Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Introducing WIPE OUT and how to CROSS STITCH any GRAPHIC.. Part 1

In my past career and even TODAY...
I think of myself as a "Problem Solver"..

Have a problem, I usually can come up with 
a solution ...Although that may sound pompous 
it is anything but that...

Usually it means if I came up with a solution
others are still trying to figure it out...

Take my new venture in creating x-stitch patterns
from illustrations, graphics patterns that 
were not aimed for x-stitching...

Still with me...

I did not want to be paying $30-40.oo US for 1 pattern
from FRANCE...

I love French style patterns but to get 1 PATTERN to Canada
the cost is over $50.00 for one pattern...

A big reason why I asked Brooke in the fall to think
of doing FRENCH influence patterns...
Remember these?

See $10.oo each now seems like a real deal..
and it is....and here is why?
They can be downloaded...so you can begin immediately..
very few European designers do this...

Brooke and Cori and more ( designers)  will be introduced soon 
more patterns....that will have this distinguished marking..

Everything we will be showing will be affordable...
Take this new hop using CORI's Tea for Two Patterns..

I wanted to take her pattern and make it x-stitch..
and it is not difficult ...AGAIN if you have the tools
anyone can do it...

Here is how WIPE OUT came about...as I was drawing on the linen
even after stitching close to the lines...I could still see them
so I mixed 2 ingredients together until I found a solution
that would not stain my MONACO fabric or have my 
floss running...


I decided I needed a Tammy Bra for me too...
so I did this last night...
Again, print off pattern, draw it and stitch...
( patterns below for gingham style a la Brooke) 

 ( update...surprising I did not think anyone would be interested.... WIPE OUT
I am working with a chemist although only 2 ingredients...one of the ingredients
is made up of 7 compounds)

Let me know you are interested and I will add you to my list...
it will give an idea of how much to order...

I cut out all the fabric for this one , since I already mailed these other two
to some very deal ladies...I wanted to have at least one to remind me
how beautiful they are...

This from an applique pattern BRA ( my own) and by reducing it in size...
it became a perfect gift for someone who is fighting for her life...

Now onto my next project....

I thought right away, I will get my light box 
out just an ordinary pencil...( very sharp tip)
and lightly trace pattern...
it fits perfectly on  8 x 11 sheet of paper..
Perfect size for a x-stitch design..

I traced it on some white 

I have selected a couple boxes of floss to begin today my design..
I will be doing the legs in ivory with the seam in a charcoal color
one skirt will be gingham and the other with roses and polka dots...

If you want to do this pattern 
YOU can find it here...Thanks Brooke.

Here it is on my frame, completed..
I have a special project for this as well
as all the ones I will be doing in x-stitching by spring..

This is the rose pattern I will be adding
to one of Cori's skirts..

More posting on how to outline and x-stitch this pattern..


  1. Brilliant mon cher, simply brilliant!! \o/

  2. Wonderful for you and I really love all of your accomplishments. Your stitching is beautiful.

    Will you be telling us how to mix our own Wipe Out, you said just two ingredients, or will that be something to buy? If I had missed the information earlier, I apologize. Hugs from Judy C

  3. We'll be looking forward to seeing it all finished!

  4. I just love this idea Samm. The roses and polka dots are going to be adorable, and the gingham too! Can't wait to see it in floss. The problem of the pencil line haunts me so often, especially when I am attempting a very thin line of embroidery. I am so excited to see how this works on your project. You really are an inspiring stitcher with your creative, and positive approach to these annoying little problems. xx~Cori

  5. I'm like Judy...I got lost I guess but are you telling your secret ingredients or will be allowed to purchase this? I already need it! :) blessings, marlene

  6. What a great idea. And of course, so is gingham. Love the sweet little rose.

  7. I used waste canvas many years ago, but have never actually cross stitched with out it. I'm looking forward to your future posts for this motif.
    xx, Carol

  8. Many times have I needed 'Wipe Out', please tell us how to purchase it! I don't think I saw where to get it! yessewingisfun@yahoo.com

  9. I love this Brooke's free tammy (by the way, why "tammy"? I always calle it purse with clasp lol) pattern. Thank you for sharing! I think this would be the next thing I stitch =)

  10. Yes, I am interested in the Wipe-out. This morning I opened up Feedly to read blogs - which I do daily or several times a day, actually. Low and behold I find in my special "#1 to Read" blog list, there are 10 posts from you. What the heck???!!! Starting with your post on 2.6.15 entitled GREATEST LATEST BEST. Feedly says ALL of those posts were only 13 hours old and yet I'm just getting things that show being posted since the 6th of February. Isn't that weird? I will admit that I'd been missing you and wondered how you were doing - that's the longest time to not have read a MS post!! Sure happy to know that all is ok and it's not you ... it's just the internet in one form or another.

  11. Love all that you do and would like to be added to your list for Wipe Out. Thanks for sharing.


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