Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I took Tammy 4 all seasons LITERALLY....it is our last day....

tammys on my mantle
  By now you have seen all those I shared my day with....And I am sure there were many surprised entries.... Please be sure to cheer them on....

January 20, 2015

Karamino's handmade her power is back on...
 Sew We Quilt- Mdm Samm

 WELCOME to  those who love X- Stitch and Tammy Bags, Vintage Patterns and Pinnies...
My heart and soul is soooooo grateful for Brooke Nolan and Cori Blunt who certainly saw my vision....Their patterns were such gems to stitch.. ( they are such talented designers  and sweet friends too.)

Before I embark on what I have created, I would love to take this time to CHEER MARY for keeping us all together and organized.. SHE did her very best and should be praised for doing such a grand job even when she was away trying to vacation... THANK YOU Mary....I am very appreciative...

Ok, now back to Brooke's and Cori's patterns...To say I am IN LOVE with both x stitching and applique is an understatement.... but first,  my Apologies.......At the beginning of the hop announcement I made an error in saying it only took me a week to stitch Brookes' spring Vintage DRESS.....( it did but that is beside the point)...My error was having you thinking x stitching can be done quickly....

I think many of you thought you could do this in one week or two, even though we gave you more than 2 months for this project.....Everyone was asked to do only 1 of the cross stitch pattern and pinnie and one Tammy Bag.....  Stitching for our blog hops is a lesson in time management too...

I really wanted everyone to take their time this year and enjoy the process, but I am not sure that lesson came across loud and clear.... Perhaps in future hops we will try managing our project at the beginning instead at the end of the hop..... just a friendly reminder....pace yourself better!

I have been cross stitching for decades...I think what helps are tools...anyone who does anything well as learned to use tools.... if not for all these tools these companies and individuals have....I would not have accomplished what I did....So thanks to them too.... I LOVE what they have to offer!

BEAM N READ ( led light)
Brooke's Books ( seasonal vintage counted cross stitch designs)
Chitter Chatter ( applique and embroidered pinnies)
DMC ( heads and aida cloth)
H.A.KIDD ( monaco fabric) all colours that I used...except for the spring which was Jobelan linen
MsAppleHeart ( Tammy Bag Pattern)
READERS ( best readers on the market for those who need to see their patterns
up close and personal) 
SNAP SOURCE  ( great gadget for adding snaps to our bags)
Yarn TREE  ( q-snaps)

Ok, ready to see what I stitched? yes....good, I am excited to show you...I took the title Tammy 4 all seasons literally :)

So here is SUMMER, Brookes Vintage Summer Pattern had me thinking roses...
so I went digging into my stash and chose this dotted collection and with a silver handle
it just shouts summer.... I added pearl seed beads to her bathing cap and swimsuit...
I loved stitching her... I stitched her on white MONACO .....I love this fabric
it is soft and 28 count....a dream to stitch on... and she is a beauty! 

Now for the past 11 days I have tried to capture photos but it has been so grey...
So I brought out some of our prints from our home and used them as backgrounds outside......
I love challenges...I would have never thought of doing this if the skies 
had cleared up....

NOTE here---my most necessary tool...READERS without these there is no way I could
have created these FABULOUS vintage patterns...
I do not wear glasses for reading but for x stitching, they are necessary! 

INVEST in them so you can see your stitches.....YOU will be so surprised 
at how much you will enjoy stitching when you can see the HOLES. 

Ohhhh I loved Brookes VINTAGE Winter pattern...I remember when she finished it I called her immediately and screamed..".it is sooooooooooo beautiful."...I added seed beads to her train and added angora to her stole and gloves...she is soo fine.....
I added a black handle on this bag and stitched on grey blue MONACO....it just made
her dress pop right off the fabric....
I chose some fabric that looked somewhat vintage.....again, reminds me of the 50's 
of Doris Day in her gowns... I do believe this one is my FAV! 

And Brookes Vintage FALLLLLL Pattern...my favourite season, when she completed this one
I remember her being hesitant that I would not like it as much as I did ...
ARE you kidding me...it has a coffee pot, complete with gingham mug...
and apron and pearls...OH my how much I loved stitching this one...
Complete with a very bold orange GINGHAM....I chose a copper handle for this one
for the vintage look....

And Brooke's Vintage Spring one, well that was  my first x stitch in over 20 years....I chose a soft
mint jobelin 32 count...it was challenging even for me......her bouquet is all beads with a few stitches in there...
I love that Brooke added some tammy bags to the design...Made it extra special..
And if you had not noticed...every pattern had gingham somewhere.... I love gingham! 
but you knew that...

OHHHHH How I LOVED this x-stitching and applique JOURNEY.......
If not for meeting Brooke, I doubt very much I would be back to x-stitching! 

But I am not finished, there is more.....I wanted to do yet another vintage pattern...not a TAMMY bag just a special project with red angora that I had ( special threads for x stitching)
and a gingham skirt. Brooke was quick to send it to me so I could stitch her to perfection....

I have not finished this as it needs a few more stitches....will show soon.... I have sewn it into
something I use everyday... 

And now for CORI"S delightful PINNIES....she had made me the yellow one, which started
all of this obsession with applique and ruffles and pleats.....She also made the green one
for my spring bag....so I made the red and white and black polka dot....I think I have enough
PINNIES now....I just love the detail and even I need more practice on needle turn....

Cori is a very detailed stitcher and she loves it when we all take the time to enjoy the journey...
We have been chatting plenty, what she has coming will have you and your fingers
eager to stitch....yes it will be easier and you will love her VINTAGE taste in design...

You will be seeing more of her TALENT as well as Brookes....

I know many of you struggled with this hop....but can I just say, 
keep at it, it brings such beautiful results...and there is something about
this lovely craft that brings a sense of accomplishment....
It is nice to slow down the pace.....the stitching  journey fills me with such happiness....
and it connects us with BEAUTIFUL stitchers from all over the world....

Thank you Cori and Brooke, I cannot wait to see what is next......
YOU both so touch my heart! 

And LOOKIE here is what  Brooke created ---this pattern --- to thank us all 
for stitching....so I started it this Saturday afternoon and completed it late Sunday night....
I JUST LOVE THE COLOUrs and design....I am thinking of what I can do with it...???

Come back soon and see.....I did not have time to get it done for you...

I really did my best...
I am really lost for words...
you really do bring JOY to my life...
really you do..

our next hop is WE SUPPORT YOU with  delightful PAT cheering us on..
details on side bar...links will take you to the original post....

Congrats to Lana from It Seams to be SEW
She is the very lucky lady who is going to get one of Harry Barnetts lap top hoops..
I bet she will be cross stitching some more...


  1. I have enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous Tammy bags. I don't think I could pick just one favourite. They are all beautiful!

  2. Enter Samm, the all time super stitcher! This has been such a fun hop to follow. Big round of applause to you, Mary, Cori and Brooke. Lana you will love Harry's hoop, congratulations!!!!!!

  3. Your Tammy Bags are so beautiful all lined up on the mantel! and those beautiful blooms! How do you still have flowers? I am so ready for springtime!

    I have so enjoyed this hop and hope we do another one in the future! Tammy's and cross stitch... a win-win proposition!

    Congratulations to Lana on winning Harry's hoop! She will love it!

  4. Wow they all such beautiful bags..I love them so much ..
    Congrats to Lana ..she must be excited..
    Love you x

  5. Love all your vintage Tammys, they are gorgeous with so many details! The Pinnys look great, too!
    The red angora top and the gingham skirt looks smashing, would love to see it finished!

    Thanks for a great hop, as always, and congratulations to Lana!

  6. Beautiful stitching! So impressed with how fast you are! I especially love the embellishments you add to your projects. And where do you find all those gorgeous purse frames? I really like the copper one on your Fall Tammy. Thank you so much for a great hop.

  7. Lovely, amazing and beautiful. What more to say. If I have to choose, it will be the winter for me. It has started to snow here in the south of Sweden now.
    Thank you Samm for this wonderful blog hop. Have a great day

  8. I especially love your Spring Tammy bag, but I am so amazed at all of them being finished and looking so beautiful, as always you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you.

  9. Champion Mdm Samm.... you rock! Think Winter is my fav.

  10. As always, you went above and beyond. You did amazing work with the fabrics for each bag. They look absolutely gorgeous and I love them all. Especially spring. I love the season and I love the bag! The pinnies also look adorable and I will patiently wait to see what you are going to do with that little embroidery! All the enthusiasm I saw this hop almost made want to start cross stitching. Almost. And then I remember that I loath it. I am fine with any other stitch. Just not the cross one.....

  11. Absolutely lovely. But then, I knew they would be.

  12. Wow! Oh wow! Of course I love all of your bags. They are just beautiful. This hope certainly has gotten a lot of lost cross stitchers back into it and a bunch of newbies addicted too.

  13. Fantastic! Each bag has something that caught my eye: The rose fabric for Summer; the grey blue background for the Winter pattern; the orange gingham fabric and copper handle for Fall; and, the beaded bouquet on the Spring design! Plus, the Pinnies and other cross-stitching you did are all adorable! I enjoyed seeing what everyone made for this hop.

  14. Samm I am voting for you for the Wow factor today! All of these are beautiful but it's the details that make them so special. The addition of "pearls" to several of the designs really made them pop. I love this newest pattern, the gingham purse, that Cori gifted us with and can't wait to make it. But your gingham skirt - oh my goodness. Perfect! blessings, marlene

  15. You've been a busy lady! Your bags and pinnies are beautiful!!

  16. Way to go Lana!!! and Madame...your bags are adorable

  17. Beautiful details in your bags, all seasons of them!! I look forward to seeing your angora sweater and skirt project! This hop was a "big jump" for many of us...thanks for the challenge :)

  18. Your bags and pinnies are perfection itself! What great fabric choices and photos! You've wowwed us today for sure!!!

  19. Such a lovely line up of Tammy bags and pinnys! If I had to choose, I think the summer one is my favorite. And that angora sweater is darling.... I do remember wearing a lot of angora sweaters, including wrapping my boyfriends class ring with angora yarn to make it smaller..... remember that? Thanks for another fun hop!

    1. Just wanted to add that your photos are still great.....inside or out!

  20. Each one is just GORGEOUS! It would be hard to choose a favorite, but I have to say that the fall design was my favorite too. The angora makes a great statement. The pinnies look perfect! It was a fun hop and I looked forward to seeing all of the different Tammy bags each day. Thank you, Madam Samm.

  21. Madamme Samme, look at what you've done! You have just flooded the internet with stitched goodies and Tammy Bags. Kudos and what I lovely time I had visiting with all the participants of Cori's and Brooke's designs. Kudos to you all and a big heartfelt thanks.

  22. What beautiful projects you have made. I think I may need to get one of those frames... :)

  23. Wow wow wow!! You make us shine. Your inspiration and incredible stitching is just over the top! Angora, who knew!

  24. OMG...WOW...you are amazing...I love them all...the Tammys and the pinnies. I'm loving the red angora sweater with the gingham skirt...and the black pearls...soooo perfect!! Can't wait to see it finished. As a first time cross stitcher, I am going to stick with it and can't wait to get back to my 'spring' design that has 2 too many rows in the skirt. I will figure it out...just can't believe I counted wrong...so many times. You WOW'd me today...thanks for all you do to keep our fingers moving!! Happy stitching xop

  25. They are all so stunning. Your choices for each thread and embellishment are perfect. The patterns and pinnies are amazing. Looks like fun but a lot of work, but so worth it.

  26. Oh my goodness... where to begin? They are all so beautiful. I love your fabric choices, they go so well with each season. Love the cloth you have chosen to showcase your x-stitching, it is so pretty. So much prettier than aida I think. I hope that someday I can be as good at it as you so I can use this cloth too. Love the angora...and the beads! I feel like the mouse on Cinderella... BEADS! what lovely, lovely beads! I want to stitch up that bouquet...by itself! You have showcased these patterns beautifully. I love how you have matched the handles to each season, it just adds so much. Absolutely love the pinny... your little bird has so much character, he just makes me smile - just like you.

    I am thrilled that you asked me to be a part of this hop Samm. If not for you that pinny would not even exist! You inspire so much creativity not only with your projects, but also with your amazing photos and posts. You make me want to be a better stitcher, and blogger. I just love that you don't let anything get in your way. Your determination sparks such creativity. I love to see it come to life on your blog. xx ~Cori

  27. Oh My! Lovely work, I knew you would do something stupendous!

  28. Oh your bags are beautifully stitched, I knew they would be. (I wish I could stitch like you.) Thank you so much for this hop, for your time and all your help. I did learn so much.

  29. So adorable Tammy and great stitching...can not choose which one I like more)

  30. You really "won" this round of stitching with your amazing Tammy Bags and pinnies. They are all just gorgeous and look so beautiful in your photos...love the angora threads! Thanks for the gentle push to learn something new!

  31. Oh, Samm, your mantel full of Tammy bags are stunning! Each one has it's own character and are delightful and inspiring to see. You are so right about the time management issue - I have learned a ton from my attempts at these projects. I am already thinking of my next Tammy bag. Cori's freezer-paper needle-turn applique technique was new to me - loved it for the teeny pieces. And I really do enjoy counted cross-stitch and will be trying again to get it right. Brooke's sweet little cross-stitch tammy bag design is precious too - as well as your dazzling angora sweater and gingham skirt! That's so you! Can't wait to see more.

  32. Your opening picture is wonderful. Love all of your cross stitch creations as well as the pinnies that Cori and you did. This hop was like a reunion of old cross stitchers. People who hadn't done cross stitch in years all getting together to give it another go. Stirring memories of why we loved it and wondering why we left it. Thanks.

  33. Hands down this has been my favorite blog hop. Love seeing everyone's creations and how some of us went "rogue". As usual you did not disappoint with your creations, absolutely fabulous!! Thank you, thank you for such a great blog hop!!

  34. Good Morning, (Finally got internet) Your Tammy Bags are beyond perfect. They are beautiful. You have inspired me to do more cross stitching.Your soon to be gingham lady is going to be adorable, and the gingham Tammy will be out of this world. I can't wait to start mine. This really has been one of the most fun hops. Everyone put their best foot forward. Thank you for the kind words this morning. (9:00 am)
    Thank you for the kind words this morning. (It is 9:00 am)

  35. Your Tammy Bags and Pinnies are all fabulous! Such fun. I love the way you made Brooke's Thank You cross-stitch. SEW Sweet! This has been such a fun hop to follow.

  36. Thanks to Mary for all her work cheerleading this hop. I am sure it took a lot of time. She did a great job.

    I know some of the ladies did not finish, but I felt everyone tried very hard and I was not disappointed in any way. Sooo many beautiful projects.

    And you Mdm Samm, what can I say, how about Wow! :) I think you deserve it today. Every one of your Tammys are a beautiful little work of art. You truly did justice to Brooke and Cori's patterns. Gorgeous. Your love of cross stitch really shines through.

    Thanks to everyone for their participation. You can not know how it brightens my day and helps inspire me to keep creating when I browse these hops. Thank you all for sharing your talents.

  37. Top of the class Samm. Awesome job on all four Tammys. I love that you set the bar high, not only for others, but for yourself as well. I have enjoyed every moment of this hop.

  38. Oh My All the Goodness!!! I love all of your stitching projects!!! Favorite? SUMMER!!!! Those fabrics are so cute! Oh...and your Tammy bag cross stitch...LOVE!
    This Hop came at a time when my heart was broken, and gave me time to process, to meditate on God's love for us and a reminder that there is Joy in the morning...I am thankful for it, the sweet friendships I have made in our little stitching and quilting world and am humbled everyday by and ll of you. Thank you.

  39. Your fingers had to be flying over that fabric to get all four Tammy Bags completed, your adorable little polka dotted Pinny, PLUS the pretty little lady in the red fuzzy sweater AND the Tammy Bag x-stitch pattern from Brooke too! Did you have to wear heat proof gloves? That needle had to be hot from all of that quick stitching. ; ) All of them are beautiful as well as your pictures. YOU wowed me today for sure.

  40. beautiful work! they all look so lovely, especially in the photo of them all together. hard to pick a favorite but that winter one has a slight edge!

  41. Beautifully done - all 4 Tammy bags! The summer roses one was spectacular! I did so love winter, too. Loved the beads on the dress. Did you put beads into the champagne flute? It looks a bit like that but wasn't sure. You are so particular with your choice of fabrics and it certainly made the bags amazing. The pinny is so sweet - that was a totally new idea to me. Thanks for all you do to keep things bright and beautiful in the blog world.

  42. Your bags are gorgeous, but I knew they would be. Your choices of color are always the best. Thanks for being so upbeat and encouraging everyone.

  43. Your vision is clear and you have Cross Stiched each pattern beautifully. Lovely Tammy Bags and Pinnys dear. Thank you sew very much for planning, organizing, sharing and inspiring us through this fabulous hop. Creative Tammy Bliss...

  44. Our Sweet Samm...Madame Samm...What am I going to do with you?!!! I knew I'd be blown away but I still didn't expect to be THAT blown away with your Tammies. They are perfection. I can't believe you got all four of them done in that time. Your needles must still be smokin'. You stitch & lead by example, that's for sure. I can't thank you enough for inviting me to design these for this special group. I'm completely honored...seriously. Every moment of the design process was a pleasure because of your joyous encouragement and caring friendship. YOU are the real deal, as my dad used to say.
    I want to also thank everyone who stitched their beautiful Tammies and even those of you who didn't. I know this was not an easy hop for many of you. I totally understand that cross stitch is not for everyone and I truly appreciate everyone giving it a try. That means a lot to me.
    From my heart to yours...THANK YOU!
    XO...Brooke ; )

  45. So many pretty Tammy bags. Love the different look of each of them.

  46. Each one of your Tammy Bags are simply Stunning. You are such an inspiration. Thank you sew very much for this lovely hop and my new found hobby. Clearly You are the Wow of the hop!

    Congratulations to Lana on winning the hoop!

  47. You are such an excellent stitcher, Madame Samm, and the bags and pinnys are divine. I love your fabric choices. All of your extra pieces are wonderful, too. That's something for me to aspire to. Thanks for organizing this hop. The designers you selected were incredible. I know I am going to love mine when I get it done.

  48. Thanks for another fun hop! So many beautiful Tammy bags with such lovely stitching.

  49. Your Tammy bags are very pretty with all those colorful handles and gorgeous fabrics. Not to mention those perfect stitches. Thanks for another great hop.

  50. Lovely vintage Tammys. They are all so pretty. Those copper handles are beautiful. Thanks again for another great hop and all your inspiration.

  51. Mdme Samm, This hop has been a hop to top all hops. Your bags and pinnys are over the moon. I adore you angora sweater and skirt, too. You have always inspired me and now I have my first participation in a hop under my belt. My fabric for the We Support You hop arrived today. I have a long term plan for it. You touch the heart of people around the world, Your creativity is astounding and your heart for people is overflowing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Until I actually participated in a hop and am now on the receiving end of the comments, I had no appreciation of the value of the comments, Each and every one touches the soul of the recipient. This truly is a wonderful community filled with people who care about each other. I just went to my guild board meeting and when I was sitting there listening to some of the "discussion," I could only think how much kinder some of the words and tones of voice could be. I wish some of those people were members of this community and could see/hear the kindness of this community. Much of that caring spirit resonates and filters down from the host of the blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations, again.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Your bags and stitching are just lovely. This was a really nice hop. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all that you do.

  54. They are all just beautiful Samm, can't wait to see what's next! :-) Congratulations on all of your lovely finishes. And congrats to Lana - lucky girl to win that the frame from Harry Barnett. Looking forward to the next "stitching hop"!! Thank you again for everything - happy stitching & sewing!!

  55. How can I choose? Each one is so lovely and the way all your stitches lay so flat. Perfection. I'm finding that I keep losing my place even thought the button helps tremendously. I have an eye appt. today so perhaps new glasses are in my future? My favorite is the Black Gingham skirt your beginning to stitch. I can just see you in that outfit!! I love them and most of all I adore YOU!!!

    Lucky Lana...congrats!!
    Gmama Jane

  56. Haha! I am not surprised that you made all four and each one is very beautiful. Lovely!!!


  57. I knew you would make all 4 seasons. They are just breath taking! As well as all of your stitching. I can't wait for my hand to be better so I can stitch again. It will probably be just in time to unpack all those moving boxes. House hasn't sold yet tho. Still waiting.... and waiting...

  58. Oh wow, every single tammy is so special and has its own touch! Winter is so elegant and I really love your summer together with those roses and spring, well it is my favourite, so beautiful ! Thanks for taking us on this new stitching journey with little crosses!
    Hugs martina

  59. All your bags are wonderful. Great fabric choices for all of them. Such a great hop and wonderful way to inspire other to cross stitch!

  60. All your bags are wonderful. Great fabric choices for all of them. Such a great hop and wonderful way to inspire other to cross stitch!

  61. Які милі гаманці!!! просто шик!


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