Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The year was 1984, this may inspire YOU...well at least keep you in stitches..

WE all start somewhere...Whether you are new to Cross Stitching or picking it up
again after a break. I thought this might inspire you...

These were Precious Moments patterns...I think they all came from a booklet. 

These were some of my very first counted cross stitch, 30 years ago.
Prior to that, I had done plenty of cross stitch pieces that were stamped..
all you did was make crosses....

These were counted cross stitch patterns, because you add to count your stitches...

I found these recently in my hope chest, had not seen them in decades..
I made them all for my wee tots....

Nobody had shared that you did not need to stitch with 3-4 strands...
( which is what I did here) I know better now so I only use 2....

Nobody told me, that you had to be sure your stitches all went the same way?
( I do that now) 
Nobody told me when you make a mistake you do not need to take out the stitches...
( I am known to take out rows, to be sure it all lays nicely)

Now someone did tell me to date them.... ( I am so glad I did)
30 years ago.....I still remember where I was when I stitched these...
I lived in Toronto at 
Broadview and Mortimer...I was at University
studying bio-chemistry. 

I found cross stitching helped me to concentrate more...
MORE on my studies then by stitches however lol...

I believed in Miracles then and NOW.....I love that I have picked
up cross stitching all over again....

Many of you will find how wonderful it is, how it calms you down,
how it forces you to relax...and you know one of the BEST benefits...
It actually increases your memory...( more on that later) 

Will you look at my back...oh my....I have to say my backs look 
as neat as my fronts today....

I am actually proud to say, I graduated from Aida cloth...( still like the black, when doing vintage pieces) but I love linens, such as jobelan, monaco, even weave.....
I love that I can stitch for hours using my readers and I am sooooooo relaxed..

I know some of you don't think that just YET...but it will come...I promise you that....
YOU will wonder why it took you so long to cross stitch...

That other lady is still asking me " when will this relax me?'
she is so funny! 

SQUIRREL...we interrupt this post for a moment to say HI....
WE have quite a few that have made friendly these days...

Ohhhh another one I am completing....I just have to finish the rolllllll of her dress.
She is soo beautiful and quite large..... this has kept me busy the last 2 weeks...

She was to have these large wings....I did not add those...
I have changed her quite a bit, as far as colours..
something that is nice when you have been stitching for this many years..
YOU know you don't have to follow the pattern...
YOU can make it your own lol

Welll that I am doing and I just LOVE HER! 
I am not making her into a stocking...
I am actually thinking something else....

Ahhhhh one of my favourite ornaments...reminds me of a colleague of mine
called ED. He always wanted a red truck, so one year, I found these music
globes and I purchase 3 of them...ONE for another colleague for the reason,
when we bring it out every Christmas -we will be reminded of a wonderful relationship
and how much we mean to each other...

Just a share! 

YOU so matter too!

 and all I want for Christmas...
WElllll Micheal says it better in this rendition....x


  1. What beautiful stitching you do. Love to see it. The Angel is wonderful. Have brought my stitching out. It is fun in the evenings.

  2. I started cross stitching in 1984 when I was pregnant and on bed rest. It is relaxing when you have the right tools.

  3. Oh my goodness Madame! Most every one of my cross stitching projects before I began quilting were precious moments ... I believe I have more PM cross stitch patterns than I do quilt patterns... and that's saying a lot! Beautiful stitching and I thank you for encouraging me back into a hobby I loved for so long!

  4. Love the Alma Lynne cross stitch, I do believe that I still have some of her older patterns.

  5. Oh wow, I am so new to it and find it is quite work,lol! Of course I did not listen and didn't take a aida fabric as I had none at home. But ...it slowly grows, stitch by stitch. Hopefully one day I will enjoy it as much as you do and make such wonderful patterns. I adore this angel. Beautiful!
    Hugs Martina

  6. Very sweet. Glad it relaxes you, relax away. It's been a long time since I stitched. Good memories 1984.

  7. Samm that angel might be the most beautiful thing ever! And yes, I did several of those Precious Moments pieces. :) My back is nowhere as neat as yours! blessings, marlene

  8. Beautiful cross stitch! I too did a lot of it in years past...sampler when my daughter was born 32 years ago and I have several cross stitched Christmas pictures in my livingroom. Love the memories!

  9. That angel is so pretty :) I am coming along on my cross stitch and the back was looking as good as the front but last night something went wrong and now I am very glad to put my first cross stitch on a Tammy so no one will ever know what the back looks like...brilliant!

  10. Lovely post, Mdm Samm. I remember when I first started cross stitching, I really had no idea but I fell in love with a pattern of lots of cats on a picket fence. I ended up buying it and was so pleased with it when finished.

  11. I have picked up stitching again this year and really enjoy it. I still do Aida but maybe 2015 will bring more adventures in my work. I love your wingless angel.

  12. I love your cross stitch! Thanks for sharing, they are so cute, even if they aren't perfect. We all have to start somewhere right?!

  13. I have stitched so very many pieces, large and small. I made 25 small snowmen for co-workers one year. And Santas another year. I started quilting which took over most of my time, but I have never stopped cross stitching. I do find it very relaxing. I have to confess that I have stitched some Precious Moments pieces. And I stitched for a while before I learned that all my stitches should go in the same direction. oops. Your stitching is beautiful.

  14. You know without the wings and with the wonderful magic wand I'm thinking that angel looks just like you Madam Sam!

    1. Rosemary B here: ^ ^
      Yes, this is very true I I

  15. I can't say for sure, but I do believe that I might have that Precious Moments chart book in my stash. ;) I've cross stitched for decades... kind of off and on. I usually have one project ready to pick up when there is a spare moment. Most of my cross stitch projects were made as gifts over the years and are long gone. Love your angel... she'll be just gorgeous on whatever you make. Happy stitching!

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  16. Rosemary B here:
    Your stitching is perfect, just like YOU! :-)
    I made a label for a quilt last week... embroidered. Oh my, it was not pretty, but I used lots of colors and
    that kind of distracts the deft experts from looking too closely... right? Well, after that small project was completed, I packed up the floss and needles in a flash.
    Cross stitch... i only have one project I want to do one day, 12 days of Christmas ornaments from Williamsburg.... I will find them, ....later
    Happy Tuesday dear Missie Samm

  17. I am finding this stitching thing a little more relaxing, but I'm soooo slow and my back looks just like those in your photos. Definitely not neat and tidy! Love that angel...she's gorgeous!

  18. What a wonderful post and the minute I saw the Precious Moment I had to stop over! I also did many of the Precious Moments counted cross-stitch and did them on 22 count linen. Wish my eyes were still that good! Where does the time go??????

  19. I learned to cross stitch in 7th grade Home Economics. But seriously took a hand to it when I was 19. A few years ago I had to lay the larger more intricate designs down because it made my eyes tired after about an hour. If I cross stitch now, it is always small projects so I was so happy you thought up the Tammy Bag hop with embroidery. I hire my larger pieces done by a friend in Montana. She is an expert cross stitcher. You could just about frame the piece with the back showing.

    I adore that angel piece you are working on! I have to look her up! My friend may have a new job! :)

  20. Oh I Love this Post! I actually started CCS in 1984, laying in a cast from the waist down I needed something to do...to learn better occupies my mind. My Hubby brought me a CCS busy Country Town to do, and I loved the challenge of every minute of it. The Angel is radiantly Gorgeous!! I know the project you include her in will be absolutely stunning!! I have taken all your CCStitching notes quite seriously and my backs are all looking good as I got back into it. I am a ripper too, seams, yarn, thread, if it isn't have the look it should, I re do it that way. One last note, I changed the colors on the entire Nursery Set I am working on, Nobody said I couldn't, so I did! ....wink...So very happy you wrote a post today!!
    Happy Merry Huggs,

  21. It's fun to look over those memory pieces. I have a few too. I started cross stitching in 1990 and I happy to say I've moved up from Aida too. You crack me up about your backs. It looks fine to me. I don't really care what my backs look like. If it looks good great, if it don't....it don't. lol

  22. Lovely work Samm...such an eye catching angel! I remember the precious moments too, but didn't do those back then. I have none of the pieces I did back then, I had no camera, and everything was a gift. I didn't keep even one piece for myself lol.

  23. Your stitchings is phenominal!!! And is there anything Michael doesn't do well? :)

  24. OH MY GOSH! That Angel without the wings is AWESOME! I LOVE HER! She reminds me of a QUEEN! :) And I too started with the Precious Moments counted cross stitch. I stitched a couple of the very same ones. And no one told me the stitches were suppose to go all the same way either. Not sure when and how I figured that out but so glad I finally did. Grandma always said the back should look as good as the front on her embroidery but mine doesn't necessarily. That's okay most of the time though. Just happy the front looks good sometimes!

  25. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was doing the same Precious Moments pictures in 1984. I still have all my patterns also. I have started to do cross stitching again after putting it all away in the early 90's (I have actually finished some projects that were started in the 80's and 90's). Thanks for reminding me to put a date and my initials on my projects that I have just finished.

  26. Your angel is fabulous! Sort of back on line, at least your site, lol!

  27. I have been cross stitching for 30 years too and still love it. The angel is gorgeous and one I will have to look out for, although not everything comes to England. Happy stitching. x

  28. I did a lot of Precious Moments Cross Stitch too. You're work is beautiful as always and I've just recently started stitching again...you're right. it's very relaxing even though I need readers now too!!

  29. Your angel is sooo beautiful, this is going to be great!!! And I do not want to show you the backs of my stitching..... lol
    The magazine is on its way to my house, I will let you know as soon as I have received it, Samm!

  30. I could have written this post about all of the things I did not know when I first started cross stitching. We did all of those crazy stamped projects using so many strands of thread. I LOVE your angel stocking. That is going to be gorgeous! The stitching is so relaxing and calming during the busy days we lead.

  31. Wow, your stitching is gorgeous! It was in the early 80's when I was a cross stitching maniac too. I bet if I dug deep enough in the "vault" I would find those Precious Moments patterns! Oh those were the days! I love the Angel stocking! She is gorgeous!

  32. Love the angel!!!! I still have some Precious Moments x-stitches that I made in the 80's. I made pillows and just re-puposed one into a pillow "sleeve".

    1. thank you for your lovely note.....please leave email you are no reply?

  33. Your angel is beautiful. You are so fast at these stitches. I find it very relaxing, but I have not the speed. I am a sllllooowww stitcher. I think I made a couple of the Precious Moments projects, too. Fun memories.

  34. I enjoyed this post so much! I've been a stitcher for many years and get excited when I look at all the wonderful designs that are available.


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