Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Rush is really on...UPDATE POST

Clearly things have changed .....first the price of magazines in 1936 ...they cost 5 cents.... ( and no I am not even close to being that aged...lol) My grandparents were! 

Everything else....wellll not so...we are still dragging hubbies out to carry parcels. ( well at least I do)
ok, I NEVER had any of my children behave like this... we never had any meltdowns...
( publicly anyway) 
I was from the era when children were seen and not heard....( clearly not a view that is shared today)

I was in Michaels the other day where this wee boy was trying out to be a SOPRANO in some
upcoming choir, because he could have shattered glass with those NOTES.......lol

This Madame still wears hats ( always fur head bands, this week, I have my red and white and black one with me to match my checkered cape....and David has not a fedora or what was once referred to as a trilby, he has baseball caps...

I still carry a note book for my LIST, David puts everything on his iPhone! 

Tis' the Season .....Yes it is ....T'is the season for hints and clues...
yes there is a reason why I am pulling out these "vintage" prints...

I have been busy behind the scenes brewing up a few stitches 
and pulling fabric choices for a few surprises...

Soon, I will be able to reveal what is right around the corner...
Just be careful you don't run into this family....
but I think you will no doubt hear them....

I am pouring my first cup this morning,
and I have a toasted bagel with cinnamon cream cheese
calling me....


As many of you embark in CROSS STITCHING
and  you are having to think of where to put your  pattern, 
I came up with these STICK WITH ME -pattern holders...
( design patent pending) 

Many of you have already ordered...and "WE" the girls and I are very grateful.

Trying to find the perfect Magnets has proven to be a very costly adventure...
Many were toooo weak, and some TOOOOOOO Strong...

So what to do with the STRONG ONES, they already cost far too much to return,
and took forever to arrive...

Soooooo until I run out of these VERY STRONG MAGNETS,
STICK WITH ME....pattern holders....

I got to thinking...(* OH OHHHHHHH) 

I know but you just might like these...

WE made up 4 dozen in these REAL FUR- stick with me pattern holders
 ( I have a friend who repurposes fur,
where I get all my fur head bands, photo of me wearing one on the sidebar)

WE have them in 

 #1 RED
#4 TAN

Perfect gift for you for CHRISTMAS.
Who else will have one of these.....ONLY YOU...?

$20.00 US ( shipping included) 
Alllll hand sewn with special threads and 
2 magnets, one inside and one outside...

order at  paypal. 

21 sold already..
27 left

They certainly are festive, unique and certainly
OOAK ( one of a kind)

If you want one let us know asap
so we can get them into the mail today or tomorrow....

Working on Brooks Vintage WINTER-I am doing it on this blue/grey MONACO
by DMC...ohhhh it is sooooo pretty...

So in the mail for those 4 dozen who want one....

WE will not be making any more....
no more STRONG magnets, no more FUR..

off to some appointments with David...


  1. Another funny illustration! I've seen a few scenes like that in the stores too lately!

  2. I enjoyed reading you post and it made me smile...

  3. Actually, I prefer to shop by myself. My ds did have one meltdown in public...he was about 3. Right there on the floor in the middle of a crowded mall. Mortified! Spread out on the floor with arms and legs flailing...your Mr. Scream had nothing on the sound of this boy! I stood there, watched him for all of about 1 minute and calmly repeated to him, that no, he was not getting what he wanted...no is no. A very nice lady walked over, told me to hang in there you're doing well, then leaned over and told my son to listen to his mother. Phew...she made me feel so much better in an instant. I asked him if he was done now, it was time to go home. He got up and off we went. Never had a repeat. When mom says no...she means it!

  4. I'm enjoying your illustrations and posts .... they make me nostalgic for the past when Christmas and it's preparations were enjoyed and not the rat race it is today that must be endured. Enjoy vs endure .... enjoy has a nicer ring. :)

  5. Good morning MaDear ... so very enjoy your illustrations and makes me wish for those "vintage" times! I like the mental image of you in your hat with your DH assisting you with packages as you two are out and about :) I wish you a wonderful, better day and happy stitching!!

  6. Good Morning to you and yours! Such a fun picture.... I was blessed with never having a public meltdown with my dd's although they may have wanted to once or twice. The 'snap of the fingers' was mightier than the sword in public reminding them what may possibly come to them in private when we arrived home. Times seemed so much simpler when my girls were small. I miss them dearly. Wishing you a wonderful day.

  7. That bagel sounds yummy. :) I'm thankful my children never had tantrums in public though I do admit to a few in private. Sometimes I just want to go pick up the little one when they start that but I think the mamas would have my head. I'm with David - keep my list on my phone. :) blessings, marlene

  8. Good Morning, this is a scene I have only ever seen in print. No Meltdowns here either, I think our area does similar things. I am a List carrier where Nick like David is all tech, Nick always carries packages and never forgets to open any door, to this day my Son in laws do this very practice too. Anxious to see whats around the corner in 2015!! Around the corner here your bound to bump into a wrapped present..could be baby or Christmas, a box of bulbs, etc. You can surely tell Hubby is home!! Today the little ones are coming to do some Holiday baking with Mimmie, so I better get a movie on here~

    Have a wonderfully Happy and Quiet day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  9. I wish I could say I'd never had a child or grandchild do this, but I have unfortunately. I did just what that mama in the pic is doing...I kept on walking. Right out the door. Fun post this morning! Enjoy your bagel!

  10. I loved the vintage illustration! My kids still talk about "the look" I would give them when there was a behavioral issue. ;-)

  11. Love the vintage pictures. Made me laugh because I just read an article about children having those meltdowns in the store and how to help try to prevent them.

  12. I have a couple of different magnetic pattern holders, but the fur ones really look cozy for winter stitching. Still gathering supplies for my vintage stitching. My favorite online store is out of the fabric I wanted, so it's back to the idea board. But, today is decorating the front porch with our young adults...no more small children like the one in the illustration...WHEW!

  13. I am the one who has the meltdowns, but no one knows but me, lol! Bagel, for me this morning too, but with cranberry orange spread.

  14. We didn't have meltdowns in public... The girls were too afraid of what they would get when they got home if they acted out in public.

    But... the health department is another story for my oldest... I took her to get shots at the dr. office at first but the nurse there was so hateful and made Audrey much afraid. I decided to use the Health Department to see if the nurse was any better... she was... although the damage had already been done. Audrey would lay down in the floor at the Health Dept. and kick her legs and holler No, momma, no... please momma, no.... I would have to drag her in the back for the shot. I felt so bad for her.

    Heather on the other hand made my life so much easier.,.. I think she had a high resistance to pain.. Not once.. even in infancy, did she ever cry when she got a shot. wheeww...

  15. We had one meltdown in public with my oldest son and WE promptly went to the bathroom. He came out a well behaved child and never a meltdown again. He must have told his sister because she never did either! All I had to do was give the "Look". Sometimes I make lists on pads and sometimes on my phone and hubby always comes along to carry packages, open doors and pay (wink, wink). Love the Stick With Me Buttons. They are so cute! Trying not to order anything until after the move though.

  16. This really made me smile! I'm all for writing things down too :) If you could please tell me how to keep my children seen and not heard I would love to know, hahahaha!

  17. Loved your last two vintage posts. What great prints that express some of the season. Fur magnets...how fun is that? They look so soft. Off to look at my lists, now that everyone is gone. Have a merry day.

  18. loving the vintage artwork....sometimes I think it would be nice to go back in time and live in simpler times
    I never threw fits in public( or so my mom claims) when i was little and i am hoping my daughter won't either

  19. Picture makes me smile..... I do recall dragging a screaming child out of a store leaving shopping cart behind only once. Ha ha
    After that we never left the car without getting the low down on expected behavior while in the store. Until everyone agreed to the plan we stayed in the car. If they didn't want to agree with the plan we went home :) There was always another day in time to shop while kids are in the care of their father. Glad to be a grandma now. I can shop peacefully without kids in tow. :) Janita


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