Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tammys for all seasons..YOU BET..

This is my fav season - FALL..I met David 25 years ago at a Medical Conference
in the fall, on Halloween Day! 
I had just purchased the print you see behind my Fall Tammy Bag....
It is  a James Lumbers artist proof, he has the uncanny talent to paint ghost images
that are reflections of the past...

This one is called Beyond the Shore...and it has special meaning
to both of us...It is in our bedroom...a constant reminder that our love
will last this lifetime and the next...

It turned out to be a perfect backdrop for this photo shoot..
I kept thinking how can I make all of my Tammy Bags stand out
when the skies have been nothing but grey for 11 days now..

Funny how challenges come up in my life and a SPARK 
ignites towards a  solution...Hence the nickname my beloved calls me
SPARKY.... He loved the photos...but then again he is my best cheerleader in life! 

This photo was taken on our mantle in our sitting room...they really look nice
but I think the outside shots looked better...YOU tell me! 

I am now ready for my next project....
It has something to do with SUPPORT.....


  1. What a pretty picture! I think those Tammy bags are cute! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see the next project.

  2. I LOVE the artwork in the background! (Of course, I have a special love for art since that is part of my background.) I think the bags look wonderful with them. It gives another dimension and adds to the "story" the picture tells!

  3. The print is beautiful. I have never seen a bad picture from you whether it's taken inside or outside.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story...enduring love...

  5. Samm I always love your photos but this time your mantle shot took my breath. Your art piece is really special and I can see why you treasure it. blessings, marlene

  6. Those are very beautiful prints...and I agree, your mantle shot is breath taking!

  7. You came up with a great way to add a background. That print is perfection and what a wonderful love story...

  8. Such an adorable story Samm. Love a good love story, always. How cute that he calls you that. I do love your photos, we learn the most when faced with a challenge. Your solution is so great. My favorite thing about your photos are the sparkles...it fits you perfectly. xx ~Cori

  9. I've read and re-read this post and it chokes me every time - what a beautiful love story! And BTW it's been making a mess of my eyeglasses. :D I love your 'Beyond the Shore' print and your Tammy Bags are beautiful. I remember reading, several years ago, that if everything is going your way perhaps you're in the wrong lane .... I think it's the challenges in life that keep us in the right lane. :) ♥

  10. So so beautiful, all the Tammy's,
    absoutely lovely and very special!


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