Monday, January 26, 2015

Stick with me....and Sneak Peak..

Ok, so it took me 3 attempts at designing Stick with Me Pattern Holders
( keeps your pattern on your frame- easier to keep focused)

yes 3 Designs, till I got it right...well at least it looks good today...
I never failed even in the first ones...I just was not 100% happy with the results...

and I added stick with me on the design...it is very faint...but that was intentional...
and then ordered some  custom fabric ...

It arrived ( Friday)  and we got busy making new magnet Pattern Holders this weekend...

They are 10.00 each plus shipping...
I will say those who have them, ( first and second attempts)
these are perfect....

Connect with me if you want one...madamesamm@me.com
I have 2 dozen made..

and I a sneak peak of what I have been busy at for our upcoming
BLOG HOP this week..

This is my second project...And Lord knows, I will have at least a few
things to show you...

Brooke will be just laughing at this one...again, I have my way
of doing patterns...NOT recommended but it works for me...
MORE on that later next week..

She has been a wonderful cheerleader for this hop..
She has been a huge support..

Oooops forgot to add..
If you are not tired of GINGHAM...
from Studio E...very soon..
I am SPRINGing our Kitchen and French Doors with a NEW look..
Scott is thrilled...lol

I have designed 3 new patterns....


  1. The rose Stick With Me magnets look wonderful! What a beautiful way to keep your patterns handy!

  2. The magnets are gorgeous.. and I should have known you would cross stitch a bra! Can't wait to see it!

  3. You're sneak-peak looks lovely! Can't wait to see what you're upto.

  4. I looove buffalo checks/gingham!! I want to add them to my dining room. It's a lovely thing for a prim girl. Is this a future hop or just a fun for me thing? Asking cause careful planing for me is required. :)

  5. The buttons are certainly beautiful Samm - I love the look. Hmmm, buffalo plaid? Interesting! blessings, marlene

  6. Your new Stick with Me magnets are beautiful!

    1. I just checked the Peppered Plaid and would you believe I met Pepper Cory when I worked for Pfaff, small world!

  7. Beautiful magnets! Can't wait to see ALL of your little peek project.

  8. Peppered plaids and pretty magnets! Pretty pleasing. ;)

  9. Is that a gingham cross stitched bra??? Sooo cute. I always love seeing your creativity. Your rose magnets look perfect and are very pretty.

  10. By the way, I'm still enjoying my beautiful We Support You quilt!! I'm so grateful to you and everyone who had a part in it!

  11. Gorgeous little magnets. You are a very busy little beaver. Can't wait to see all of your creativity. :)

  12. Your sneak peak has certainly piqued my interest! Love the gray fabrics and the new Stick With Me magnets. The peppered plaid projects are also generating a lot of interest. Looking forward to the new creations ... :) Pat

  13. Visiting you and seeiing all you are involved with is Creative Bliss Dear. Love how you created your newest magnets. I shall be "supporting" all the wonderful hop participants.

  14. Those are really cute magnets and it will be fun to see what you've created for the We Support You hop.

  15. I love all the "support" items., so talented and caring you are, I am now a follower! Thnaks for your caring heart.


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