Monday, February 23, 2015

Ok, so more detail was added...Part 7 of the LEGS!

Can I share how exciting to colour with FLOSS?
( I will continue to photo every step as I colour the Paper Ladies..
if you know how to do it...what would STOP YOU?)

This is what had both Cori and I chatted for months about PAPER LADIES...
These Legs that we will be doing in 

If you join us the pattern is only $5.00 if you don't it is $10.00

Once I saw Cori's gorgeous zippered bag .....I wanted to do those LEGs!
This is embroidery...look at the impact a simple stitch can do to bring
this to life....

Now I come in and think "I want to color them"

And that is exactly what I have done..

Reallllllly , the only thing that stops you is 
what color of floss you will colour them...
I have used so far under 10 colors....
( will share all the colors when I am completely done ok)

Very little shading in the stockings...so you can see the leg formation...
I was going to do the stockings on your right....but GREY seemed a better choice
I am so happy with them....NOW my tweezers were used a bit as I would change
my mind and I changed the shade...but even that was meant with excitement...

NECESSARY tool ladies....

I thought I would have it done on the weekend but with Oscars and everything...
I got a tad behind...

I kept looking at it and for the project I will be making this into
it needed something else...

So I added a stamp border...again, all I did was trace it and now I am stitching
in a simple backstitch ...

Oh the lips...that will be my signature from this day forward on all of 
my cross stitch....Living in France for many years, we are all such kissy people....:)

These Paper Ladies have such a FRENCH Vintage influence 
it seemed like a great choice...complete with mole....

If you think you cannot do HAND work anymore cause you cannot see...
WEll that is RUBBISH...you need some 
READERS, these are magnifying glasses and they are light and they 
are magical...I stitch again because I can see them...

Check them out here..
They are so affordable too!

Ok must run to complete my LEGS....
did I share how Happy I am ....
wellllllll I am !

 ps. for those who keep writing what material to use...My fabric of choice is White MONACO from DMC....I love working on a white canvas.....oh later today, I will show you the colours I have chosen for January's Paper Ladies and I will also be doing the Cup of Wishes....want to join me? ( we could do this one as a SAL)

this pattern will be available this FRIDAY..
( maybe sooner) keep you posted...


  1. That bag is just gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing yours in color. I'm sure it will be equally gorgeous!

  2. The "legs" are looking fabulous.All the colors you are using are beautiful. The whole effect is awesome.Looking forward to purchasing the Ladies. They are beautiful.

  3. Oh my Samm - I love this done in the black! What a fun project this is going to be! And the lips - so very you. :) blessings, marlene

  4. Nice legs! And I like these shoes so much!!!! Stamp border is a great idea!

  5. I love the progresses you made on the legs. The colors you have chosen are amazing together.


  6. "Legs" is an absolute beauty! I am amazed by the colours you've chosen to stitch!
    The bag with legs and pretty women is very inspirational for me too!
    Have a great new week ♥

  7. Love it...love the colors, love the border, love the lips...perfect. xx ~Cori

  8. Awesome job Samm. I am enjoying watching your progress.

  9. Love it and the lips....PERFECT signature for you!

  10. Replies
    1. commmmmmme backkkkkkk and leave your email next time....so we can respond...

  11. Love love love the blue roses and pin dots skirt. I thought I would not love it as much as the gingham, but...wow! and the grey was the perfect choice for the stockings. You continue to delight.

  12. Your ladie's legs are looking wonderful, Mdm Samm. I wish mine looked like that! LOL!

  13. You did lots of sewing in a short time, I am enjoying this serious and cross stitching is so so relaxing for me.

    1. commmmmmme backkkkkkk and leave your email next time....so we can respond...

    2. The legs are fantastic! Love the grey stockings.

  14. Samm, I love those grey legs..I mean grey stockings, not legs))) And blue shoes with lacing are adorable too. Can't wait to see this project done!

  15. Your ladies are stepping out in style with their pretty skirts and silk stockings. Oh-la-la! ;o)

  16. Those legs look amazing!!!! I love the shading you have done with them. I can't wait to see what you do with that piece.

    Those lips are perfect for you!

  17. I love the color choices! The thing I love the most about stitching is that one pattern can look so different with each choice of color palette! I love the gray stockings with the blue accents next to the red - it looks amazing! So pretty!

  18. Love seeing the progress your making! They look fabulous.


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