Friday, December 12, 2014

There is a village, snowmen and some holiday stitching.....

It never seems like Christmas until we get our village up..
Complete with post office, not one but 2 coffee shops...
A needlework store, a cattery...
We even have our own sign painter...
It has been snowing a lot so you can see, they are almost waist high in that
white stuff...

And what village would be complete without some mention
of the warmth a stitched quilt could bring? 
Even in the cold of winter these ladies are basking in the warmth of the season...

( I think I will stay indoors under my beautiful friendship quilt and be happy here) 

Our postmen are struggling this morning, they have been so busy
getting all of our packages out... Many are sent, so keep watching ladies...

And our mantle is all set up with our SNOW People CHORUS as they all sing...
they needed a perfect spot....we have 9 of them so Hallmark better
not make any more, as there is no more room. 

I keep everyone in stitches when I push all their buttons....and they sing all their
very different tunes.... it is comical to see and hear, they need some MTC 
fine tuning....what do you say Deonn? 

And speaking of STITCHING.....

I have all of my Vintage Patterns done by Brooke...
I made my stole with angora and cashmere wool....it is soooo warm...

She has them all up in her store now....They look so Vintage
and they are sooooo wonderful to stitch up... They do not take long at all..

I am waiting for some new threads and I will be doing up a couple more in different threads...
the above fabric is DMC MONACO. glass blue....in Canada we can get it
from our friends at H.A. Kidd....can be found at all their retailers...

they are all available in her shop..

I managed to stitch up yet another Santa, since my other is long gone to
some lady who realllllly wanted it ...
( this one stitched on dmc Monaco tea stained) 

This weekend will be filled with baking and possibly more stitching...

I am working on this piece presently, called Enchanted Alphabet.

It's a sampler of the most beautiful stitches...it looks variegated
but it is done with single  dmc threads....the artiste who passed
a couple of years ago, Marilyn, welllll she knew color
and could she ever stitch magic.... Her work will live on forever in our
minds and our hearts.... I have many of her patterns...
Found 22 of them the other day....Not sure I will ever get to most of them
but let me say, they are all so unique and very detailed...This is one of her simpler ones! 

This piece is fairly large so it make take awhile..it has a little girl smack in the middle
and a BUNNY..yes a sweet bunny..
I am stitching it on some beautiful linen that was in my stash....I think it is Zweigart Annabelle
32 count....I could not do it at without my READERs....
If your reason is you cannot see your work anymore..welllll 
get to readers.com ....with their over 600 fashion pieces and strengths....( not 600 strengths lol)
you will be stitching once again....

I leave you with some engaging Kenny G.....
Hope you all have a GLORIOUS weekend....
YOU all Matter! 


  1. It's beginning to look like Christmas in your house! I got the tree up, but so far it only has 3 ornies on it. It's a running gag with my son! Tomorrow it's going to be finished! LOL!! Your stitcheries are gorgeous. Keep warm and stitch on! Happy Holidays!

  2. I enjoyed your beautiful post and the delightful photos! Your snowmen and Christmas Village are beautiful and so are your stitched pieces .... how do you find the time to do all this. lol

  3. Your stitchings look beautiful and Brooke's patterns are just amazing! Love your village!

  4. You do such lovely work. I started stitching my vintage pattern. Using 28 count....driving me nuts since I am new to this. I think I will start over with something a little larger. I haven't gotten too far into it. I just felt cross eyed last night. However I do think it looks better using 28. I will save this fabric and after I get the "real" hang of it I will do something again with it.

  5. Your new header is MOST AWESOME ! You've been sew very busy decorating and stitching...I need to get on the Christmas Ball ! HO HO HO

  6. Oh, your village and header are delightful. That is quite the snowstorm they are having. I need to go find my Hallmark snowmen, I knew I was missing something. We have one, that has 3 snowmen that dance & sing, I think. :)

  7. Hole Moley Samm! You are a fast stitcher! Can't believe you have all of that done....sew gorgeous, the stole/dress, and love the variegated thread on the Santa hat... and the alphabet. That is going to be just beautiful when you finish it up! All that stitching AND you have your decorating done too? You must find time in the day that I sure can't. Love your village, it is so neat that you can see through the windows into the houses, haven't seen that before. Your snowman chorus is especially cute, and the new banner....perfect. It is amazing all you have accomplished, you are such an inspiring lady Samm. All my best, xx~Cori

  8. I love your blog! it is with excitement that I click to open a new post from you and it is always a treat. Your stitching and sewing is just beautiful, you have an eye for design and taking photos. I love your little village and when I look at it I wish that I had the space to display one. Thanks for sharing your talents and beauty with the rest of us!...and thanks for Kenny G too!

    1. HI Kathleen ..so nice to see you.. perhaps next time add your email so I can forward a message back to you ...

  9. Lovely Christmas decor. You are indeed a fast stitcher. I love the alphabet you are doing. So pretty.

  10. How festive! What an amazing village, Samm! Lots of wonderful details and sure hope our winter doesn't bring that much snow. ;o) Your snowman choir has me smiling - such a jolly collection.

    Looks like you're stitching up a storm. ;o) Brooke's patterns are certainly charming and beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Oh my! Her patterns turned out REALLY VOGUE! You are smoking those stitching skills you have! Look at all those lovelies...You said your little pins really do make the difference in time! They MUST!
    Have a wonderful weekend to you as well!

  12. Ho, Ho,Ho, Your Village is absolutely Gorgeous!! Oh earlier times when so many worked so much harder without today's technologies. And UPS just made another delivery here today, it's been a busy season. I Love your stitching projects the colors are so delightful. I bought a Vintage Christmas Santa scene the other day to work on through out the coming year to be ready for next. Tree is up, hubby is decorating it today(he is the best at getting those decorations in sync). I am packaging and shipping Gifts today, one sweet one coming your way too!

    Stay cozy and have a Wonderful week end!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  13. Your village is beautiful, Mdm Samm. I love all your snowmen too. So much beautiful stitching is happening at your place.

  14. What a gorgeous village, and your stitching is great as well.

    1. hi LInda..thanks for popping in..next time leave an email so I can return with a note

  15. Oh,love your village! The patterns all look fabulous. Your stitching is beautiful as ever,happy baking this weekend!

    A quick question about adia cloth,what number should I/we be using? Is 14 good or not?

  16. Love your Santa. Your village is wonderful. . Love those snowmen. You share the heart of the season. You are amazing.

  17. I love those letters Samm - really beautiful. And I adore Santa! I believe I could do him too - he's more my size. The big projects are overwhelming but he's perfect. :) I'm making steady progress on Winter. I'm working on the present now with only the snowflakes to go. blessings, marlene

  18. Wonderful stitcheries Samm. That alphabet is so ornate. Love your Christmas decor. I don't have a village, but my snowmen are spreading to every room in the house. Glad I'm not the only adult who likes to push all the buttons!

  19. I love the village. I haven't put mine up for 8 years now.... no place to display it in this house but maybe in Illinois. :) Beautiful stitchery!

  20. After seeing all the snow, I need to add more to my village! Have a wonderful weekend. P.S. I love Kenny G! J & D

  21. Your snow village is lovely Samm. And your snow chorus so cute. Glad you are getting some baking and stitching in :)

  22. What a delight to glimpse into your Christmas Village life ... and your snowmen ...a joy to hear, I am sure :) :) :) Thank you again for sharing and I wish you a wonderfully warm and happy weekend!

  23. Do you ever sleep, Madam Samm? I loved seeing all of your stitching. Your Christmas decorating looks so pretty.

  24. Your snow village is awesome! I am sure there is a sheep somewhere hiding in all that fluffy snow! hee..hee..

  25. I finally figured out how you get so much done. You're really Samantha from the old television comedy "Bewitched". All you have to do is twitch your nose and everything is done. ; ) Your Christmas village is beautiful and all of your Snow People are so adorable. Love the alphabet stitching you're working on. Would love to see it when it's complete.

  26. Wow, another cross stitch finished? You are good! Your village is adorable! I always admired them. I just love your Vintage projects and themes. I just pit a 1929 Chevy pickup in the quilt I finished. Old days and times seem to fit in everywhere.

  27. Love the stitched little Santa!!!

  28. You village is so inviting and and pretty. All those snowmen... I'm sure Hallmark will make more. You may need more space. You are a wonder at stitching. I wish I could cross stitch half as well as you...

  29. You are so fast on your cross stitch! It´s lovely! And I LOVE your snowpeople :-) Also the village.....it looks like Christmas at your home,

  30. I have the enchanted alphabet hanging on my wall in my office...love it! Nice to see some cross stitch being done again!

  31. I'm playing catch up tonight before another hectic few days,begin! Your village looks so inviting! I have started over with mine. They are so much fun!!
    I have to admit I did not pick up doing cross stitch as easily as I thought I would! It :-) been 30 years since I last did any! Mine does not look nearly as near and well done as yours!!!


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