Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Didn't we all have a Ma Tante....- AUNT Lula?

My Ma Tante Lula, ( Aunt)  had a boarding house during the 70's
My Uncle Lawrence had been in the Navy and when he passed- My -Ma Tante
took in Navy "boys" as she called them. ( to make ends meet) .

Ma Tante was my Nanny's sister so she really was considered my Grande Ma Tante (Aunt)..

You don't hear much about boarding houses anymore...but in those
days they were fairly common. Ma Tante had a fairly large home
and like this wonderful painting by J.C. would cook wonderful and 
wholesome meals for her 8 (boys).

I remember spending 2 weeks with her over Christmas...my oh my we cooked all hours
of the day and night...We would just get the breakfast dishes done
and it was time to make lunch....it was never ending...
And what an education I had that Christmas Break in the early 70's/
She was a fabulous cook and baker, and her "boys" were so loved..

They helped her as much as she helped them and there was such
a sense of community in her home. Many of the neighbours would 
help with getting groceries for her and it was not unusual to see many
of her "boys" hanging clothes on the clothesline, shovelling snow from
the porch and sidewalks and doing any repairs that were needed. 

I remember one of them Jacques was his name....I heard this beating....
I went to the porch and there he was with a broom, beating up the hall rug....
with toque on his head and sock feet....( it was snowing) 
( he was wearing clothes..when I noted education I meant in the culinary arts) lol

Way before dyson balls and Eureka vacuum cleaners were common
appliances in the home.

I am sharing these stories as a hint of what is coming around the corner..
And NOOOOO I don't expect anyone to be giving  up their appliances
nor do I feel any of us are prepared to take  in any "boys" and feed them
all hours of the day...

But I will share, there will be many many moments of smiles
and memories of simpler times...

I will certainly be setting an example.....

Just wait and see....

Ma Tante would have loved hearing Nat King Cole one more time x

Ohhh and did you note her lovely gingham dress....? lol

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let's support all those we know who have CA...
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  1. What a lovely story. I enjoyed reading about your Aunt's boarding house.

  2. Wonderful memories of time passed!

  3. Wonderful memories that make my 'now' wonderful and happy, too.
    (Shared) peace, love, happiness and contentment are the simple ingredients of a good, very good life, aren't they?
    Thanks for sharing Mdm. Samm!


  4. Very thought provoking. Our house was a boarding house in the teens and 20's. Very sweet story.

  5. Such a sweet story of your Aunt Lula. Yes, I had an Aunt Lula as well. Aunt Lula Mae to be exact (that is what we called her), my Granny Ida's sister. She was a dear lady and her home was my Granny's second favorite place to be.

  6. You've brought back such fond memories for me and now I'll sound like the older lady that I am and say 'those were the days". :)

  7. Those were indeed the days. Samm, you are fueling my wish to time travel back and live in a simpler time. My Granny lived with us all my growing up years and I wish so badly I could talk to her today about my life. She was the embodiment of true love of family. She took my older sister to her first concert...to see the Beatles! She was the one who raised the 7 of us in our parents house. She even made my dad tow the line!

  8. This sailor reminded me of my oldest brother - he was a tall skinny navy guy and he would have been right there checking out what was in the oven! He's not so skinny any more. :) blessings, marlene

  9. Fun, sweet memories...Lula must have been quite the lady to keep that many boys in line!

  10. My husband's grandfather lived in a boarding house after arriving from Sweden. He ended up marrying the daughter of the boarding house owners.

  11. Oh those good ole days. Unfortunately you can't trust a stranger anymore. What a sad state we have eneded up in. On a brighter note though, I can't imagine not having my vacuum cleaner. LOL!!

  12. Love hearing your stories of earlier days, I can only remember the sisters coming to the House for the Holidays, until the rules changed it would only be for the day, then for the week end, then for a week. We would have so much fun with my youngest Aunt it was like her freedom from the convent. But her older sisters were always keeping an eye out on us. Their youngest brother my Pippie was the biggest Comic of them all, and we would listen to their stories of earlier days, that was so much fun for me. I hope your having a wonderful day Madame and thanks for a Great Blog Post!!
    huggs, Nancy

  13. That picture brings a sweet feeling and reminds me of a photo of my dad in his sailor uniform. Love it! My house used to be a boarding house for all sorts of people, young and old. They were always welcome!

  14. Nope, no boarding houses in my memory. But my Aunt Vi and Uncle Larry owned a family restaurant. Actually it was part of their home. There was a huge dining room with many tables and another room that was similar to a soda fountain counter. All cooking was done in their kitchen. The meals were served family style with large bowls of vegetables and platters of meat. I remember staying there one summer when my mother recovered from surgery. I waited tables and washed dishes. I must have been about 10.

    You are certainly priming the pump to get us into the Vintage Mood!
    Merry Christmas

  15. Lovely lady, your aunt! I'll bet those grown "boys" have wonderful memories and stories of her.

  16. Awwwhhh...what a great life to grow up with! Your sweet family is fun to read about! I am very excited to see what you will be bringing to us...sounds vintage and lovely!...and Nat King Cole made my day!
    I hope all is going well with you and David and that you are both having a wonderful Christmas season!

  17. I am just loving the J.C. Leyendecker illustrations.

  18. Sweet story--where are these people now? I sorely miss the good old days when people helped each other and a hard day of work was respected and appreciated

  19. It's good to hear of simpler times. What a sweet memory.

  20. What a dear memory ... I do so wish those times could be recreated today .... thank you for sharing!!

  21. My grandparents always had 2 college girls living in their spare bedroom. There were 'house rules', too. The parents loved having their daughters looked after, and not allowed to run wild. This was in the late 60's and early 70's.

  22. Love these souvenirs-postings, they make me feel comfortable and peaceful! The drawings are great. Thank U!

  23. What a wonderful story and sweet memories. I love the "simpler times" and do wish my kiddos could experience that time.

  24. What a lovely post for this Christmas season. I find that quite a few of us are reminiscing around this time of year. What lovely memories, and of such great people! I think we get too lost in our busy schedules that we crave the sweetness of simplicity. It is funny how these great vintage artists were able to capture a feeling of just such a time. Thank you for a great story, and a beautiful reminder of simpler times these last few days. xx~Cori

  25. Love these vintage art pieces, Samm and enjoying the happy memories you're sharing.

  26. What great memories to share! Your aunt must have been a lovely person!
    I can't wait to see what you have planned for next year!

  27. What awesome memories. She sounds like she was a very special woman.


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