Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tutorial on Using AIDA Cloth 14 count.....

I have had a few ladies who wrote me after working on some Monaco EvenWeave cloth
and they were frustrated because they could not get their x stitches perfect...
They had never ever X stitched before... lol and wink

That is like making a PAPER PIECED  quilt without ever having used a sewing machine....
We all START somewhere... this is for you sweet ladies....

Here is my story, when I first saw X stitching it was STAMPED and it had 
huge X's on fabric, all you did was thread your needle and hide the line......
it was fairly easy, I also used embroidery PERLE cotton, so there was no separating threads

Which brings me to COUNTED X STITCH which  is what you are all doing now..
YOU have to have a couple things...

A good pair of scissors

some FLOSS

READERS.....even if you do not wear glasses...MAGNIFYING the fabric
and threads, makes it much easier to stitch...Check out READERS.COM

some Fabric be it AIDA which is thicker and easier to see the holes 
a stretcher frame like q-snap or a hoop or better yet when you are really hooked 
one of Harry Barnett Frames...

But first let's return to BASIC .....before I ever started X stitching on LINENS like
Monaco, or Jobelan or Irish LINENS....I worked on Aida for 4-5 years..

I graduated from 14 count to 16 to 18 and then I went to EVENWEAVE....
Aida is a great cloth to start this new found passion...
And for those who began on MONACO, you will note this will be sooooooo 
much easier...


I did up this TUT step by step...if you follow it...
YOU too will have some very good X stitches....
I even provided how to outline too...on the very bottom....

If you get stuck again, JUST ask...I will do up a TUTORIAL for you..
Once you get onto this really amazing CRAFT...you will love X stitching...
and you too will be a PRO....yes YOU WILL....

Remember we all START somewhere....

Some inspiration for YOU...
What you too will be STITCHING some day very soon!

Some of these were done on aida, evenweaves and linens..

These first 3 are all done on AIDA 14....yes....
And what is extremely ODD...is I had no idea I was going to quilt
in the early 90's.....

and these are ones I am working on..... there is a lot of talent out there....

 inspiring aren't they? 

NOW what is stopping YOU?

My last TUT for this year.....wink..
Happy New Year


  1. Great tutorial especially with all the pictures. It is always great to have someone who is more practiced show you.

  2. Lovely stitchery. I really like the quilt ones. Wonderful tutorial. Wish I had had this when I began some 30 odd years ago. Had to figure a lot out on my own. Hard headed I am.

  3. Lovely red aida...really in love with your home sweet home. When I start off my first stitch, I take one 18" or so length of floss, fold it in half end to end making it two ply like yours, and begin the first stitch of my x...without pulling through, I pass the needle through the loop and pull taut...may not be perfect, but was how I first learned...love your tut...so very clear (super photos)...Oh, and why weren't you teaching this back when I first started learning??!! xox

  4. A very good tut! And lovely work you did! I so love Paula Vaughn's patterns!

  5. All of your projects are just beautiful. Great tutorial. I wish I had something like this when I first started cross stitching nearly 20 years ago! Happy New Year, Mdm Samm. xx

  6. Your work is beautiful.The buttons are so sweet. Love The sweet heart with the bird. Thank you for the tutorial.

  7. Great tutorial Samm! Are those first ones Paula Vaughan patterns? I have ordered about 6 of hers the last couple of days. :) Today I stopped in a junk store and found an old counted cross stitch book - paid $4.50 for it but it's got at least a hundred patterns in it. Some are small, some are large. The funny thing is that some are in black and white but have color charts with them; others are in color with no color charts - it's a pick-your-own threads I guess. Happy New Year! blessings, marlene

  8. It will be fun to get back to cross stitching in 2015…been way too long since I did any!!!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy, Healthy New Year :)

  9. YAYAYAYAYAY! THANK YOU!!!! All your instructions and photos are great!

  10. This tutorial is awesome Samm. Thank you so much....it is much appreciated by me. A bit of instruction with pictures is the perfect thing to have when starting a new hobby. Your projects are just gorgeous...love em! xx~Cori

  11. A lovely tutorial, thank you so much, I have watched a ton a tutorials and this is the first one that I have seen a start like you did, with the x hiding the start (awesome, thanks). My question is the back of my piece is looking a little insane with the different colors that are required in some of the pieces, do you have a way of keeping everything looking neat and pretty, or does it not have to be pretty on the back?

  12. Lovely tutorial! Your pieces are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for the tip on using one thread and folding it in half to get your two strands, will try this way. I hope you have a wonderful New Years Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  13. Fabulous tutorial! I've only ever stitched on aida mainly because that was the fabric that was most readily available. Your pieces are gorgeous! ^^

  14. Great tutorial it has been years since I cross stitched and they were all stamped...

  15. Your quilt cross-stitch projects are beautiful...so peaceful. x

  16. I love your tutorial, very smart way to start your stitching. Extra strong winds in my little town, lots of large trees came tumbling down and two people lost their lives, sew sad. Others smashed houses but the owners were lucky to be away.

  17. Very helpful tutorial. Thanks! Happy 2015!

  18. What a great tutorial! And the pictures...... I want to do some of them!

  19. Happy New Year!

    It will be nice to see a resurgence of cross stitch. Hand work of any kind is so soothing. The education that you give, at the least, teaches appreciation of our hearts work.

    Mdm Samm, you would love sitting in my rocking chair, feet up on the hassock...to stitch. In the 1990's, I found two matching mahogany end tables. Each table is 12X24. I sit like Captain Kirk in a control center.... The tables have a shelf on the bottom, the legs have four brass lion feet...the drawer pulls are brass lion heads. Each table has duel stacked shallow drawers that fit the all the floss paper bobbins in one drawer, like the dewey decimal cards of the old time library, I have them positioned in numbered order. I open the drawer and run my fingers along the threads, enjoying the colors blends waiting for my next project...I could expand extra floss to the top drawer, but for my purposes, the top draw holds embroidery projects in work..the second table holds other sewing tools. The tables are as important as my sewing machine. In fact, when I am not using floss to stitch, I chose the flosses to help me shop for quilt fabrics of certain shades or for matches of color to outfits....it is a delight to have all those floss colors!!!

    You inspire. You also always grab my interest and make me want to share, too!!

  20. Oh those are some really pretty projects, both the older ones and the new ones. I guess I'll have to get my cross stitching out and photograph some of them to share.

  21. Thanks for this! I needed it!


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