Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What has changed....?

I had some errands to run as David was at an appointment..
I walked into a new shop that had me smiling.
Up from the counter behind the cash register was this 

I asked who had made it, the lady did not know, so I added some notes
to my tablet and went searching...

I found it..
Bus stop by Stevan Dohanos in  December 13th...1952..
He was a regular contributor to the Saturday Evening Post..

What struck me was over 60 years ago....
things have certainly changed....

How many take the bus today?
How many purchase ducks?
How many women go out shopping for a TREE?
How many get gifts wrapped today vs BAGGED or yet carded?
How many smoke cigars in public?

What else do you see....?

I also noted not one person looks very happy for what is supposed

Just another hint what is coming in 2015!

sans grumpy faces of course..

Still stitching, still very happy about this season..

who are getting to know cross stitching for the first time or revisiting after a long break...wink..

sooo observant you  allllll are....
yes perms... very observant Jeanie...
Yes hats and scarves.... Pauline...
and the Duck...I hope it was for someones pet and not dinner lol Kris...
And the wrapping..how funny...


  1. Good morning Sweet Lady! That is a wonderful print that you have shared with us this morning! The expressions alone say so much don't they? My, but times have changed. Wishing you an excellent day!

  2. Sweet print, but could you imagine taking a Christmas tree, or a duck on a bus. Now in Portland, Oregon, many people ride public transportation, they have a light rail line which pretty much links up the whole town by now, and buses that run off of that. But they all look pretty much like almost everyone you see Christmas shopping look like now.

  3. This is too funny! I'm the tree buyer in the family, but to take it on the bus would not be my idea of a fun shopping trip. I love the brown wrapping around the sled that doesn't even begin to conceal it...it's still no fun to wrap big packages! Thanks for sharing this sweet pic!

  4. I just love real trees, but our house is too dry. We use artificial trees since the year we had two real trees for one Christmas lol. You are right...I don't like the bus, I used to ride my bike to work even in winter; it was way faster. Wrapping is fun with bows and curly ribbon. As for the duck, I love to make caraway duck with cabbage, apple and mmmmmmm so good. Having a snow day here today...shhhhh I'm still in my jammies and delaying going out to shovel the walkways...today's timer is the tiny bit of charge left in my laptop. Gotta love the movie channel with no commercials. Have a super day and love the photo!

  5. I love the duck :) Hopefully he's a pet, not dinner?

  6. Funny print! I noticed that the adults were wearing hats. Ladies, especially the older women, wore hats for shopping and socializing .... whenever she was out and about. The men wore them too, mostly to and from work. I'd also say that those women were showing off their tightly woven perms. Fun!

  7. I noticed no one has a bag they are all wrapped boxes ,stores don't even give out boxes any more in my neck of the woods .Cute print .

  8. What a great picture! I think the only thing missing is a grumpy cat! Thanks for making smiles!

  9. Somehow in spite of the grumpy faces that picture makes me smile.

  10. I'm not sure about the duck, I would like to think its a pet. But, Oh how I long for those days..and wonder everyday how and why did we have to advance to the society we have today.

  11. Great picture. Even the duck looks grumpy!

  12. I Love this Print!! You know I remember the day when I was in college, every morning 6 am Train into downtown Los Angeles with the Hugest Tote ever that they supplied carrying long Bolts of Fabric. One could consider it like struggling with a Tree. Never bothered me, always smiling as I couldn't wait to get to class! It's sad when those are grumpy, they should appreciate the fact that they are not walking home with all those big parcels!! Thanks for sharing....I think tomorrow I will be able to start stitching again. It's been a lot of work unloading Nick from his trip~

    Huggs, Nancy

  13. Love the print. Funny, I didn't even notice the grumpy faces until you pointed it out. It made me smile and remember a time gone by. I'm stitching away too!

  14. Great print Samm! Wonder who had to kill that duck..... :) blessings, marlene

  15. Love the print....and anything Vintage too!! I left an email for Brooke regarding the cross stitch patterns to purchase if we aren't doing the blog hop. I haven't received anything. Is there someplace I should be going to purchase them other then her email? Thanks in advance.

  16. Oh Samm...I love the vintage print....that was back when everyone wore a hat or kerchief. I've started my practise mini project in cross stitch. It is called Little Miss Crafty...I'm not feeling too crafty right now...not too sure about this...it is not going well, I'm hoping the light bulb turns on soon!! I've unstitched way too many stitches. How can I mess it up so many times???? I'm not giving up!! Hugs

  17. What a fun picture. Love the smell of a fresh cut tree. Duck, goose and pheasant were not my favorite growing up, and I enjoyed my peanut butter and jelly!

  18. Too funny. Things certainly have changed. Well, except for some of the grumpy faces. hee,hee,hee. This is a great print.

  19. Love this print.. I too live not too far away from a large town... Raleigh... where bus transportation is in full stream... I don't know if I myself could rely on a bus to get me from A to B all of the time but a lot of people do. I guess it is something that once you get used to it, it would be easy peasy... I just hate getting behind the buses when we are in town.. They always seem to make sudden stops right in front of me... and it is my error because I have no clue as to where the bus stops are or else I would be ready for it...

    Our mall in Florence, AL has stations set up all over that offer gift wrapping. The funds earned go toward buying Christmas for needy families. A win-win proposition..

    The one thing I noticed about the print were the little boys britches and how the legs are so baggy and they are stuffed down in their boots.. You don't see many young children dressing like that these days.

    Great print.. I wouldn't mind owning one. :)

  20. Sure hope it doesn't start raining because the woman with the umbrella wouldn't be able to open it with her arms loaded with packages. Great print!

  21. I love the print and the whimsical realism! I do notice that nobody has a cell phone out! Everyone is looking up instead of down!

  22. They all look to be wearing snow galoshes as we used to call them. This reminds me so much of Norman Rockwell prints. I love it. Happy Thursday to you, Dear Samm. Thanks for the share.

  23. Snowsuits, and galoshes, and head covers for all! What fun. Such a different time.

  24. Yes, this print is VERY Saturday Evening Post. It's a great print. I love this post. It partners with my post sharing the difference of Thanksgiving 50 years ago. I'm looking forward to what 2015 will bring at SWQ!!
    xx, Carol

  25. First thing I noticed was how grumpy everyone looks. Then I noticed the gloves and boots, but no snow in the print. I still see people getting on public transportation with many parcels, just not wrapped or in boxes.

  26. Well, in New York City, public transportation is the way to go most of the time, as it is miserable to drive in Manhattan and off-street parking can be more than $20 an hour depending on which part you are in . Street parking is very scarce and meters are about $3.50 an hour below 96th street, with limits of 1-2 hours. And when 3 or 4 packed buses sail right by without stopping, there are plenty of grumpy faces. I need to take a bus across central park to my train when I leave my doctor's office, and it is really annoying to see the electronic sign on the front of the bus say "next bus please." I have seen plenty of unusual items taken on buses and trains here in New York, but mercifully no cigars.

  27. Very interesting and yes it is amazing that no one looks happy at all.

  28. Just now viewing this print/post. I'm a wee bit behind, Who shops downtown anymore? Although, Many cities are revitalizing their downtowns to look and work like the ones in the 40's and 50's. I do love the little boy hats with the ear flaps! I've noticed those hats are back in vogue for boys...bought one for James last year. I'm certain that duck is destined for the dinner table although here on the farm, a duck would end up on the pond!


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