Friday, December 19, 2014

Days away ....from NEW BEGINNINGS! SEW WE STITCH....

It has been a year of insights, revelations and certainly many AH-HA moments.
2015 will bring  along a different pace, at least for me.
And when I explain why, I think many of you will nod in agreement. 

Two things I kept asking myself :

"Why am I rushing?"
"Why is time moving so fast?"

Answer to the first one....I was trying to pack so much into every moment that I actually lost
my passion that brought me along this journey. I was not competing with anyone but myself
and it was only I who kept raising the bar. It was only I who was doing this to me....
There were no prizes for accomplishing more STUFF. 
This treadmill that I was on, was taking me no where! 

It wasn't until Brooke Nolan  and Cori Blunt 
came into my life with their passion of cross stitch  and hand applique
that I put the breaks on and dug out my threads, needles, scissors, frames and patterns
and began stitching again with PURPOSE. 

Cross stitching  and hand applique 
has brought that JOY back, the JOY in seeing something you stitch come to
life. I have slowed down the pace considerably and I am loving it ....

Please don't fret, we will still have blog hops, I already have so much
planned, till March 2016  but there will be more time in between them so I can
answer the second question....

Why is time moving so fast?

I noted this one almost immediately. Days were speeding by along with weeks
with only a faint memory of all that went into them because I was not enjoying the MOMENT. 
Don't get me wrong, I loved everything I created, but I was rushing through each one
and I was not loving the process....UNTIL I started cross stitching and hand applique...
I took my time and guess what? My days began slowing down to a crawl.

I was still getting my home cleaned, and meals prepared, and sending off
packages, and making calls, and taking care of my wonderful family...
and creating life into my PIECES....

SEW WE STITCH....is a new BLOG that will open it's door on JANUARY 1st.

You know what surprised me the most....When I thought of this, I was certain
the name was taken, it was not ....
( take a peak, it is up) 

When there are no roadblocks and all the sponsors come on board....
YOU know the timing is right.....

SOOOOOOOO my sweet friends CROSS STITCHING, Hand Appliqué
and Embroidery will be  MY/ OURS new adventure...
We will have blog hops, ( more time in between each one) 
so we can all enjoy the process and slow down the pace....
I have many designers who are working behind the scenes
Another hint I was sharing throughout the weeks,
VINTAGE, no doubt brings many smiles, many memories
and simpler times....

This is the logo I created, our Banner that will be seasonal.
A rose I created years ago is our BRAND. A rose that stirs
many insights, beauty and joys..
Funny thing about Cross Stitchers, they don't sew...
Quilters + Cross stitch they sew....
SOOOOO it made sense that we have  a NEW BLOG
for everyone who stitches by hand....
I have been following many cross stitchers...
they have many projects they are working on..
We are going to have them completing them now...

I believe with all of my heart, I can hear the drumming already...
Many will enjoy this new adventure...
WE will  pour more HEART, more JOY, slow down the PACE 
and enjoy all the MOMENTS we have LEFT.

Join us will YOU! 

It will be a year that changes EVERYTHING for the BETTER.
Just wait and see...

I promise you all- many seasons of JOY and Happiness!

And to celebrate this season, let me turn back the time
with Bing and David....love this piece... their harmony together
brings such JOY! 



  1. Well done!!! I'm looking forward to 'Sew We Stitch' especially since I am now vintage myself. :)

  2. I totally understand and agree with your writings. Yay! Probably you touched something we all feel inside. I was slowing down this year quite a bit and it was good. I can enjoy again what I do! And I start to love doing cross stitch!!!. It is still not as realxing as "normal" stitching, but definitely it won my heart. lol! So I look foward to what is coming. And I must say, the logo is so beautiful!
    Hugs and Happy Christmas to you

  3. Sounds wonderful. I too have slowed down somewhat and trying to slow down more. And I have been hand stitching mostly this pass year ....It is a welcomed treat..To sit in my lazy chair as I call it and stitch away.

  4. You definitely have touched a chord with these words. I wanted to breathe and enjoy what I was doing but felt too much self inflicted pressure to appreciate what I was sewing. Then I reintroduced myself to some cross stitch and realized how much I miss it and thoroughly enjoy this craft. I look forward to January and having a peek at Sew We Stitch ")
    Merry Christmas and all the best for you and your family in 2015, Samm*

  5. Sounds great! Hand sewing was my first love at the age of 14. I now have three hand stitch projects going on and I love the slow pace of it!

  6. I will definitely be following you on your new site, as I'm a quilter-stitcher and love both of these topics plus many other fiber arts. Time does go fast, especially as we get a little older and it's always good to take a time out to re-evaluate our life's priorities. Can't wait to see what the new year brings! May joy surround you at Christmas and always!

  7. This is sew exciting!! and Samm the Logo is Gorgeous! Since you brought me into stitching this past summer I have loved every minute of it and the ability to take a pattern and color it and embellish it my way is so me. This is going to be a wonderful Journey......Thank~You!

    Huggs, Nancy

  8. Well, I will follow you, so you will have 2 blogs by January? Or did I mix up the information? My head is full.....

  9. The new site looks wonderful. Love the logo. Looking forward to following on both sites in the new year ... :) Pat

  10. I'm very pleased. I am truly a cross stitcher. I love the rhythm. I quilt but it stresses me out. It seemst competitive. The pace of cross stitch is more my style.

  11. Exciting times are coming I can tell. And yes indeed, the logo is gorgeous! I'm a quilter at heart and it is my first love and passion but hand stitching rates a close second. Looking forward to the new pleasures that await.

  12. I love that song... can't believe I haven't heard it before!
    So exciting about the new adventure... hand stitching is my favorite!

  13. It will be sew good to sit and enjoy each day. Life is moving 2 fast!

  14. This sounds so darn exciting. I did cross stitch ALL of the time in the 80's and early 90's. I didn't quilt then. Then I started quilting and I didn't cross stitch so much. Now I am excited to do both....and together! Can't wait.

  15. My journey has been similar, Samm, and I find myself nodding and smiling at your resolution to "slow down" and enjoy the moments more. I have determined to do this in my own life, too.
    I believe you will find that most of us will come right along with you and enjoy the ride. Many quilters are incorporating stitchery into their quilted projects, so I think this is truly an idea whose time has come!
    Best wishes and much love to you. You give much to all of us, and we appreciate you! Merry Christmas, my friend!

  16. I love stitching it is calming for me and very relaxing. Did santa ornaments for 2014.

    1. .it will be a year of adventures -you can count on it…Merry Christmas
      you are a no reply blogger...so next time, drop an email so I can answer directly

  17. Great idea...looking forward to 2015 with you!

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  19. Te deseo lo mejor para estas fiestas y el proximo año
    Un sincero abrazo

  20. It's too early in the morning ;) Sorry I doubted you Samm. Your new blog will be just as wonderful as this one.

  21. This sounds right up my alley, since hand-applique is what I mostly focus on. Good luck with the new blog, I'll be reading and hopefully participating down the road!

  22. Lovely Post!
    I am all about slowing down which for me began 6 yrs. ago when I retired from a 30+ yr. career in education. I was on such a treadmill that I couldn't get off...children, lesson plans, mentoring new teachers, teaching colleagues from one end of the state to the other, teaching Developmentally Delayed children my last year, a grandchild born premature & diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy,travel....ALL this..... on top of caring for a mother with Lewey Body Dementia IN MY HOME...whew...my health, my brain, my soul was fighting for first place. Then one day in October of 2008 at 3:10 p.m. sitting in the floor of my classroom bathroom after a day of being bitten, stomped on (fractured foot BTW) by an out of control 5 yr. old, and an autistic/non potty trained 8 yr. old's pee-pee all over me.......I SNAPPED ! NO, I Mean it!! I SNAPPED!!!

    called my husband and told him that as of Dec. 17th, 2008 I was retiring. Yes Dear, I know I lack 7 months before I can retire....BUT, I'm Retiring....No, I don't know how I will make it happen BUT I"M RETIRING AS OF DEC. 17TH,

    GUESS WHAT ??? I walked out of the school door on Dec. 10th, without fanfare, drove home, took a nap, woke up, and got out my sewing machine! I've been slowing down and stitching ever since that day!!! Slowing Down has gained me back my Life!!
    Gmama Jane

  23. I am truly looking forward to the new ideas. I do love the quiet and restful hand sewing time. I.m so glad you are doing this, Madam Samm.

  24. I absolutely love cross stitching...I always feel I am in the minority..so your ideas for the new year sound so wonderful. Looking forward to slowing down and enjoying stitching

    1. and Jill no more will you be the minority...could not answer you directly as you are a no reply blogger..next time just leave an email....

  25. Lovely new beginning for the year. Hurray!

  26. Sew true! I look forward to your new blog. :-)

  27. Sounds like an interesting place to play. I am a tad confused, are there going to be 2 blogs or is Sew We Quilt melding into Sew We Stitch? I'll be where ever but I need clarification. I cross stitched many years ago and quit when I started to quilt.I am just getting my toes back in the water with the next hop. Should be a very interesting transition.

  28. I love hand work, especially applique! This will be fun!

  29. Lovely post Madame Samm. We all need to step back and rethink priorities from time to time. We get so caught up in the moment that life just whizzes by. I am looking forward to some hand stitching and cross stitching. Small projects nonetheless, but I am excited to be cross stitching again.

  30. Well said. Wonderful new blog!

  31. Great idea! I have several cross stitch projects that need revisiting!

  32. I'm really looking forward to reading your new blog. I have several embroidered pieces that are finished but need to be turned into something and I have a collection of patterns that I want to embroider as well. And while cross-stitching isn't my thing, I do enjoy seeing what others are working on and what they've turned them into.

  33. I have always loved to cross stitch and have set that aside for a while. I am inspired to get back at it and am excited about the inspiration you have already provided.


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