Friday, February 6, 2015

GREATEST LATEST BEST -NEW FRENCH Style -Embroidery, Appliqué, Stitching Pattern...TEA for TWO

Calling all stitchers, embroiderists, applique artistes...
we have something NEW for you...
French STYLE embroidery

has designed this amazing pattern
that would be suited for so many projects.....

"Tea for two...just me and you..."

tea for two pattern

Here is the bag she designed that stirred me to thinking of this NEWEST HOP...

It is so  FRENCH VINTAGE, EXQUISITE and FEMININE that I convinced her to share 
this PATTERN with you ....
The middle pattern includes cups and 2 more sets of legs and text are in this pattern...

As we have a blog hop dedicated to Have a Latte in April with Joan cheering....
on SEWWEQUILT, this pattern  seemed a wonderful opportunity for some of our tea
drinkers, something to stitch up for the first week of April...

Cheering you all on this one is Mary from Needled Mom
Mary is a wonderful, conscientious x-stitcher, she has been a cheerleader
at almost every event. It was time to recruit her and we could not be more excited....

Mary will need the following:

Your name
Your email.
Your blog name and blog link

Once you have signed up let Mary and I know we will send you the pattern
immediately... via PDF download. 

What is required from YOU...

1. Be committed, if you sign up , commit...
if you drop out for any reason, we will expect you to still add
the LIST Of bloggers who shared their day with you  on YOUR BLOG and also
a note why you could not complete your project.....
WE will understand! 

2. You are asked to post your project on your blog 
at MIDNIGHT EST so everyone in the world will be cheering you on.

3. You are asked to post all of the participants on your blog
with links that work, so we can find everyone as easily as we found you...

4. You are asked to cheer everyone with comments...
YOU know the power of lovely notes...be kind and considerate
to all those who are kind and considerate to YOU...
It matters...

5. Add the button to your blog so everyone who LOVES you
will cheer you on too...

To all those who participate this pattern will be available to you 
for $5.00 U.S. ( if you drop out you will have to remit another $5.00) 
send $ to 

same email to get pattern too..

If you want the pattern and you are not in the hop, this pattern will be $10.00

There are 5 components of this pattern along with the text...
and you can make it as small or large as you want...
Dig into your stash....
think spring..

YOU can embroider it..
YOU can colour it....( fabric colours)
YOU can X-stitch it...( I will be doing that)
YOU can applique it ( needle turn or machine stitch)

WE want to support all of our designers...
they keep designing NEW patterns for us! 
Let's support them my helping to pay
for the hours they pour into their designs...

Button is available top right of this blog....


  1. Thanks, Mdm. Samm...looking forward to the fun.

  2. Mary!! woo-hoo! I was wondering when you would be our head cheerleader! Sending an email over now. Great hop idea Samm!

  3. Lovely post Samm, looking forward to this hop! Putting a border around my stitchery tonight...hopefully it will turn out as pretty as your button design! I may have to make another! xx~Cori

  4. Yippieee, wonderful patterns again, I alrwady mailed Mary, can't wait to start :-)

  5. I love these and I'm off to email Mary!

  6. Lovely, lovely. I could´t resist this blog hop. I am so looking forward to this
    Have a great Saturday Samm

  7. I have e-mailed Mary and I have sent money to Cori! I love this done in black - oh my goodness, it's stunning! blessings, marlene

  8. Just emailed Mary!!!! Will paypal next!

  9. This is absolutely Darling and would Love to do it but have more questions~ Outstanding Job Cori and Madame!!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  10. Looks like this will be a fantastic hop, sew vintage with the seams!

  11. I hope there is still room! I just emailed Mary. I had a ball a few years ago in a embroidery blog hop you held!

  12. I have let Mary know that I am in for this fun hop and she said that I needed to contact you about getting the pattern. I will visit Cori now.

  13. Looking forward in creating such a darling pattern. Going to start getting threads ready,

    1. I could not respond Dolly...hopefully you got to Mary so she has an email for you

  14. These are just lovely, but I am afraid I would not be able to give it my all. I just have too many irons in the fire. I will be cheering for everyone.


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