Sunday, December 28, 2014

Organizing and Winding FLOSS ( I am a professional NOW) here is why...

First...missed you all terribly....Sooooo looking forward to 2015....and here is why?

There was no way I was going to sit and wind up bobbins by hand....and yes I tried it for well let me say far too many.... I even filled up a box....and then I thought....OH YES, I had a thought....

Remember what happens to David when I have a thought????...it happened again...He got afraid..
but this time, it was only  1 TRIP to Michaels for some storage containers....harmless! lol

 What I  have gotten done so far- I  have 3 more boxes...still have bit more to wind...

DMC bobbin tool...YOU really need this....
I have drill, not a pink one, or red one but a Yellow ONE....I got myself a DMC winder tool... In fact got 2 of those, I have simply worn out the first one....And I am sure you are wondering how did I do that....? ( I need  want a red drill or a more lady like one anyway) 

 How to Wind.....and here is a good tidbit...unwind always from the top thread and pull out 18 inches first and then wind....It won't get as easily tangled this way....ohhhh go ahead and try it your way ....wink....

WElll here is why? I got some FLOSS ( ok quite  bit)  for Christmas and then I had ordered some BOBBINS, quite a few in fact....and would you believe I have almost gone through most of them already...

Bobbins in Bulk  I thought I would share where I found them in Bulk...he has smaller packages too, and the cost is very affordable. ( even when you have to send to a friend and have her mail them to you ...wink)  He ships FREE for US...

And then I heard Michaels had the DMC floss containers/boxes with an additional 50 x 16 ( an additional 800 bobbins,) for FREE so that was a very good deal at $2.49 each...( the bobbins cost more than that at the same place) with a 30% discount, well I purchased a few...so far 16 of them...and they are almost all full... SEEEEE...

You will need some kind of permanent markers...I  chose these colours
so I would not get confused on labelling them for different floss...! 
Got these at Staples...less expensive there..all of these were $5.99

My first attempt at organizing..but I could not see the floss..DUHHHH! 

Now here is why clllllll THIS FLOSS has a HOME....Every time I had to go out and get some Floss for a project I was spending far more than was necessary, take into account the gas to and from and all the time wasted away from my stitching time.... ...WELLLLLLLL let me just say, this will really save me MONEY down the  road...NOW of course I will have to stick around awhile and stitch FOREVER..... and I will have to share quite a bit of it because I seem to have many duplicates now.......

Ok now where to put them all.... I found the perfect spot for them in my Gingham Sewing Studio...
I don’t want you thinking I will never sew again....I do plan on spending some time in here ---even if it is to get some floss for my next projects and place them on these rings... ( photos of that when I am completed done)

Here are some boxes filled with my favourite Flosses...
DMC...lot's of these...I think 10 boxes so far....( still have the browns, rust and ivory to complete)
aren't they pretty?

I like to place them in color of HUES not numbers....

My very own angora....I picked this up while in Europe a couple of years ago..
Have enough....welllll let's just say I could fill a few boxes....wink...
still have to do the black....

Beautiful Variegated RICH colours from Thread Worx......ohhhh you will just love
these....Years ago they were under another name...Needle Necessity....
The colours they have now are just mind blowing....

And Weeks Dye Works has lovely variegated too..enough to fill a couple boxes...
their tones on tones and bright colours well they just make me melt with delight...
They also have GINGHAM linens to stitch on...just thought I would mention that...

And to make everything easy to find...I have made labels for all the containers with the colours
that are in them...I have placed them in order of colour vs numbers..... Haven't put them on yet....will show them when I do...

Here is a great idea if you ever plan on doing this...order a colour Chart ( I have a DMC one, and I will order one from Weeks Dye and Thread Worx too.....makes it so much easier to find the colour when only a number is given...DRIVES me MAD actually that some pattern designers only add numbers..... If you have lot’s of floss, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what colour you are seeking.....WHY it is so nice to work with Brooke Nolans patterns, she adds the colour to every floss needed and has coloured charts as well as black and white...I prefer colour patterns and charts..

This one is from 1992, my original one...
now I have a new revised one...it helps when you are looking for a colour and number..

And speaking of PATTERNS... I have dug up some old patterns ( I had a few of them)  Many from a couple designers, that printed on CREAM paper ( and apparently will not be making any changes) , you can barely see the pattern, I have spent my last dollar in getting them reprinted, in fact I have decided for future projects, I will only work and seek out patterns that have the following:

Great tool to have on hand..! 

Super Emma pattern by Brooke Nolan designed for  DMC and GRATITUDE to them for making it available to you all for FREEEEEEEE

....I have restitched her for an upcoming post....

My checklist of what I am now looking for in cross stitch and embroidery patterns....

1. Downloaded patterns ( always nice to get it right away)...although I may purchase some patterns too if they meet my other criteria..

2. I will always ask for coloured charts before ordering...
b. I will also ask if they have the colours along with the numbers of floss required on the pattern.

3. I will stick to smaller projects like Brooke Nolan’s vintage patterns, they were a breeze to stitch
and I felt I accomplished something worthwhile.. 5 X 6 patterns are really nice sizes to incorporate into a variety of projects...

4. I will stay away from patterns that are not really designed by any designer but are just developed by  a software program that has wayyyyyyy to many colours changes and requires more than 20 floss.....
Really,  I am telling you ladies, when I cross stitched years ago, there were some very large patterns out there that were very detailed WOMEN..and yes they were pretty but 40-50 floss is ridiculous and I just don’t have enough time left anymore to spend it on just one project that likely will not be used for anything but a wall hanging...NOPE those days are gone for me...I want practical pieces that will be used for everyday things......( more on these ideas in upcoming hops later)

5. I will try to stick to  no more than 2 stitching pieces in progress at any one time....( I am doing a Rose at the moment and a HOME SWEET HOME piece)

And you thought I was just laying low because I was relaxing...well I was, in a way...all this time invested in my new FOUND LOVE Of CROSS Stitching and Embroidery and Applique has not been wasted at all....Now I have everything I need.....

And I have become a Professional FLOSS Winder...I figure doing anything at least 903    1,304 times( so far).I deserve the recognition.... I think my SUPER EMMA should be holding a DRILL NOW!... Surely I can find a DRILL cross stitch to add...wink...Are you seeing this Brooke?

By the way do you have any idea how long it takes to count them all....don’t even ask ...not telling...wink

By the way, this post took me a couple days to write.....I may be absent for a couple more days
while I get some business taken care of.....

Trying to keep you in STITCHES.....

Happy New Year!

( still winding, and did up inventory sheet...I am almost done.......so will try to get back to you tomorrow..your
notes made me laugh...thanks for that)


  1. You made me smile... floss winder to the resume! but great idea!

  2. I got a floss winder, but it didn't hold up very well. I need to get the DMC one and attach it to a drill since that is the least fun part of working with that beautiful floss. Hopefully, David has calmed down and isn't afraid anymore of this new idea you came up with. It's brilliant!

  3. Winding and organizing the floss is so boring to me lol but it has to be done. I'm so happy you started this blog. Looking forward to all your posts. :)

  4. Now, that is a LOT of floss. Very clever to use the drill. I can see why you wore out the first one. And, I have to say, I've never seen that much floss except in a store. Yikes! All those luscious colors to dream about . . .

  5. Wow! And I thought, I winded so much... *gg* I love how you sorted them by color. That looks fantastic.
    Greetings, Rike

  6. Oh goodness, that's alot of floss winding! You have your own rainbow for your stitching/sewing studio! I prefer the colored charts as well, but I don't limit my chart selection to only colored charts. There are just way too many great designers publishing designs these days! When I get a black and white chart, I make a working copy and use colored pencils to color the chart. If they are smaller designs, it really doesn't take long to color the chart myself. You definitely sound like you've been bitten by the stitchin bug, lol!

  7. Do you find that the floss wears at where it is bent over the card? The edges I mean.

  8. Well, I'm a retired floss winder. I have all of the DMC colors and they are all wound on bobbins and sorted by number in a little plastic drawer container. I, too, used sort of a drill, a small Dremel tool, which was super easy to hold while winding. I started gathering floss in the 70's and now I only add to the collection when they introduce new colors. It really is nice to have the colors and be able to just buy charts...no kits... and jump right in. Like you, I look for colored charts, when possible. It's just easier on the eyes and less mistakes are made. Hmmmm.... maybe I should stitch a bit tonight! Have a good one!

  9. Wow you have been busy!! Great Job. I am with you on working on small patterns. You feel like you have gotten something accomplished. Thank you for all your inspirations.

  10. Wow what an amazing floss collection. I thought I had a lot and I moaned about how many bobbins I had to wind when I started but my collection only fills a few boxes.. The colours are beautiful . Smaller projects are definitely the way to go. I never seem to get to the end of the huge ones. Life is just too short.

  11. How very clever. I will have to grab my drill the next time I need to wind a few bobbins.

  12. That is just hysterical Samm - only you would think of using a drill! I love the colors and at one point in the past I sorted mine by color too. Right now I have them filed by number but I have a limited number of colors so nothing like your collection! Small patterns rate with me too. I'm just not up to big projects right now - I want to see some finishes. :) blessings, marlene

  13. And I thought I was something with ONE box of floss...haha....just smiling thinking of you with that drill (have seen it used to peel potatoes...but would much rather visualize winding floss! haha).

  14. That's a lot of winding. I see why you resorted to using a drill. lol .... I started my DMC thread collection back in the 90's. I hand winded mine because I collected a little at a time. Now I only add to it when I need a new color, which is rare. I do like Weeks Dye Thread and I have some. Lovely thread. When it comes to patterns whether it's in black n white or color doesn't matter much to me. I'm with you on the heavy loaded thread patterns. I don't mine a vanity of threads but 40...it's a bit much.

  15. Brilliant idea using a drill to wind the floss onto the bobbins. I agree with you 100% about doing smaller cross-stitch projects.

  16. Love this idea!! I was up to 2 Boxes full before I had to stop. Michaels had such great prices on the Boxes with the Bobbins I had to purchase several too, especially when you have coupons and another person with you. Love your Angora Box!!

    Thanks so much for sharing such great tips with us!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  17. Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration. I really have to think and do something with my floss everywhere....!
    So much more joy in having it nicely orgaized and always ready to go!
    Hugs Martina

  18. Good for you. Many years ago I found the little floss ziplock bags that I can put on a big ring and have used them ever since. And yes I sort them by color too and when I start a new project, I pull the ones I need, put them on a new ring all together and have them easy to take with me. Once done they go back on their original rings.

  19. I'm drooling over all those beautiful colors. You are so organized, and offer such great ideas!

  20. Samm....I am just loving and am so excited about this new blog! I'm inspired to dig out my needles and floss again!

  21. Winding is a tedious job, but it looks like soo much more fun with a DeWalt ! I think those time consuming charts you mentioned are why Idecided to put CCS aside so many years ago. All these boxes of eye candy colors of yours are so pretty.

  22. Great idea for winding floss. I have boxes which are organized by number since one chart may call a color yellow but it is actually more of an orange or brown. Not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye though. I agree you can be a professional floss winder though, and great idea about only doing smaller projects.

  23. Genius!! Leave it to you to find a time saving way to wind that much floss!! Most excellent :) and thank you for sharing!!

  24. It will be so nice to have all those colors. Happy sorting! I have a floss box somewhere... Must find.

  25. Great way to store things. Looks like a Michaels trip is in my future. (I got a gift card for Christmas from Michaels) ;-) Right now I have a notebook with sleeves made for each of the little bobbins, but when you flip the pages, all the bobbins fly out! Can we say irritating and almost useless? LOL!!

  26. You are the QUEEN of BOBBINS!!!!

  27. What a fun way to wind the floss! I also sort by color. I have several of the DMC wooden boxes they used for displaying in stores. Mine came with plastic dividers that could be adjusted.

  28. So I am tossing and turning in bed last night unable to sleep thinking I could go downstairs and stitch just a little while but know I have to work today and and need to get to sleep. I starting thinking about my floss and that it needs to be stored away neat and tidy, not really thrilled about my paper bobbins. I wonder, what Madam Samm does with hers? Well low and behold I find your latest post, really weird but perfect timing! Wow, do you dream at night of winding floss??..just saying! That is a lot of thread there and beautiful I must say! Love that little tool! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see more of your lovely stitching! kogrady@cableone.net

    1. Hi Kathleen, you made me laugh... please leave an email next time....so I can write you back....x

  29. What a great way to store floss! I love having LOTS of colors on hand and this would certainy fit the bill.
    Do you think my husband would mind if I just painted some flowers on HIS drill and kept it in my sewing room? His is yellow, too!

  30. So many pretty colours! Good thinking to use the drill...I had wrist pains just imagining the carpal tunnel one could achieve with that much winding! Love your angora floss...is it available here? Your winter stole must be so very soft...what a lovely addition. Happy sewing and welcome home!

  31. Wow !!! What a great idea. Pretty floss and everything is sort by color. I love it :)

  32. Like Marlene, Only YOU would even THINK of using a DRILL to wind thread!!!! Oh My word, I have to go show #1 Husband this idea!! You are always good for a chuckle and a smile. I RE-Discovered an entire drawer FULL of Cross Stitch goodies...mostly AIDA fabric though. I want to go past using AIDA and get some of that lovely linen fabric you use as well as that other fabric...can't recall the name...starts with "m"...hmmm will have to go back thru your posts to find the name.
    Happy New Year!!!

  33. Super Madamm Samm Floss Winding Hero. Love all the fabulous colors and organization. Creative Sitching Bliss...


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