Friday, February 27, 2015

Paper Ladies in Applique and Cross Stitch...Here they are getting dressed for this cold ....brrrrr( part 2)

It  may be -32 degrees here in Ontario Canada
but we are home by our warm fireplace and a good reason to stay cuddled in and stitch...
And stitching I have been doing...

Unlike traditional cross stitch whereby you must begin in the centre of your pattern
to be sure it is evenly distributed....
Tracing  on your Canvas, in this case MONACO( white) that I prefer....
YOU can begin stitching anywhere...
I chose to do her face....I outline each section in the colour of floss I choose
and then I fill it in with cross stitching.

I added some cashmere wool, I found many years ago in some yarn shops
in France...I still have quite a bit in all colours that will be more than enough
for years to come... Accenting her muffs and pompom on her hat just gives
so much depth... If you would like some just drop me a line..
I am sure I can send you some...

I chose a ruby colour lipstick and her eyes....WELLLLLL if those
who got Paper Ladies January Pattern, I will include the details on 
how to do them in a large photo....
I blushed her cheeks...will show you how to do that too..

Oh and some beads to her hat seemed a nice added touch...

The only thing stopping you beside not having the Pattern YET
is your imagination....

I have only 10 FLOSS ( Presencia) for this project...
It is amazing what you can do with so few colours...

Here is one of my dolls that was my inspiration for the colours....
Sometimes it is the simplest things in your home that help you along
the way to choose colours for your stitching project....
She looks happy doesn't she? 

I briefly took her outside for morning shoot..but the SUN was just too high
and yellow to do this photo any justice....

So we will stick with the top one for now...wink..

Will show more details as I move forward this weekend..
Today I am going to work on her coat in Medium blues...

If you will be stitching along with me, let me know
and I will put a list together so everyone can check on your progress too.

Cori is showing us how to Applique the Paper Ladies...
she is one of the very best applique artiste out there..

Each and everyone of you will be master stitchers...

Wait and See....


  1. Good morning Madame Samm. Your January lady is looking lovely. I am looking for enough energy to begin some stitching this weekend. That is the only thing holding me back right now. Thank you for the daily doses of inspiration.

  2. She is charming and I love the way you have done her eyes. Now I am in a quandry as to whether to do mine in cross stitch or in applique.

  3. Your just amazing. I love seeing all your stitching coming to life!

  4. She is coming along beautifully Samm! Her eyes....oh my word, so pretty. The mohair floss, well that is just perfect to keep her warm in your crazy weather! She is just beautiful! xx~Cori

  5. She is looking beautiful as ever!

  6. You are sew speedy! Love all the hints from you and Cori.

  7. The January Lady is so very charming! How many Technics you've put on this work ? Just amazing!

    As per the chilly weather conditions over there, Spring has arrived to our city already! Today is +18 C and almost all the plum and almond trees were in bloom :)

    Have a great weekend ♥

  8. You work magic with your stitching! And I love the doll you used for your color palette. How adorable is she?! Thanks for the tutorial on doing the eyes. It's not that cold here in Minnesota, but we have to trade warmer temps for sunshine here, too.

  9. I cannot say more than waoh, ooooooh, and ahhhhhh
    you are Magic!

  10. Your raggedy is just the sweetest!! Wonderful stitching with your January lady's eyes.

  11. She's a beauty! I can feel the gusty wind. -32, now that I can't even imagine. whoa. We are in full springtime today.

  12. Ohhh - she is looking gorgeous already! I love her pretty face and that mohair floss is amazing! The colors are perfect for January - I just love the way it all looks! I was so torn between applique and embroidery that I decided I am going to do a stitching/applique combination with a little beading - this is going to be such fun!

  13. You got her lips filled in - so perfect! And a beauty mark! :) Love the progress... blessings, marlene

  14. Samm, her face is sooooo sooooo beautiful! Really. And the beads in her hat!
    These paper ladies patterns are just adorable (I've only seen January one, but I am sure all the rest will be as pretty as she is)
    And also I like your idea to transfer outline of the image directly to the fabrics and simply colour it with stitches)))

  15. Thank you for your visit to my blog.
    I never heared of this paper ladies, they are very lovely!
    Tania, Belgium


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