Saturday, February 28, 2015

Paper Ladies day 3 of stitching....outlining and x-stitching the scarf

My January Paper Lady is coming just as I thought , the blues against the white Monaco
fabric is so clean and clear....
I managed to get some of her scarf done highlighting it with a bit darker floss and shading
it to lighter...

Her coat will be a medium blue....
It is still very cold here today, so we are going to watch 
House of CARDS marathon 
and I am going to stitch more....

Here is a close up....her sleeve only has 1/2 stitches...going to complete that and the rest
of her scarf and tackle her coat today...
I used variegated threads in the pattern part of her scarf and just added some lines
anchoring them down in a cross pattern.

How to do the EYES I did a tutorial that is included now with the pattern...

Happy Stitching ladies...I am off to put a shepherds pie in the oven for supper...
it is one of those cuddle in days....

In Stitching heart...


  1. She is adorable! You are doing a wonderful job!

  2. She is a stitching beauty and looking fabulous as it is!

    Have a wonderful weekend ♥♥

  3. Samm that scarf....stunning! I'm really loving the blues! blessings, marlene

  4. Wonderful work, her face is just beautiful!

  5. Oh, what a beauty she is!! Many times faces on stitched people don't look realistic, but your lady is so lovely :)

  6. Oh so pretty! I love the colors and her face is gorgeous! Her eyes are so vivid and life like - I love them. This is going to be an amazing piece! I had a set back today. I had ordered a piece of light grayish blue linen to use and received it today (JOY) only to discover that the "new unused" fabric from a seller on Ebay that had 98% positive feedback had yellow stains :( So I had to dig and I found some linen I can use but I have to make a few color and fabric changes for my floss and applique pieces. But I refuse to let a little set back dampen my enthusiasm - onward to my tracing and cutting. Then I will post some pictures on my blog! ;)
    Happy Stitching!

  7. She is getting more beautiful every day!

  8. Love the colours of the scarf - very pretty!

  9. The blue is just lovely! So very winter-like. It is looking stunning!

  10. Oh my goodness.... as I watch her come to life in cross stitching color I am so much more surprised each time! LOVE your shading, oh she is looking so beautiful Samm!

  11. Love all of your work..very Pretty!! Happy Sunday Petra

  12. Барышня хорошеет день ото дня! Особенно мне понравилась идея с использованием каемира, отличный результат!

  13. Olá amiga,vim retribuir sua carinhosa visita ao meu cantinho.
    Fiquei feliz por seguir-me!!!
    Obrigada,volte sempre e pegue o meu selinho de agradecimento!

    Beijos Marie.

  14. Love the floss you are using. Those blues are just gorgeous

  15. Oh Samm, she is so beautiful and I love the colours . You are so creative at everything you do.
    Blessings Sandra

  16. She is in my most favorite color scheme. Just beautiful.

  17. Beautiful, elegant lady. Bravo.

  18. Beautiful, elegant lady. Bravo.

  19. У вас очень красивые работы и очень интересный блог! Браво!!!
    You have a very beautiful work and very interesting blog! Bravo !!!

  20. azzurro meraviglioso, bravissima

  21. She is a work of art...love it!


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