Thursday, January 22, 2015

Speaking of birds...Sumatra and I were doing some bird watching..

These photos were taken yesterday and today...
Both Sumatra and I were thrilled that our Red Bellied Woodpecker
has been a regular visitor...
Seems us sitting on the window bench for hours has payed off..
Even Sumatra was optimistic, she had her legs crossed..
She is a rather large cat so seeing her in the window, you would
think the Birds would stay away...

Not so....So you can see why we just had to have  BIRD HOP..
details in post below....

I was quick to see this RED capped bird fly when I realized it was HIM..
He is certainly male and what is surprising he is far from home...They are not known
to be in our area...more North Carolina..

Maybe he heard through the wires....we have very good FEED ....lol

Sumatra was looking at him on this peak of our very old barn wood wall...

Doesn't he look so handsome..it is -14 below ZERO...
Does not seem to be bothering him in the least...

Here he is in our Pear tree with some wee sparrows who don't seem to concerned by him..

I think he was asking this wee sparrow..."When does she put out the nuts"....They love NUTS
as much as the blue jays..

                    I think this sparrow was showing him how easy it is to land ...wink...

                Our male Blue Jays are not so thrilled at the competition..he is looking out for him...

Here he is  asking " What's with the WOODPECKER?" or something like that...

He  is zooming down for his peanuts...I think he called some friends for help...

They were sticking 2 peanuts in their mouths....

and far in the corner, we both noted our squirrels are a bit concerned that a new 
BIRD will be taking their peanuts too....

I think this one on the fence about the whole thing...possibly enjoying
the sun, warming his belly...

How I love my mornings....
I really do need a BIRD QUILT.....


  1. Great pictures Samm! I do love Cardinals. :) blessings, marlene

  2. I love your narration of the birds story...and great fun with the photos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I want your backyard! Beautiful photos of those birds!

  4. Great photos! I've never seen a red bellied woodpecker ... he's a beauty! Sumatra is beautiful. :)

  5. What a wonderful backyard you have full of all kinds of birds, that must be really wonderful to look out and watch all that activity!

  6. That was just me coming for a visit. :)

  7. What beautiful photos! I love watching the birds, too.

  8. Beautiful birds - I love watching the birds. We saw Robins last week - think Spring could be just around the corner in mid-January? No? I don't think so either. Oh well…. My Beautiful Birds fabric came today for the hop project - it really is beautiful!!

  9. Great photos of your birds. The Red-bellied Woodpecker is beautiful, and love the colors of the blue, in Jays. Sumatra is such a dainty lady!. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Sumatra is so beautiful. I bet she is a diva!!! Love the birdies as well.

  11. Beautiful photos! Thanks for bringing nature in from the cold for me to enjoy on my computer in our nice warm home ... ;) Pat

  12. I agree, your photos are beautiful! Weather here is weird, going to be almost 70 this week-end. California is in desperate need of rain and snow. Had a flock, I guess that is what you call them, of Pigeons yesterday. Not a normal bird for my area. No Robins yet, but plenty of Blue Jays.


  13. Sumatra is so beautiful. Love the birdies so much xx
    Hugs x

  14. I love seeing the hawks around our area. Especially when I am on my bus route way out in the country and see them hanging out in the trees next to the empty corn fields looking for prey.

  15. Great photography! I enjoyed every one of your pictures.

  16. Great pictures, great post. Thanks sew much for sharing your birds!

  17. Cardinals are my favorite...in fact they are the State Bird of my home state of West Virginia. My mother loved them sew much!! I think of her when I see one and we do have a Plethora here in Alabama!! I enjoyed your pictures but -14 degrees is unbelievable!!! Brrrr!!!! I miss snow so much. we are hopefully going to see some snow showers tonight.
    Gmama Jane

  18. I so enjoyed your photos! One of the birdhouses attached to our back fence is missing the back half of the roof. Why? We have a woodpecker that visits every spring and he used to love to peck at that one little section of the birdhouse. (He still hangs out on the birdhouse, but prefers to wake us up around 6 a.m. pecking at the gutters.) We have blue jays that love to spend time in the cherry tree in the same corner of the yard, but the woodpecker is quite territorial if they get to close to his birdhouse. Your visiting woodpecker is beautiful!

  19. Love your post.. the photos are amazing! Such a cute narration. LOVE birds.... I am sure you would never have guessed that....*wink* xx~Cori

  20. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures! Gave me a smile to start off my day!

  21. Funny Sumatra.... She is Beautiful. Enjoyed your pictures :) Janita

  22. What a wonderful way to spend the morning, and with Sumatra as company too. Great photos Samm. I am getting lots of Junkos, sparrows, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Doves and chicadees. No woodpeckers. Maybe the suet feeder I just put out will entice a greater variety.

  23. Beautiful shots, Samm, this red if the woodpecker is so bright! Sumatra is a beauty and knows it :-)
    And I am having a day off felting, sooo happy:-)

  24. Yep, it must be time for a bird quilt ...or two ... or three. My youngest grandson got an owl quilt and guess what was his first word. I hope he was looking at the quilt when he said "owl".

  25. We love our feeder visitors. Our recliners sit in front of the patio window where we can watch the action. The dogs wait for the squirrels so they can show them who's boss!

  26. Wow you and Sumatra really do have a lovely view of lots of amazing birds. Nature is truly amazing and we are blessed to be able to enjoy.

  27. How exciting! A Red-bellied WP! What a striking bird!,

  28. Red-bellied woodpeckers are a staple at my feeder -- always make a big entrance when they arrive!!

  29. The birds are beautiful. Do I have birds? I don't think so. You definitely need a quilt.

  30. Sumatra is so beautiful and proper with her wittle paws crossed. The birds are really pretty. I guess I'm gonna have to go google bluejays. I need to know how you knew he was a male. And yes you need a bird quilt.


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