love them both!

  5. Stitching is definitely your happy place. I do like handwork but my heart is still with quilting. I will have to find ways to incorporate the two but until I catch up some quilting projects I can't add many cross stitch projects. I do have some cross stitching from my past that I can show on March 20th. I don't want to completely miss out on all the fun. So count me in for March 20th. However, that is ALSO my date for Tree Birds. I'm cross stitching a cardinal for the Tree Bird hop so I can combine the two hops. How's that for "killing two birds with one stone"....ha!
    Happy Stitching
    Gmama Jane

  6. Both are so pretty. I'm looking forward to the hop and the SAL.

  7. I just bought the 3 month package! I am so excited to begin! The legs in cross stitch and applique are amazing! I love the way one pattern can look so great using different techniques and I LOVE the applique January Paper Lady! This is going to be such fun! Visiting this blog each day is always like sitting down and chatting with friends - I look forward to each post and enjoy them all!

  8. Lovely job done by both of you . I will be looking forward to seeing what you will do with them all.
    Blessings Sandra

  9. meraviglioso, sia l'applique che il ricamo

  10. ¡Maravillosos trabajos!.
    Besos desde España


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