Tuesday, February 10, 2015

still more support coming your way ...

Marlene moved us all with her story behind this pillow yesterday..

Welcome Back...we still have a couple more days ...
to show support to those we love and care for...

Cancer has no barriers and it certainly does not discriminate....
It seems to affect us all these days...

as our cheerleader too... She has been so supportive of all of our participants..

Let's support all of our ladies
and leave them lovely comments....
They will be tickled PINK..

Our ladies certainly made us proud this morning..
Support is what we all need these days...

EVERY ONE of our LADIES WOWED us today..
each one special touches, and certainly heartfelt...
Thank you ladies..it was an outstanding day..


This lady hid her BRA into this giant heart..
A special quilt too as it will be going into a raffle..
WELL done my dear...
Heart Felt for sure! 


  1. Absolutely beautiful projects today!!

  2. I love Marlene's piece....and Britts is just gorgeous!!!!

  3. This was a good day with so much generosity " in the air"!

  4. Today was a great day for support projects!

  5. Each one was a great project today. I'm glad I didn't have your tough job today.

  6. There were some great shows today as we near the end. Love the all and what great support they are shown.

  7. Beautiful quilt for a wonderful cause!

  8. Today is a wonderful day of support. Thanks to all who have shared their beautiful projects and heart touching stories. Only one more day of this beautiful hop ... but the support of all these lovely quilters goes on and on ... <3 Pat

  9. Between tears of sadness and tears of joy I am truly amazed at the beautiful Support and generosity of these talented ladies who are giving so much of their time and talents. Blessings to every Fighter and Survivor and Supporter...

  10. I am late today as I had a dr. appt but the creations were well worth me having to wait to come online. The quilts and other things are all spectacular! Love the Heart too! There are going to be some fantastic raffles coming up that will bring in several dollars for research.

  11. Everyone's creations and stories were amazing today. This hop has meant so much to so many.

  12. All of the projects are wonderful! I am wondering if there is a pattern available to make the bra pillow at the top of this blog as i would make it for a relative I have who has terminal breast cancer--she still has a good sense of humor in her battle for life. janicelashley@gmail.com

  13. Thank you lovely Samm and Pat for an amazing blog hop. So many stories to read about the women who have been hit by the awful disease and luckily so many survivors.

  14. Lovely projects from everyone. Such inspiration from all of the stories.

  15. Wow, love the quilts today. So much love and support going around the world and the stories are amazing.

  16. Tough decision on picking a wow factor today. I'm catching up from the last few days. Some very creative projects and quilts. Lots of love and support shown here!

  17. A bosom of beautiful support projects today. Just gorgeous!

  18. I'm just catching up but it truly was a fabulous day of sharing great projects and stories.


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