Friday, November 21, 2014

T'was the night....welllll T'was many things.... and gift giving ideas too...

T'was something wasn't IT? By now you have visited those I shared
my gift giving ideas with....Did they WOW YOU....inspire you....?
Many gorgeous gifts that were made and my oh my there really are SANTAS out there...

Marlene certainly had a huge task in this Swap, gift giving idea HOP 
And she did a marvellous job didn't she....?
She kept us all in the spirit, she kept us all reminded 
of who to send, when to send and filled us with  complete JOY for this season....
WEllllll she did for me....that is for sure...

Soooo filled with Gratitude for HER!
and all of of those who participated in this JOYOUS OCCASION.
When a heart opens - we can fill it with love...
My heart was indeed OPEN....

Here are my Sistah Santas...

Ok, so now for my GIFT GIVING IDEAS....
My Santa Tammy was an absolute delight to stitch..
I did this in less than 3 hours...I used a variegated thread for Santa's hat
so I would not be changing threads often....it gave it a surprising detailed look..
I added 1/2 stitches for his beard...I used some angora yarn that I had...
and then brushed it.....to make it fuzzy looking...

I just drew the santa face right on my aida cloth...
it was so simple and then I just stitched..

I then made my Tammy Bag out of BEAUTIFUL Winter Essentials 2
by Studio E.....This fabric is soooo my colours and suits
my bag perfectly.... I added a satin bow with a green frosted bell
to welll ---- made it MY OWN lol

and yep if you are looking closely you will note my right panel
is upside down...by the time I noted ....I was already adding the handle....

Tammy kits available today...
my handles all came in..some gold, and silver..!

My next very simple project was this 100% goose down shell with
cover in Winter Essentials 2 by studio e .....I chose this as my cup had
reindeers on it too...look at the base of my cuppa cozzie...
I added a satin fringe with silver balls...
This cuppa cozzie keeps my coffee hot for a couple of hours..
I had made one for Celynn who was the first of our hop..
in her colours....with matching cup...

these take less than 1.5 hours...longer if you are having to find 
goose down in the parks...

( shells  - complete with 100% goose down will be sold in our etsy store) 
all you will need to  make is the cover and pattern will be included.
later today...if you want one let me know here you will get it for less)

My next easy project....I had some RED DENIM left over from a wrap
skirt I made...enough to make a quilted denim cover  for my MAC AIR
laptop...I lined the inside with RBD gingham and of course added a couple
rows of delicious gingham ruffles....

This project took  less than 3 hours.... I added a self covered gingham button
and with a piece of ribbon, tied it down like a manila envelope...

Did you notice the denim fringe edge.....LOVE IT....
I will be making yet another for someone special...
she wanted my Christmas Tammy but I sold it .lol

Yesterday it was -15 degrees below zero...pretty cold..
it was snowing when I took these photos....
What we do for a great shot.........I added a church and fur tree and voila...
makes you want to miniature size yourself and take a stroll....

NAHHHH I did not think soo...I came in and poured a fresh cup of coffee...
and enjoyed the pics from here......wink

 What gifts came to me...

Return later to see who WOWED us today...
I took a peak...OHHHHH my word...some very lucky ladies
with many wonderful creative ideas...nice way to complete our hop..

This was a collaborative effort...gifts made for JANE and Janes
great photos showcasing T's lovely lovely gifts...
Santa was certainly in their hearts and there is no doubt
in anyones mind how we would of loved to be on the receiving
end of such kindness...

Today was WOW all over the place....

It was a rough start today...but it ended with smiles to my heart...
This just arrived ...a reminder to keep my chin up
and keep smiling....WELL NOTED....
from a very special person....
Aren't they just beautiful...and my colours to boot! 

some fine gifts have been arriving with showcase them later today....

REMNDER...tomorrow  or SUNDAY (depends how quickly I can get the post
and button created........we will have sign ups 
for WE SUPPORT YOU hop....

YOU can still join us for Tammy 4 all seasons...
on the side bar is the link with all the details....
Vintage Winter will be ready very soooooon .....

and to complete our holiday music
I have chosen this piece
which has many deep meaning for me...

Christmas shoes...

Sometimes angels are disguised as wee tots..
This touches my heart on so many levels...
a reminder that we just have to pay attention
ANGELS are everywhere...
This so reminds me of my son! 


  1. Ha, ha...shouldn't have pointed it out, I was clueless about the upside down deer LOL. Great post beautiful packages and yes, please tell me more about your cuppa cozy! Off to bed for me now...will finish hopping when I get up later. xox

  2. All the Tammy bags you make are lovely. This one is no exception. Really like the cuppa cozy idea. Stay warm!

  3. Beautiful projects! I was screaming " Tammy, please come home", but looks like she had already decided to run away to a new home, lol! Thanks to you and Marlene for all the work put into this hop.

  4. Well dang! I wanted that Tammy! hmmpff. You are gonna have us all begging for one. lol

    Seriously... the Tammy bag was fabulous! Love the Santa! and the fabric you did it in. Your cuppa cozy is delightful as well... I don't drink coffee so I doubt I will ever make one but I do love seeing the ones you create. Now the Tammy is a different story. How many have I made so far?? hmmm I would have to count back. They are just tons of fun!

    It is sad that the hop ends today... but something new is coming so that makes me happy.

  5. Mascara running down my face......love these musical interludes along with the hop.

  6. Your Tammy bag is gorgeous, and the cuppa cozy is a smart idea!
    Thanks for yet another great blog hop!

  7. I es so taken with Santa that I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. He is cute as a button. I am in love with the Studio E fabrics you used. LOVE! The tea cozy and Mac cover are all beautiful with their festive red and ruffles. Gorgeous as always!

  8. Gorgeous as usual, with all your attention to details and finishing touch. The Christmas Tammy is ADORABLE!

  9. Santa Tammy is really pretty. The satin ribbon with silver bells is a lovely touch to use on the cuppa cozy. 13 below.....too cold! Brrrr.......

  10. Beautiful Santa Tammy! So pretty!

  11. lovely gifts from Doris. I love your Christmas Tammy. The more I see these bags, the more excited I get to make one...or more! Love the cuppa cozy too, great idea. You are sew very creative!

  12. Such an adorable Santa Tammy bag. Your Santa sure is cute! Love seeing all your projects and your special gifts. I enjoyed the hop since day one! Thanks so much!

  13. Marlene did an amazing job! Your projects are so wonderful. The Christmas Tammy is so charming, and the cuppa cozy & mug is just a perfect gift! The chalkboard piece you received from Doris is really clever. Thanks for another wonderful hop experience!

  14. I love the idea of your cuppa cozy - it's brilliant and I love the fabrics you used. I think this make a fabulous gift, You always get my creative juices flowing .....

  15. Lovely Christmas goodies! Santa has such a sweet face. This was certainly a special hop... I hate to see it end. Lots of great ideas from great ladies. Thanks to you and Marlene for leading the way!

  16. Que ideas mas bonitas para regalos de Navidad!!!!
    El monedero es precioso

  17. Samm I'm totally in love with Santa! Maybe I'll try to draw him like you did. Ha! I can't draw a straight line. :) And the fabric you used for these projects is so perfect. Studio E does the nicest stuff! The denim cover for your Mac - perfect! The fringe is a really great touch for that. I vote for you for the Wow factor today! :) blessings, marlene

  18. Today's, creations were very good. The birthday girl Thearica shines ! You always WOW us with your talent! The Tammy's you make are always wonderful... The cozzie is great with the jingle bells and the cover for the ipad/ipod with the gingham ruffles is sew Samm.

  19. Beautiful projects you have made, Madame Samm. The Tammy bag is beautiful and I love the cuppa cozy. You always do such a wonderful job with everything. Thank you for sharing.
    This has been the best hop. I have seen so many things that I want to make for gifts. These ladies are so talented and so inspiring. I am a little sad that it has ended.

  20. What lovely gifts you've been working on Samm. As always, you do beautiful work. And you received some lovely things too. Thanks for such a fun hop!

  21. That Santa Tammy bag is just the best ever, even with upside down reindeer (which I hadn't noticed.) The cozy and Mac cover are just beautiful! Fabulous projects and a sweet gift from Doris!

  22. Oh the cutest Tammy bag yet. And I need handles too! The sweetest lap top bag and tea cozy too. It's been a fabulous hop with so many ideas for gift giving.

  23. Another fantastic hop so full of inspiring ideas! I love how you used the variegated thread for the hat. It really added a lot of interest to it. Great job!

  24. Can't type yet, still crying from the song. I love it, but can not hear it without crying...........
    Your Tammy bag is beautiful, not sure I believe it is a quickie gift. Maybe when you make it, but not me. :) Love the cozy. Even in Texas our coffee gets cold too fast. Will be back later to check on shells. Last time I looked, no stray geese wandering around here. Your Mac cover is so cute, actually macs me want to buy a laptop so I can make cute cover. LOL Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks to everyone who made this a success. It was fun and full of Christmas spirit. And you can never get too much Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  25. Of course you did, and WOW, WOW, WOW is he. A Santa Tammy! I just love it! As well as your tablet cover and cozy! Your something else! :-) What fun gifts arrived on your doorstep too! This hop was the best!

  26. Love that nordic print...may have to hunt some down, Studio e really does classic well:) Beautiful stitching, thanks for the variegated thread tip! This hop was just a pleasure to be in, thank you!!

  27. Such a wonderful Tammy bag--I loved your Santa's angora beard. I think your cuppa cozies are a great idea. I love 'hot' coffee/tea/hot cocoa, but not when they are lukewarm!! Merry Christmas! Thank you for the great hops.

  28. Love the Santa and the quick idea gifts are all great ideas! Thanks

  29. You wowed us again! Love the Santa Tammy! That's enough to get me to start cross stitching again! Your down filled cosine is so perfect for those cups of Christmas tea ( or coffee)!love the Mac Air cover too!
    Okay, can't listen to that song! I will be boarding a plane soon and can't afford to get on with red, swollen eyes!

  30. Good Morning, you have done it again! The Tammy Bag is perfection. Love your Cuppa cozy is adorable. You find all the right things to coordinate. Your presents from Doris are so sweet. Congratulations on a fine hop. It was fun, and inspiring. Thank you.

  31. You have some great pictures Samm, despite the weather! Love your Tammy, he is just so jolly, love the cover too. Thanks so much for this hop, it has been a really fun one. Hope you are having a wonderful day, xx ~Cori

  32. Inspired- indeed!!! Using variegated thread - genius. It really gives the perfect effect.
    After grabbing a cold cup of coffee- I'm certainly in need of a cozzie! Using a goose down shell- so smart. Looks like I can give up looking for feathers in the park...
    I love the manila envelope closure idea and denim fringe is so me!
    How sweet is Doris? Super sweet!!!
    You've put us all in the spirit of the season with touching tunes and inspiration.
    THANK YOU and Marlene - I've had such fun!

  33. Oh boy! Such lovely projects as always. I think we only notice our own errors. I didn't notice the fabric was upside down either until you said it LOL. Everything is beautiful, love the Santa Tammy. I sew want to learn to stitch like that.

  34. Well MaDear ... your posts are always such a treat to the eyes! I have visited each and every blog and did keep yours for last this time ... Beautiful work as always you have displayed ... I thank you for sharing and I wish you all that is good for you and those you hold most dear!! Best wishes to you ...

  35. Wonderful gifts, Samm. I LOVE the Tammy bag with Santa. The little cozy is so cute too. I'm sure you collected those feathers in the park. The red denim with the black is such a striking combination and looks wonderful. Thanks so much for another inspirational hop.

  36. I was so focused on Santa's cute face that I missed the upside down panel. Love your Air Mac cover...haven't got mine designed yet...soon. Thanks for this hop, Samm..it has been fun. A Very Merry Holiday Season to you.

  37. Oh man - that Christmas Tammy is the best ever! Love it! And your cute little cuppa cozy, I adore how you coordinate everything. And, there they are - the ruffles. That is a great project for your Mac, complete with matching covered button. What a fabulous Swap Hop this has been!

  38. Samm, there are no new words to describe Your beautiful work or to express the success and enjoyment of your hops. You and your cheerleader are to be commended for your thoughtfulness and your endeavors to help others.
    Blessing through the Christmas season

  39. Oh, how lovely! Each gift has such detail and I'm smitten with your fabric choices, Mdm Samm. Wonderful gifts each and every one!

    Aw, how sweet Doris is! Enjoy those special gifts.

    Thanks so much for a wonderful finish to an amazing hop (and all the work you do behind the scenes to make this hops happen!). T'was the best! ;o)

  40. Ho Ho Ho I Love your Santa Tammy!! Sew many different designs you can do with this pattern!! Yes please I want to buy a Cup O Cozy, yours is just the sweetest!! Marlene did a Outstanding job with her great Organization and Creative ideas for us, we were surely blessed to have her for this Hop!! and You, Yes YOU MATTER to me ALL the Time!! So much Christmas delight here these past 2 weeks, makes me want to sewing for 2015 as soon as 2014 is over! Have a Wonderfully Beautiful Snow filled Week end Santa Samm!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  41. I love your little Santa, he's darling! What a wonderful swap/hop this has been, I'd say something worth doing again sometime in the future?!

  42. Oh my goodness. Your Santa Tammy Bag is absolutely stunning and you completed the whole bag in 3 hours? It would take me longer than that just to do the stitching. Your Santa design is terrific! Love all of your ideas and the gifts you received from Doris.

  43. The Santa Tammy is precious. This hop was perfect and YOU are priceless.merry Christmas.

  44. All your gifts are sew lovely. The Christmas Tammy is my favorite ... my favorite in this big beautiful hop. I could never do this in three hours. You really are sew accomplished.

    Thank you for all the gifts you have given to all of us all year long.

    Thanks to you and to Marlene for this wonderful hop to fill our hearts with Christmas spirit and our muses full of gifty ideas.

    May you and yours have a Joyous Noel ... {{{{{Christmas Hugs}}}}}} <3 Pat

  45. Your Christmas Tammy is simply adorable! ! All your gifts are. You and Marlene truly out did yourselves with this hop. I had a great time reading and learning all kinds of new gifts to make. Gee, I got to get sewing for I will definately be working way into Christmas eve to make all that I have seen, lol :)

    Thank you for sharing the music...loved it.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  46. Thank you for everything you share with us. You are the BEST

  47. thank you Melody..hopefully you see this...no email came up...not sure what your addy is...should you see this..next time send to me so I can have you on file to respond.

  48. Well Mdm.Samm,this has been the most splended hop. Your Santa Tammy bag is just over the top gorgeous! The cuppa cozie beautiful,and a laptop case to match...priceless. Your photos as always...wow me/us. Both gifts from Doris sweet!

    Thank you and Marlene sew very much for this wonderful start to the holidays. Merry Christmas.

  49. You and Marlene and all the participants have truly outdone this swap/hop. Everything you create has such a magical gleam. Santa's hat on your Tammy bag stitchery is perfect with the shading. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who could possibly put reindeer upside down...thank you. Creative T'Was the Night Bliss and Blessings. Thank you dear...

  50. A great hop!! Love the cuppa cosy!! Hope you are staying warm!


  51. Such a lovely hop and many wonderful gift ideas to ponder! Stay warm and dry.

  52. Love the cuppa cozy- I need to make that for myself and one of my best girl friends. Another great hop!

  53. Always wonderfully done projects. The Tammy bag is perfectly done - you are an artist. The angora yarn was a super idea.
    The hop was super fun; I loved seeing what everyone sent on to their giftee; so many generous people. Thanks for giving us so much fun as we hop along.

  54. Tammy is gorgeous for Christmas. I very fun hop packed with lots of goodies.thanks!

  55. This was a fabulous blog hop!! There were so many fabulous ideas presented in this hop - they should be combined into a book - it would really sell!!!

  56. Another wonderful hop! Love your Tammy bag and the cuppa cozy. The flowers took me back to my wedding day, I had yellow roses in my bouquet. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us!

  57. I was back checking the comments, yet again, and what did I see, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! That Smilie mug is 2 cute. Again thanks to you and Marlene for all the hard work.

  58. Such lovely gifts, handmade with love and care, as you always do. Another wonderful hop, with new faces, which is always nice to see. Thanks for being the hub for it all to come together.

  59. What lovely bouquet!! Very inspired friend!!

  60. Love your Tammy bag, and the Santa you stitched is fabulous.

  61. Thanks for all the fun. Sew many things in this hop brought a smile to my day. Your Santa Tammy bag is adorable. :)

  62. WOW Samm your Santa Tammy bag is just the best one ever...sEw cute with his rosy cheeks. I never noticed your OOOOOP's. You shouldn't have said a word...I wouldn't have noticed. With all the stitching I've done I have never cross stitched a project. Now that I've signed up for the Tammy 4 all Seasons blog hop I will have to learn in a hurry. I'll be looking for all the tips I know you will be sharing. I'm going to learn from the BEST!! I love your cuppa cozzies...beautiful fabrics by Studio E and your quilted red denim Mac Air cover is sooo perfect...love the gingham ruffle. Thank you sEw much for all you do for us!! You are a special lady with the biggest heart!! Beautiful flowers to make your heart smile..makes mine smile too : ) Thank you to that 'special' person!!

  63. Love the Santa Tammy bag and I look forward to seeing your Tammy kits when you get them posted.

  64. Lovely Samm, all your projects are as alway so awesome and wonderful, but I am totally in love with your Santa Tammy.
    Thank you for another fun and inspiring blog hop. Have a great day

  65. Oh those flowers....stunning! How beautiful on a snowy day! Blessings, Marlene

  66. Love the Santa on your Tammy bag! He is wonderful. Your red and black projects are spectacular too. I love that color combo! Great inspiration for me this afternoon!

  67. I have been off the Grid doing a New Store Opening, so I am back to catch up.....Your Bouquet is just over the top Gorgeous!!! You are so deserving of a Bouquet like that and all the smiles and Love that come with it everyday!! My Mentoe,my Friend you truly are the BEST!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  68. Dear mdm samm, thank you for this wonderful hop, it has been so much fun!
    I love your Santa Tammy, lovely stitchery and wonderful fabrics you used.
    To bad that you are so far away, otherweise I would fix that upside down side,
    I'm used to fix such "accidents" happends to me too *smile*
    Thank you for sharing your ideas for quick gifts.
    The gift you recived from Doris is very nice and the flowers so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing all these Christmas Songs during the hop too.

  69. Oh my goodness! You are a marvel and a speedy stitcher! Such darling gifts - that Santa is too cute! Your gifts from Doris are delightful as well and no doubt bring a smile to your face. This was such a fun hop - so many wonderful ideas shared. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Thank you so very much for all that you do!

  70. Your cross-stitch Santa is gorgeous! I love the variegated thread look, it really did give the hat so much character. This is my favorite hop so far, thank you for letting me be a part of it! My list is so long with great projects to make, and I love it :)

  71. Your pincushion will go nicely with those flowers. Very pretty from someone sweet.

  72. Best hop ever Samm. So many great ideas from a talented group of ladies. You rock! Merry Christmas


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