Sunday, February 15, 2015

Part 4 of course there will be at least one GINGHAM skirt...

I am still colouring with FLOSS....
now I finished one set of legs and I am very happy with 
the shading and contrast...

( I will share all the colors of floss when I am completed...I keep changing the shades
as I stitch) 

YOU just follow Cori's TEA for TWO  outline, and where the seam is..( backstitch) 
which you add when you have done both sides of the legs...

* for those in the hop, you can embroider and applique this pattern..
I am just showing you what one of mine will look like in cross stitch..

I chose a shade lighter on the left then the right...
YOU can see the definition  of her leg....
that is what I was going for....
When I completed the first pair of legs
I did stitch a backstitch around the outer edges..
Just gives it more definition..

My days of counted cross stitch "may" come to an end ....
except when I use Brooke Nolan's designs....they are perfect...


1. YOU can size your pattern to be any size you want....
( Now Cori's printed perfectly on 8 x 11 sheet of paper....)

2. You are not counting stitches....you are just colouring with your floss
within the lines.

3. Now I see everything in my head whenever I am using my
floss like coloured pencils...For those who may not be able to do that...
COLOUR it first so you can get an idea of what you want... ( just with pencils or crayons)

4. I love gingham, so I can add gingham to every cross stitch I do....
it becomes my own...

5. For those who see a graphic, any graphic..
well once you know how to do this and what tools are necessary,
you can turn any image into a cross stitch....

6. I love French Vintage and most of the patterns in Europe
are $30-40.oo.....Wellllllll, now I can sketch up anything 
in my mind and stitch it up...( if you like I can sketch something for you too)

Or we can get CORI to do that...I love her style...

Now to do my gingham skirt...I first chose a lighter shade of red
and did up four 4 x-stitches and spaced them the same distance as the square of stitches..
If you do this first, it makes it easier to fill in the empty spaces...
you need 4 colours to do a gingham, more to come soon..

Today I will add a darker shade , you will see the gingham come to life..
More pics tomorrow, on where I will be  or maybe later today..

YOU can do anything with Cori's pattern...
I am just giving you an option....


  1. This is so beautiful Samm - the line of her legs is incredible. blessings, marlene

  2. Hello!
    I did not know about your blog ...
    It's beautiful!
    You are very, very creative and original!

  3. It is sew beautiful! Can't wait to see the skirt finished.

  4. That is AMAZING! It is such a different way to cross stitch than I always knew. Painting with cross stitches. And the results look beautiful. I am looking forward to how the gingham will turn out.


  5. I LOVE the gingham. It looks sew pretty! I can't wait to see how it looks finished.

  6. Lovely, lovely designs and sharing your artistic techniques is most generous. Just getting back up on the posts and have read them 3x! Love Love Love them -

    1. Hi Ginger...next time you drop by...leave an email so I can reply..and thank you for your note

  7. beautiful !! .. thank you for visiting my blog .. :-)


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