Monday, February 16, 2015

Part 5 what goose bumps look like on LEGS in -30 degree weather ..

I was so inspired by Giovanna she is Italian living in Switzerland,
 I grabbed my beloved  and  my 
camera and we went out allllll bundled up in very warm layers
and drove out to our countryside and was greeted with these winter tapestry.......

The sky was so blue and the snow so  white, the contrast of adding one red umbrella..
well......YOU TELL ME.....WOW...can you feel the cold...?

I don't mind the winter when the sun is out, even in the  very brittle cold 
we were giggling like 2 school kids....

Gioavana has a great eye....YOU would think they were identical umbrellas...
Be sure to say hi to her.....

Oh psssssst. those are goose bumps on her legs not floss...lol
Ok, I am still working on the gingham....I decided to change the colours
as I went from bottom to top...I kept using lighter shades of red....to create an ombre look...

Here is a close up....now on the bottom row, I am adding some pink and will alternate
each row with our white....that will create the depth....YOU will see..
( once completed I will share all the floss colours I used...) 

Took these pics outside in our adventure....

( for those asking what linen I am using...
I LOVE MONACO by DMC it is an even weave...and I love working on WHITE
it is such a bright WHITE ...) 
I get mine from H.A. Kidd ...

Back to more winter’s gifts..

We came across this PEEK A BOO barn....He tried to smile but all I got was a grin...
see that bottom right...Yes he was trying not to grin at us...
But down deep I knew he was enjoying our day as much as we were...

This pic was taken on the other side of the road....the sun was facing me..

( all other shots, the sun was on my back) big difference in colour and clarity

Forgot to add this one...some CAT tails..they were about 7 feet tall..
see the bullseye on the tree...dead center..?

 Props.....I also brought along my gingham laminate umbrella..

Now see the difference between the RED umbrella and this one...
nice pic....however the next one POPS....

I love these shots...crisp, very COLD...you can see the snowbanks are about
4 feet tall....very deep...I kinda fell through a couple of times...
thank goodness I had a couple pair of alpaca socks...
and my beloved to help save me...lol

Now I set out a challenge for you.....

GO OUTSIDE and if you have
a RED  or any umbrella take some shots...
send them to me I will add them here
and I will link back to you...

( even if you do not have snow...where ever you are in the world...
this would be so wonderful to see) 
BE INSPIRED, I certainly am....
Thanks Giovanna..


She did not have a RED umbrella...but she wanted to inspire us all thinking
about SPRING in Illinois!



  1. How cool! Love those pictures. The red really does snow up! I just may have to get out and try this.

  2. If we get snow tonight, I will take some pics.. I don't have a red umbrella but I do have one with the funny paper comics on it from the local Newspaper Company. :)

  3. Love the pictures! And I'm feeling quite toasty at a mere -6 degrees! If we can't change the weather, we may as well make the best of it!

  4. Watching is snow ever so lightly here in NC. They say not much accumulation, and then, the dreaded ice. Boo. Rather have the snow.

  5. Wow!!!!!!! Grazie, felice di essere stata d'ispirazione. E bellissime foto con la neve e l'ombrello identico rosso. Brava!!!!
    Hugs from switzerland


    1. Gio
      Ahhhh Gio . Riconobbi la italiano ma tu sei in Switzerland..I correggerà that..YOU sono grandi ispirazione per me ... ho così amato le tue foto
      sarà in visita spesso ora ... come
      il vostro cuciture è semplicemente bellissima ..
      mdm Samm

  6. You are totally insane! Yes, the pictures are beautiful but you could have frozen to death! Looking at those pictures you can almost feel the cold! blessings, marlene

  7. Your gingham skirt is smashing! Was watching some old games shows and one of the hosts was wearing a red gingham tie, it had 4 shades of red! Stay out of the snow drifts, lol!

  8. Thank you for posting the picture. I am loving the gingham skirt. To be honest, I have never thought about just taking a line drawing and using it as a x-stitch pattern. More to think about.

  9. Hi! these pictures are very nice! The red umbrella on the white snow is a nice effect!


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