Monday, December 8, 2014

It is Monday and that means ....well--- GET your BREW ON....

I think I was brought up in an era that was common for us to hear this phrase
"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach".

Sounds weird now, that whole quote....
 but when I was young- my  Nanny would always say that to me
when she was teaching me a new recipe. Although she believed that was why my 
Grand Pere loved her so much, she also reminded me of what a good education
would bring too. She really was a MODERN woman for her day..
And one heck of cook and baker. 

This is yet another J.C. print.  He did a few ads for coffee.
Check out below " So what every young girl ought to know, if she
hopes some day to be a good wife, is how to make good coffee- 
morning, noon and night."

My Nanny -  in her kitchen and you wonder where I get my passion
for anything and everything gingham....

I actually looked much like that wee girl when I was young.
My Nanny would wrap my hair at night in rags, ( flannel strips) 
and in the morning, I would have these great curls. She would iron
satin ribbons and I always had ribbons in my hair. 
How funny a photo of gentler times, brings back so many delicious memories.

I have been  cross stitching quite a bit, and would love to show you them  but that will have
to wait till the new year. I have completed all 4 of Brookes Vintage Cross stitching patterns.
All of my Tammy bags are cut out..just ready to sew, when we get home...
and will work on Coris pinnies next.

I actually am enjoying cross stitching again, I have ordered a few patterns
such as SAMPLERS, that I so enjoyed in the past. 

What is a SAMPLER- you ask? 

A (needlework or cross stitch) sampler is a piece of embroidery or cross stitch pattern produced as a demonstration or test of skill in needlework. It often includes the alphabet, figures, motifs, decorative borders and sometimes the name of the person who embroidered or cross stitched it  and the date. The word sampler is derived from the Latin ‘exemplum’ - an example.

Here are some I just purchased... check out 

I loved the humour behind this piece...as samplers often include the name
of the one who stitches it....I guess Mdm Samm will be replaced by Betsy Ross...

But this one I fell in love with although I may substitute the house for an APPLE........love apple everything, and David loves when I bake some deep dish what he calls FLINtSTONE pies...  May bake him one this week...

So you can see stitching is in my future...a hint of what is coming....

So many FREE patterns available too....what I like about samplers, is they can be small, and can be done in one colour. They are easy to stitch up and really look good quilted into something...

Can you believe it is already DEC 8 th. ?

WE need a Christmas song...

and how about "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas


  1. Good Morning Sweet Samm! Thank you for sharing all with us this morning, especially your treasured Nanny! Would love to see the little girl with the curls in her hair some time! Love your samplers! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Totally enjoying this morning's brew; and a little poochie upon my lap. As for the saying, a way to a man's heart....still use it today and still believe it thru and thru. I take it to mean if I "cater" to my man he will take it straight to his heart. Works in my house any way! We love deep dish apple pie in this house too! And I use the leftover pastry (made from scratch) to make cinnamon raisin rolls...sometimes they eat that faster than the pie LOL Love your new samplers...happy stitching!

  3. Your post was such a pleasure to read - and listen to. Being an avid x-stitcher my mind now 'brimmeth over'. :)

  4. Good morning. Trying to get awake with my cup of brew. Having trouble sleeping lately, so the brew is very important. I had rag curls when I was a child too. My Granny would make them for me. I wanted some, after she told me that she had them as a child. I loved how curly it made my hair. Another great picture too.

  5. good morning Madame!!!! Lovely works you are showing us.

  6. Another great picture! This could have been my kitchen as a child. We even had a yellow parakeet.... I can't remember his name....how could I forget. My Mom was a tiny woman, but otherwise, I can put myself right into this picture....leaning in to smell the coffee when the can was opened.....ahhhhh.

  7. There's a lot in this post, but I think I'll tell you a cute story. My 19 year old grandson lives with us and has for most of his life. The way to a man's heart still stands true today. The other day I opened a jar of Randall's deluxe bean mix, added left over ham that I had served on Thanksgiving, and prepared mashed potatoes. My husband likes to stack the potatoes, onion and beans on top for one of his favorite suppers. When my grandson started to eat supper, he asked rather excitedly "Where Did You Get This Recipe? It's Amazing" I smiled and replied that it has been in the family for many years and I'd be sure to pass it on to his girlfriend.

    I love that you are sharing all these coffee ads..I'm addicted to coffee. We are remodeling the kitchen and after reading one of your posts, a light bulb went off that I should add coffee to the decor.
    xx, Carol

  8. I didn't need the rags in my hair for curls as I was born with natural wavy hair.. Still have it today and it shows when I do not dry my hair with a blow dryer and round brush. it does what it exactly wants to do if I don't. My children saw my hair at Thanksgiving when I had let it dry al' natural... and they begged me to go style it. lol

    My youngest daughter introduced my hubby to vanilla flavored coffee at Thanksgiving. I swear, I think this man has died and gone to heaven. lol

  9. There can never be enough cross stitching....quilting....or coffee!

  10. You must quit tempting me with new cross stitch patterns - how am I ever going to get finished with some of my UFOs? :)
    blessings, marlene

  11. I could never get the right amount of coffee in the pot at work...thank goodness for Keurigs! Love the pic of your Nanny and her gingham. As for those beautiful cross stitch patterns, I'm still working on my projects for January so those aren't even in my dreams right now. :O)

  12. No coffee for me..but two wonderful cups of tea and I am ready to go. The Jan hop has forced me to look into my cross stitch basket...uh, oh! UFOs. I really must try to finish them before I click on those links above. Oops, too late.

  13. Loved looking at those awesome samplers. I created several many years ago (I dabbled in all the needle arts). And, of course, coffee is a MUST every morning! My husband gets it ready the night before and sets it on a timer so it's brewed before I get up. A perfect start to the day.

  14. This statement is so true for my Husband!! Late morning every day he asks what's for Dinner? A meal he really looks forward to, and savors it so well. Good thing we were both raised with a European style of eating. Ok Stitching, I am loving my New Readers sew much I don't want to stop stitching! I am praying, really, seriously my Tammy Bag is complete, actually set aside 3 whole days over the Christmas Holiday to do it. The Nursery set I am doing is sew many pieces of Hand stitching, my fingers are crossed Darling Daughter makes it to her due date the end of Jan. I noticed last Thursday she has already started to drop, and I am Nervous baby #3 may be here sooner than we think. I think I better go before I start clicking on Sampler Links~
    Have a Peaceful and Beautiful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  15. If the way to a mans heart was thru his stomach, my hubs would be in big trouble! LOL!! I so remember that phrase though. Your done with your stitching! Wow, I'm still working my way thru it, and have found the perfect place to sit so I can see! I actually think my eyes have adjusted to the punishment and are finally starting to just work with me! tee hee!

  16. Good morning! I do so love stopping by here for a cup of cheer ... you never fail to inspire and brighten my day! Thank you for sharing all you do and your cross stitch patterns look wonderful ... I cannot wait to count my crossed stitches very soon :) Bless you and have as wonderful a day as you have made mine this morning ... safe travels!

  17. The cross stitching patterns are cute as can be! Oh and what a wonderful song to start the week with!
    Happy Monday!

  18. Still stitching away in the hotel room too. Almost finished! I do love samplers too! I've purchased a few at flea markets for a song! Love them! Beautiful song too to start the week.

  19. Your Nanny actually looks a lot like mine did as a younger middle aged woman! She is still living at 106 years old!
    I once asked my second graders to complete the phrase, The way to a man's heart...... One little boy was so sure he knew the answer. The way to a man's heart....is through surgery! (I still smile when I think of those answers!)
    Apple Crisp would be so yummy right now. We are in the hill country and the air is chilly. (Nothing to snack on here, so my mouth is watering!)

  20. Knowing you, I knew you would have all the Tammy's finished! Gathering up handwork for when the big storm hits. I have a whole house generator so it will keep me in lights and heat, lol!

  21. Sew happy to see those samplers! The vast majority of my stitching the past 30+ years has been samplers, counted thread but not all cross stitch. I love the Eileen Bennett oldie but goodie! That one is in my collection too (and Eileen is a friend of mine tho' I haven't seen her in a while as I haven't been making it up to Michigan like I was -- I am in Ohio). And thank you too for sharing all the Christmas carol videos!

  22. I love working on samplers,so look forward to seeing progress on yours. I am working on a mystery sampler to help fund a Embroiders Guild event. Nice to hear Christmas Carols. Happy Stitching.

  23. Loving the J.R. prints you've been featuring.

    I once did a rather large cross stitch wedding pattern for a friend of mine. It was quite beautiful with their names, the date of their marriage and I even matted and framed it myself. The marriage lasted about one year and I found out, after she got the divorce, that she knew shortly before the wedding that she didn't want to marry him, but she did anyway. Needless to say, I never made another cross stitch wedding cross stitch.

  24. I DO see where you got the love of the yellow gingham! I'm looking forward to seeing your cross stitch designs.

  25. Love these vintage pictures - so adorable. My beverage of choice for this time of year is hazelnut hot cocoa. Mmmm. And I remember that saying - the way to a man's heart... Even Dr. Laura Slesinger concurs - just feed 'em and love 'em. Oh, that Michael Buble' - thanks for sharing these little tidbits of Christmas cheer!

  26. Such memories! I did not have rag curls when I was little. In fact - my hair was so curly and blonde that my grandma named me Dolly. When I got a little older...my mom used to IRON my hair so that it would be less curly. It was never as straight as I wanted it to be. Oh well - I am happy with it now.

    I was in Chicago this past weekend - and I believe that I might have run across your twin....at least she had the same eyes, exposed face and hair band that you have in your picture on the side. She looked like she was having a wonderful time with her husband. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend too.


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