Saturday, January 31, 2015

A little birdy told me I still have time...

We are away and had just enough time to get this together to stitch this weekend...
so I sketched again on my linen.... pulled all of my threads before I left...

I am using some WEEKS dye threads as well as MONACO from H.A.Kidd in pure white...
gosh I love this fabric.

With this weekend being a FOOTBALL weekend....
I can show my SUPPORT for his SPORT
by sitting by him and stitching...
( not like I really care about football...but I do know who is playing lol)

Patriots and SeaHawks...( which reminds me of birds ---our next hop) 
I am cheering the bird team lol

I have a white bean chili in the slow cooker, so by tomorrow it will be perfect...

and speaking of birds...I did note my Red Bellied Woodpecker and cardinals were constant
visitors this week....here are some shots I had taken...

Doen't his plumage show such style....he would look good in gingham attire...lol

Mr and Mrs Buttons waiting for the next scoop of seed to be delivered...

     A family of sparrows, with RED Belly....just love my mornings with my feathered friends..

Have a delightful weekend everyone...see you MONDAY for more SUPPORT....

It will be a SWEEP of a weekend...


  1. Have a wonderful weekend away and enjoy that stitching! As for me... I could care less about football, but I am looking forward to some good hot wings! Ohhh, not a good mention with the upcoming Tree Bird hop I suppose! LOL!!

  2. Have a great weekend stitching away. I am with you, Stitch and sit beside your man showing support for football!

  3. We always go over to hubby's sisters's house for the game. her hubby cooks for all of us and we bring the dessert. the brother-n-law always demands something chocolate so I am doing a homemade Mounds cake... my mother's recipe! yum!

  4. Love where your piece is headed. The sneak peek is great. Enjoy the stitching if not the game. Oh and the bird shots are wonderful.

  5. You did better than me Samm - I had no idea who was playing. :) I love your photos of birds in the snow. We still haven't seen the first flake this winter but perhaps it will still come. We often get snow in February. Well, not often. Sometimes. Well, once in a while. blessings, marlene

  6. Your white bean chili sounds yummy! Enjoy your time stitching while David watches football.

  7. I'm liking the sneak peek you gave us. :) Love the photos of the birds - this winter we have Chickadees (I think they're living in the cedar tree close to the suet feeder) and the occasional woodpecker (not sure if it's a Downy or Hoary since it's neither small nor large but just right, I mean medium). Hopefully your husband's team wins today. Sadly the game starts late and tonight is also when we get to see Downton Abbey and Broadchurch with only one TV. :(

  8. I had no idea who was playing, but the Monkey Boys told me. They can't wait to party with us during the game. Beautiful pics of those birds! Have fun stitching!

  9. We are in the middle of a snow storm today. All activities for the day have been cancelled except for those who want to play in the snow! My daughter just popped in to borrow snow gear for sledding. Other daughter and family who spent the night because of weather just headed home to get ready for their friends who are coming for the game. So now all is calm here. Looking forward to a quiet day. A great day to sew and finish my January projects. Maybe some hand quilting while watching the football game IF I can get my projects basted today. If not, I do have some appliqué I could work on. I do know who is playing only because my husband was rooting for Green Bay before the final game. You can be sure he will be watching the game... If I watch the last 5 minutes of the game to know who won I'll be good with maybe the half time show thrown in for good measure. Enjoy the day. janita

  10. Wow, i was happy to see a sparrow at my feeder, how blessed you are to see what you see. I love your bird pictures.

  11. Such beautiful little birdies....I love that you have such moments of peace and enjoyment!

  12. Like you, I don't like football, but my husband loves it! It does give me a great excuse to sew!
    Your birds are so beautiful against that snowy background!


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