Sunday, January 4, 2015

She is more than just a ROSE!

Funny thing about ROSES, I was never a fan...
Has a lot to do with a family business - the rose scent always permeates the air...

Until a few years ago...My Beloved sent me these OLD Rose coloured Roses
from a friend of ours who imports roses from all over the world...

I then fell in love .....well with him of course
but also with Roses..

So when I was thinking what would be the perfect DESIGN for our Blog...
it had to be a ROSE....The one on our banner I stitched possibly 20+ years ago...

So I decided to stitch her once again, but this time with DMC floss instead of Anchor...
and White MONACO instead of an off white Aida from years ago....

Although it does not have a lot of FLOSS colours, it does require changing threads
every few stitches....

I began it mid of last week and this is my progress so far...
Having my pattern and stitches close at hand, makes it far easier to stitch then the past..
Those of you who have received your Stick with Me pattern holder, will now believe me
how powerful it is...can even hold your scissors too....

I have been using some 18 ct gold needles from DMC. I  have some from years ago
and never knew they were their Brand.....It helps to  have extra needles...I seem
to lose mine often....to the chagrin of my hubby...( who seems to sit on them) ooooops...

Roses remind me of the 60-70's when many of my friends and I  would go to a wedding showers.
The gift of choice were teapots, tea cups and dessert plates in CHINTZ..
I still have quite a few....Chintz often have roses on them...it was a time
when linens were in roses too..

Roses bring a sense of belonging, a depth of emotions that can fill this page....

 So as we enter a new year, let's be remembered of the senses, all of them, and why we are together....
Stitching really brings out the best in us all...

To Rose with love ..

by the way, I work in 10 x10 stitch squares...this way much easier to follow
and my Pattern Holder can fold 12 x so I make fewer mistakes...
I outline with a very fine marker each block...


  1. Gorgeous rose. I made a few in my past.

  2. Happy New Year! Your rose is beautiful and your new site is marvelous! Looking forward to all you have upcoming. Thank you for sharing...now where is my long-lost basket of threads...you are stirring my itch to stitch that has long been buried.....Hugs! ~Shari

  3. Your rose looks beautiful, Mdm Samm. I cross stitched a series of five roses many years ago. The first one was a bud and then gradually went to a fully opened rose.

  4. I'm loving all the hints you're sharing. Thank you! A beautiful rose and sweet sentiments about it.

  5. It is really beautiful and whatever you create with it will be stunning.

  6. A beautiful rose Ms Samm. I love roses, they are so perfect and beautiful :)

  7. It looks as pretty on the white as it is on the dark and I am sure it is easier on the eyes too! ;-) Roses and vintage go together to me.

  8. This beautiful rose makes a perfect banner for this blog!

  9. This piece is gorgeous! I still am in love with all the Chintz Roses of earlier times, sweet,delicate and feminine. I can't wait to see the finished project!!
    Enjoy this wonderful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  10. I love roses - their colors, scent, everything. So many varieties are among them. Your stitches are so neat, I like your work. Have a nice time with it.

  11. I love the idea of working in a 10x10 block, and outlining the block! That would make it so much easier....thank you for the tip! My sister has always loved roses so I'm constantly on the watch for tiny roses fabric. I make her a set of pillowcases with all that I find. :) blessings, marlene


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