Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tammy bag for all seasons day 4 ( both of our designers are UP today)

Eli wowed us yesterday with her SPRING stitching!

With many of us experiencing BRRRRRR conditions,
how nice for us to embrace all SEASONS for the next couple of weeks..

Mary who has cheered us all on for this hop
deserves an applause for organization 
and keeping us all together. 
The warmth in her heart has been a delightful fuel
for our first hop of the year. 

The link is on our side bar for the whole schedule..
 Here is our very creative line up today 
and look who is up....

Brookes Books ( go and take a peak...she got it up..link
the pattern and it will take you to a download....ohhhh my)
Leslie Schmidt will post to IPiece2-Mary
Creativity Amongst Chaos

WE are filled with Gratitude for Brooke Nolan and Cori Blunt
for creating wonderful patterns that will be showcased
on our Tammy Bags...
They really feed our motto this year for 

Every one of our blog hops this coming year
for this blog and sewwestitch.com
will introduce only new patterns, new collections
that you will be seeing here first.

Everyone had 4 choices from each designer to choose from..
WE certainly embraced a long lost love of Counted Cross Stitch
and Applique...I do believe it is here to stay...

Here is Brooke’s Spring Vintage Cross Stitch design
as well as Cori’s Pinny for my first Tammy Bag

If you require any of the patterns for either Brooke or Cori’s patterns
and the Tammy Bag...

Please let us know in an email to 

Ohhhhhhh and of course we have some SPONSORS. A LOT OF THEM....in fact... 
They were more than generous and we are filled with Gratitude for them 
as well for believing in YOU our wonderful creators of delightful projects..

All of our sponsors have active LINKS....

BEAM N READ ( led light)
Brooke's Books ( seasonal vintage counted cross stitch designs)
Chitter Chatter ( applique and embroidered pinnies)
DMC ( heads and aida cloth)
H.A.KIDD ( monaco fabric)
MsAppleHeart ( Tammy Bag Pattern)
READERS ( best readers on the market for those who need to see their patterns
up close and personal) 
SNAP SOURCE  ( great gadget for adding snaps to our bags)
Yarn TREE  ( q-snaps)

Oh my word......, it has to be "Go ROGUE"....Surprising many have some issues
and challenges with this hop..... and we feel your frustration let me tell you ....BUT
I am thinking the lesson today is go ROGUE....


LOOOOOK at what this lady did....She has never even crossed stitched before...
NEVER and she designed a body to go with all of Brookes Summer Vintage pieces..
HOLY MOLY, I am still smiling at her post...She is sooooo funny, fillled with tenacity
and never one to back down to any challenge...NOW THAT IS INSPIRING....
I love people who put forward their very best...and this LADY no doubt did that today...
She fills our lives with CREATIVE DELIGHT...Thank you sweet lady....
you are PURE JOY as your family too! 

It pays to put your best forward....
Many have been surprised time and time again...


  1. This has been such a wonderful blog, they all are. I am back to stitching for 2015 and it has been so much fun.

  2. Just finished hopping this morning. Loving the vintage Tammy's and the Pinny designs.

  3. That "Rogue" lady is hilarious! I had such a great laugh this morning reading her post. I totally enjoyed seeing all the Tammy's today.

  4. I LOVED that post too. OMGosh.....that was so funny and it turned out soooo well.

  5. Oh my gosh, what talent and stitchers! Especially that Rogue Stitcher Cori!

  6. Another fun day of beautiful stitching. Go rogue! ... :) Pat

  7. SHE TOTALLY ROCKED IT DIDN'T SHE????? I loved this so much!!! She did a GREAT JOB!!!! I am anxious to see more from her for sure!

  8. Yeah for Cori! Love how she made the comment, well it is only squares!

  9. Great hop today and Mz Cory was soooo entertaining. Wow is she talented. Her kiddoes too. Mary has done a great job of cheerleading this hop. Lots of inspiring Tammys. :)

  10. Cori"s talent is amazing!! Truly love how she made her Tammy bag her own.

  11. Cori really knocked it out of the park straight into outer space with her Tammy Bag. WOW!

  12. Cori honestly had me in "stitches" over her rogue Summer stitchery Tammy Bag. Too funny and I love that her kids also Cross stitched fabulous pieces Creative Bliss...

  13. You are too kind Samm! Thank you ladies for all of your love and support. You are amazing! So thankful that Samm inspires us right out of our comfort zone, the only place we learn new things. Thank you for these amazing hops Samm, they are such a wonderful way to grow as a quilter. If at first you don't succeed...GO ROGUE! xx~Cori

  14. Cori most definitely Wowed! She also had me chuckling,as it seems I need to re-learn how to count!

  15. That was my favorite today too.


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