Thursday, November 6, 2014

T'is the season....Christmas tea, fresh baked cookies, stitching , and BOURBON! ( new tool for patterns)

Butterflies again this morning...
T'is the season...Each day now till the week before Christmas...
I have a to do list...

Today it is getting all of my Christmas cards written and ready to mail..
As some of them will travel a distance, I need to have them in the mail earlier
than some.

Later today I will place an order for all of my supplies needed for some
BOURBON SAUCE... It is the perfect gift for those who love bread pudding..

Around here bread pudding is a wonderful seasonal comfort food...
Pour on some BOURBON sauce and my oh my ...YOU ARE HOME...
( because you will be INTOXICATED......) 

Just kidding there....the only thing left over from the Bourbon is the taste..
all alcohol is cooked off.....I just like to think it is intoxicating more for its flavour..

This I will be making this weekend...

1. This week, I have been working with our sponsors, friendly reminders
to get all their goods ready to be shipped...  

2. I have cookies in the oven, some treats for David's lunch...
( I always prepare my dough in advance , freeze it and when a few fresh
cookies are needed...I pull them out early in the am and by the time
he is up our home smellllllllls welll FRESHLY BAKED....

3. I am stitching something to show you all next week....
OUR next HOP it will be the  sample....

4. I am sipping some coffee with bourbon.....
( not really, but I did think about it....but that would only make me sleep
and I need to be UP UP UP ....)

5. I am thinking of you all and thinking..
What a season to share with YOU.....

Yep, t'is the season... my favourite time of year...

I even got a CHRISTMAS gift yesterday...a very sweet pot of TEA....
Last week I was at my first  Christmas Tea ....

HOLIDAYS, I am ready for YOU....

Happy PEOPLE bring SUNSHINE to our lives...!


These will be made to order! 
I am waiting for some very special
magnets....I had some....but not enough
to create some for YOU....

I will have them available in our etsy store 
in week or so....


  1. Morning Samm! Now we all know you love Sumatra coffee, but I'm curious...what is your favourite cuppa tea? Bagged, loose leaf? Black, orange, green? Just this last year I fell in love with flavoured herbal teas...I learned it was the bag I did not like. I even bought a thermometer to confirm the proper temperature lol. Can't wait to see your "sample" next week. Thinking this weekend or next will have ds begin bringing in the Christmas boxes...they need a good go through to organize this year. I do like to have my tree up by the first weekend in December...so it is time to start getting ready and avoid the rush lol

  2. I wanna come live at your house! It all sounds so cozy. I really want to try and get in the holiday spirit this year. Maybe I need a housewife to make things happen. Work seem to take up so much time and then, I am pooped when I come home. Your bourbon sauce sounds lovely. When I was a kid, both of my grandmothers lived with us. Bread pudding and rice pudding were common in my house. I don't think I appreciated them nearly enough back then. Oh, to return to that simpler time.

  3. This is my favourite time of the year, too. ^^

  4. A Christmas gift already! Wow! Santa knows who has been good this year! I can smell those cookies all the way down here...no wait, that is the smell coming from my kitchen.

    I am baking cookies this morning as well. I have took homemade cookies to market for the past 2 years when we sell our tobacco but this year it has not been necessary for me to go. So, I have been slack and have not baked for them... I really thought hubby would not want to fool with taking a plate of cookies with him. He came in last week and informed me that they had requested some of my cookies so today's trip to market will smell heavenly... and several men will have huge chocolatey smiles on their faces! :)

    I bought my Christmas cards last week. I happened upon a store putting out their merchandise for the holidays and spied the perfect cards! I snagged them right up! We have 2 large entrance-ways in to our living room and 4 season porch and I love to display the cards we receive around them. It is like an instant Christmas wreath... I have done this for years, even when my girls were little.

    Today I will be sewing and stitching to get some ufo's out the door and then start preparing for a 3 days sew-in with friends. I love sew-ins. I could do them once a month. I love to have friends in to my home and sit and sew together while chatting and laughing up a storm. It makes the heart lighter.

    I am excited for the Twas The Night hop... my day is on my birthday! And speaking of birthday's, today is my baby girl's 33rd! I need to run so I can call and wake her up to the birthday song.

    Take care and have a wonderful day!

  5. I just started my holiday baking yesterday. Luv me some bourbon... Sauce! ; )

  6. I have to operate from a list EVERY day!! But, even at my busiest, I can see I would have a difficult time keeping up with you!!

  7. I loved your Halloween Tammy Bag. I bought your pattern but can't find a frame that is curved like yours. Can you share where you found that frame? Sandy

  8. Your house must smell like a little bit of heaven! I have no list of what to do, yet. I guess I better make one since I have LOTS to do and the holiday clock is ticking! Maybe a little of your bourbon in my tea would help.

  9. There's nothing that smells better than cookies baking - it's no wonder real estate sales people tell you to bake cookies just before a viewing. :) I'll bake a few today too - they'll be going off to the deer camp with my husband. I do send cards but not quite this early but it seems not so many people do any more. That's a shame I think. blessings, marlene

  10. Still thinking Fall a bit around here, making Pumpkin Bread in batches this morning...but bread pudding sounds wonderful :)

  11. Good Morning to you. I am also getting ready for the holiday time, Tom and I have been cleaning house to make room for all that fabric I have in the dinning room. Making the list of thing to make and when I saw Bourobn Sauce in you post it just brought back memories of the Brandy Sauce my grandma use to make for the blackberry cobbler. I think after she made her sauce, she added more brandy when it cooled down. I remember going to the kitchen and with a table spoon fill it up with that wonderful brand sauce and getting a buzz.

  12. Good morning to you, Samm!
    Your organizational skills astound me. I really must try to get it together!

  13. Oh yes it's time to get in the kitchen and make some cookies! I think that is what the grandson and I will do today as it has cool down a lot here in AZ and I think we can now turn on the oven.

    Robin in AZ
    assweeetaspeaches hotmail

  14. I absolutely love this season! I could browse in the Christmas decorating section of a store forever just imagining different decorating schemes! And baking! I'm in heaven baking Christmas goodies!
    It looks like you have a great plan for getting it all done with ease!

  15. One of my favorite treats when I visit New Orleans is bread pudding with bourbon sauce . . . yum, makes me feel happy all over just to think about it. I've never made it myself, maybe this will be the year for that sweet indulgence! :)

  16. Woman just reading your blog wears me out. I wish I had half your energy. But I am thankful that you share through your blog. You go girl.

  17. good morning! I don't quite start off the season as early as you in the same way. Mine started yesterday by tearing apart the living room and giving it all a thorough cleaning. Decor items dusted and packed away to make room for Christmas decor which goes up no later than the day after Thanksgiving. AND I have starting stitching Christmas presents. It's never to early to think Santa!!
    xx, Carol

  18. I am compelled to make another comment. This is about your blog. There is not another blog on the web, aside from the friends I have developed over the years, that makes me feel more welcome than here. You are so busy, yet you always graciously acknowledge comments. You may not know how much you are appreciated, so I thought I'd remind you.

  19. This is such a great season for baking and preparing. We love the yummy bread pudding here too - with the bourbon sauce, of course! I can smell it just imagining it. I'll bet your house smells heavenly.

  20. Good Morning, Sounds like you have it all together. Working on making Christmas cards, already shopping for stocking stuffers, sewing up a storm.Making my list, checking it twice, gotta see who was naughty or nice. Have a great day.

  21. I Love this time of year, it is such a happy time even with the Gray Rainy skyes of Washington! I am running a bit behind, need to start wrapping gifts to be shipped next week. Thanksgiving week end is always my Baking week end. I don't do the Black Friday thing, as I am usually done shopping by then. I would really be baking and creating from the Heart, that makes me smile. Enjoy your Beautiful Day, Bread Pudding is one of my all time favorites, some times I make it with mini croissants!
    Huggs, Nancy

  22. I so have to Ditto Carol's second comment, this is by far the happiest Blog on the web, and your replys to us make us feel even better, *smile*
    Huggs, Nancy

  23. Perfect! That's exactly what I needed Samm.... :) blessings, marlene

  24. mmmmm sounds good! I am looking forward to the holidays and I can't wait to see what you are hiding ;)

  25. Good afternoon Mdm Samm...I was going in circles all morning...not very productive. I can't seem to focus on anything. Hopefully I will be focused when it comes to start my first cross stitch project!! Thanks for all your help. “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Happy stitching!! :)

  26. Been a bit under the weather for the last couple days. Thinking I I might need a bit of that tea. Missed stopping in and seeing all your creativity. Love the button idea. I just might have to work one of those up for myself.

  27. Great idea to use a covered button and magnet to hold the pattern to the stitching fabric. I'm going to have to borrow that idea.

  28. Dear Samm, I can't imagine a week with you! You are amazing! I love bread pudding! Another favorite is Rum Cake! I eat way too much of it when I bake it at Christmas, but it,s so delicious! The button idea is not only very useful, it is cute as a button! pun intended..haha xoxox Christel

  29. Arn't you the clever one with the button magnet, why can't I think of ideas like that! Love the smell of fresh baked goodies.

  30. Tis the season of giving and SAUCE!! After a day of work, it sounds like a great idea, bourbon that is... Now I see I need to make a list, bake, and buy needles. I'm thinking I better get busy and lay of the sauce for tonight anyway.
    Love the button idea. Is it too early to set up the tree??

  31. Oh I can almost smell the bread pudding and bourbon sauce...YUM! Great idea for marking your pattern and resting your needle when those inevitable interruptions happen. Lists and being prepared are what I aspire to do better. Creative Season of Joy Bliss Dear...

  32. I love your magnet idea. I want to magnetize EVERYTHING. At my local hardware store, I will be looking for some sheets of metal to enamel and put up for use as bulletin boards, now that you have given me the magnet idea.

  33. That Bourbon sauce sounds amazing! You are so well organized, but I do love the idea of freezing some cookie dough for later and with a house full of growing grandkid's and their friends, this would be amazing!


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