Friday, February 6, 2015

Have a LATTE Blog Hop....Update with where to purchase.. * YOU CAN SIGN UP NOW...

 HAVE A LATTE collection...

I love COFFEE, (like you did not know that already) ...And funny as it seems I was in my 30's before I had ever tasted my first cup  it was love at first sight and taste....there is something about coffee  that just PERKS me up ....It appeals to my senses like nothing else...

....and according to all the stats and studies on coffee, I am certainly not on my own.
We even called our rag doll "Sumatra" after one of my favourite blends...At the moment I love Guatamela blend, but I cannot see any future cat with this name....

I even did my paper on Coffee during my studies in Nutrition a few years back. I wrote a chapter in our nutrition book about the benefits, I could go and on...it is a real PERKY topic for me...

And speaking of Perky, we have the perfect cheerleader for this hop.....Joan from MooseStashQuilting-  who loves coffee as much as MOOSE...not MOOSE as in chocolate, but I bet she loves that too...MOOSE as in those large animals you see in the NORTHERN areas...
And she can bring chuckles like no other quilter, stitcher I know....She seemed a perfect choice for this hop...

Joan will need the following from you...

 in the subject line...." HAVE a LATTE"

your name
email address
blog Name
blog URL 

Here is the collection we will be working with...SURELY this will appeal to many of  you no matter what HOT beverage you like....

 Clothworks( our wonderful co-operative innovative sponsor)  has this designer I have known for years... Dan DiPaolo -his artwork appealed to me every since he started designing calendars.  Not what you would expect - my thought too...but he has a way with designs that just brings out the STEAM in me....and giggles too!

Most of Dan’s days are spent on his farm in Burlington, Wisconsin. From his studio window he can watch the corn grow, leaves fall, snow flakes flurry, and all the critters that find their home on the farm. Dan is inspired by his farm and his friends. Dan’s characters often begin as a doodle, an activity he engages in nearly constantly, and develop drawing by drawing. He believes laughter conquers all fears and brings people together. Dan hopes that his art makes you giggle just a little!


for the new year...

HAVE  A LATTE! is being shipped out to YOUR local LQS and online fabrics stores NOW....
In mid APRIL we will be working with this collection....YOU can make whatever you like.....
Of course I am already thinking kitchen stuff...I need a new jacket for my Bodum, some mittens,
perhaps an apron or two...and certainly well....you will see..

The colours are bold and bright, old fashion and modern....APPEALS to me....how about YOU?
Purchase a yard or two, or fat quarters, as long as you have something from this collection,
YOU are IN! 

I am also thinking of incorporating something CROSS STITCH into my design....already working on it....

Anyone and everyone can participate in our HOPS.
If ever you wanted to have cheerleaders in your life
to cheer on your creativity….
well you do not need to look any further…

1. Choose something from this collection and create
whatever you like...a reminder here... 
there are wonderful bonuses for those who are in our top
choices for Wow and Creative Design....

2. BE a cheerleader for all those who participate, there is nothing 
as heartfelt as your lovely comments.

3. Please turn off your word verification the day of your
post…you really do not want to miss any comments..
YOU have no idea how that one comment can be a life changer….

4. Be sure to add your post at midnight EST. WE have visitors
all around the world who like to get up like we do in North America
to your lovely creations

5. Please ADD everyone including YOUR blog on your post 
that day, so we can find everyone as easily as we found you..

6. MOST IMPORTANT, commit, if you don't, you have
taken the spot of someone else who I will be hearing about,
trust me there…

7. Add the button to your blog so everyone will note your 
Have a Latte is coming and also
a reminder for YOU to get your project DONE.....
A great gentle reminder....

P.O. I have asked for a list of online stores as well as LQS that has the fabric....


HERE IS A LINK of where you can purchase HAVE A LATTE


  1. Fabulous fabric! I'm off to send Joan a note to play along!

  2. Those fabric colors are yummy. Count me in!

  3. I love the fabric, but could sell here..lol. I am passing just because I can't handle more fabric....as much as I love it!!!
    I will be following along and cheering though

  4. I cannot find this fabric anywhere on the World Wide Web????

  5. Fun fabric Samm - I'm in. I've already e-mailed Joan. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Sounds wonderful and the fabrics are fabulous.

  7. Beautiful fabrics and it sounds like it will be a fun blog hop!

  8. I spent hours last November trying to find some coffee printed fabrics that I liked. These are perfect! I sent my email off to Joan earlier to join the fun. Thanks so much for offering another fun blog hop!

  9. Nothing like combining two of my favorite things.......coffee and fabric! This is the only time I like coffee on my fabric. ;). Others times that would be disaterous.

  10. Love the new fabric designed by Dan, a real perk me up! Looking forward to see what projects you and the others come up with.

  11. I want to play but can't find the fabric...any ideas?

  12. Warm and wonderful blog hop idea! Love the fabric line ... sending and email to Joan and going to have to find me some of that fabric ... :) Pat

  13. As I sit here sipping my coffee (not my first cup today and it won't be my last!) I am excited to join this hop. Coffee and fabric - life is good! Off to e-mail Joan. :-)

  14. Yippiiieee, I love love coffee, I love Sumatra and Ethiopia, so I really have to join ! This is going to be a Coffein-Fun!

  15. Good Morning (well it is where I am.) I have already sent my e-mail to Joan. I love this new fabric, as I sit here drinking my Hawaiian coffee.

  16. Such wonderful fabric. Dots... if course I'm in.

  17. I have been having problems all day, I sent my 3rd email out to Joan. I hope she gets it...I do want to join in with everyone. I do love my coffee and love the fabric to show it off.

  18. Even though I am a tea drinker, I love the cup fabrics. I am joining.

  19. Hi, I love coffee, and love this fabric! I'm playing along, and joining!

  20. I just love looking at pictures of your beautiful cat! Thinking of joining in on this hop.


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