Thursday, February 26, 2015

January Paper Ladies in the Blues.....I am ready ...today is part 1 print and trace

I am so ready now....I went from Greens to Reds and settled with these Blues...

When I think of JANUARY, I think BLUES for many reasons.....you know it is a Blue Season, everything is so bright it is BLUE, sometimes you feel the BLUES ( sad) but let me share....I LOVE THIS....

This image is distorted....she is much leaner and taller....but you get the picture...

The pattern is available here .....

You can embroider this January lady in one colour or you can colour her in floss using a variety..
I thought I would colour the image to get an idea where I was going with this...
What is nice is you require few colours...you can change her coat and hat say...in your favourite colour..

Print 2 copies of your pattern, and colour it any colour....I chose really only 3 colours. greys, blacks and blues... I will do some shading..and all you are doing there is adding a darker hue of the colour you chose...

Again think of it as you are just colouring in between the lines with FLOSS...
NO more counting...you just colour your X's with floss ...any colour you like....remember to shade a bit.....will show you all the steps as I post each day..

First I printed JANUARY"s Paper Ladies...
I  have a light box, but you can easily do this by taping it to a window 
and tracing it like that...

I traced it on MONACO white...my favourite EVENWEAVE 
* check out how some quilt in Canada ...wink..

Now you are ready to choose YOUR BASIC floss colours...
So far I chose a variegated for the scarf, 3 shades of blue for the coat and hat..
Some black for the boots and pompoms and fur around her cuffs with 
be this Cashmere wool I have....
( purchased it years ago in France, I have boxes of floss bobbins in all colours...)
It is a great accent... you use a toothbrush , hard bristle one..brush it and it looks like fur..
I will show you soon....

I am going to do her sweater in Black Cashmere too...ohhhh she is warming me up already...

OHHH that is one of my fur head muffs.....and those are real snowflakes ...

Forgot to ADD....GREAT benefit of COLOURING WITH FLOSS
I am using PRESENCIA...my #1 choice..

YOU can start anywhere....I am going to do all the black today
and add some splashed of the blues....
please come back tomorrow for more details...
I won't do her boots in black FUR.....nope :)

If you like to join me in Stitching this January Lady 
sent me a note and we will begin a SAL ( stitch a long) 

This is what Cori is doing...she is doing hers in Applique...
She is sharing every detail so you too can obtain the same results..

She is so talented and I LOVE HER JANUARY paper lady..

In stitching warmth


  1. Waoh, first comment, LOL!
    Needed some rest from my paperwork and just wanted to visit your blog, smile
    Terrific choice of colours, this is really going to be a coooool Lady

    1. I just put the post up 4 minutes before you arrived lol

  2. How fun! I look forward to seeing what everybody does.

  3. Oh the blues..... I love her in blue so much. Your coloring tip is just genius! It takes so much guess work and frustration out of the process. I too think of blue when thinking of January, but my girl kept telling me no... I want to be pink! Maybe because it feels more like spring here? I just have to go back and do her in blue! I love yours already! Stitch on my sweet ...xx ~Cori

  4. What beautiful vibrant colors you have chosen Samm - she's going to be so beautiful. blessings, marlene

  5. Oh she is so cute!!! Can't wait to see what you do with her!

  6. This is going to be beautiful! Cori's applique is wonderful, too! Enjoying the eye candy ... :) Pat

  7. You've choose my colors, lol! Totally love it! She's going to be beautiful! I'm really interested to see how you shade.

  8. I love what you're doing with the design! I'm really loving Cori's applique too! Those reds and browns. are beautiful!

  9. Un reto estupendo, quedará precioso.
    Besos desde España

  10. Your lady will be sew elegant with her fur!

  11. Oh I love the colors! I can not wait to see how it turns out. I am printing my pattern out to begin this afternoon. I'll drop you a note to join the Stitch A Long!


  12. Can't wait to see your process started! Cashmere sweater, wow! That's gonna be great)))))

  13. Wish I had you as a mentor many years ago I would have definitely sewed a long with you. I love the colors you chose and the Cashmere fur will be gorgeous. Hugs Sandra

  14. She is going to be incredible in those colors. I can't wait to see the progress.

  15. What wonderful projects! I just love your versatility and creativity!


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