Monday, November 24, 2014

THINK VINTAGE WINTER IS LOADED.....Tammy 4 all Seasons with Brooke Nolan and Cori Blunt.....sign up.

For over a year now the TAMMY bag has been a request of many...

"When will we do another  TAMMY bag hop?"

Welllll we were listening....and this time I wanted to add a little spin to it..
Welllll actually a BIG SPIN...

I invited Brooke Nolan who was responsible for the creation of 
SUPERPOWER GIRL during our SUPERPOWER Stitching hop last summer..
Since then we have been .....SUPERPOWER Cheerleaders for one another...

She was very busy with commitments to many magazines
and companies, so I waited my turn..PATIENTLY....
Well the time had come......so we got into discussion 
about VINTAGE.....and surprising as it seems we both 
were  on the same wavelength....
She is one amazing illustrator, designer of all things STITCH.

We talked about doing VINTAGE in  4 SEASONAL PATTERNS
that would fit perfectly on the front of the Tammy Bags...
approx 5 inches of sample stitch pattern...

We both Love VINTAGE, and note below 
 the first pattern she created that I cross stitched
on my Tammy bag.....A beautiful spring dress,
with gingham waist, a spring hat, bouquet, 
a wee tammy bag, and gloves and tea cup...
It is all fits perfectly and gives YOUR TAMMY bag a 
O.O.A.K. look ( one of a kind ) 

I chose Vintage fabrics to set it off...and love it....
 it is beautiful....it looks muted but it is not....
the linen I chose is a soft green....

This is the SPRING  VINTAGE Pattern....

This is Brookes on a TEA colour Monaco Fabric by DMC....
I wanted to show you a contrast colour below...

This LINEN  I chose ....I do not recommend....it was a piece I had from
years ago...OMG I think it was a Zweigart 32 linen...
What was I thinking lol... Hard to see the squares...
MONACO is much easier as is AIDA! 

The Vintage Spring Tammy Bag above took me approx
2 weeks to make...JUST FYI, this is not a project you can do the night before.....
that is with the cross stitch and pinny....
We are giving you plenty of time....so plan accordingly ok?

Here is a thought, I cut out all of my pattern pieces for my Tammy BAG
first....Whatever one you PLAN to Stitch and Applique( pinny)
think ahead....

Here is a snapshot of SUMMER...
( Brooke stitched this one too) 

Can you imagine a Tammy bag in
With this gorgeous Vintage Brooke original.....? 
I am working on that one right now...
I am doing mine on a WHITE monaco.. ( DMC)
Can also be done on AIDA...a much easier fabric
to stitch on for those who are new to CROSS STITCHING.

Remember these bubble bathing caps, Brooke and I
were giggling like school girls on this one...
and the bathing suit with rushing on the hips..
a gingham tote, umbrella, scarf for the hips,
sandals, cats eye glasses...

( did you note all the gingham added in these 2 patterns...?)

Fall is here...
Brooke completed this one today
we both were soooooo excited 
Look at the percolator, the electric kind,
the gingham mug, pumpkin pie,
pencil skirt and cardigan with pearl
and apron....

Brooke, LOVE IT, already started summer otherwise
I would have jumped to fall....wellll that will be next .......lol

And here is our WINTER, will you look at that stole, and dress
and champagne glass and long sleeve gloves and present and yes a gingham
bag to go with that beautiful vintage dress.... aren't you glad you waited...
Now ladies....don't you want all 4 patterns....?

Both these Ladies worked months on this , not days or weeks..
MONTHS....I think they are both worth $10.00 each...

We Talk about supporting our Gifted Designers...
Well we won't have any if they cannot depend on us...

YOU will choose 1 pattern of the 4 and that one you will get
for FREE ( must be in our blog hop)
.....Thanks to Brooke for that.....

If you wish for the whole  Vintage Collection....

They will be available for 3 for $10.00 
On DEC 15th....
The Patterns will sell for $10.00 each!
$40.00 value for only $10.00
( for those in this hop)

All the patterns will be available tomorrow....
However for those who would like Spring or Summer
I have those patterns available NOW.

( Once you sign up the patterns will be available ASAP)

You can outline the pattern and do it in embroidery
or you can cross stitch it on either aida cloth ( 14 count)  or an evenweave or monaco
fabric by DMC... ( 28 count)

For those who have the Tammy bag Pattern you will choose
whatever fabric to coordinate with your front panel choice..

For those who do not have the TAMMY BAG Pattern..
CONNECTING  THREADS  is now selling it....

The patterns do not take long to stitch and since we do not have
any other blog hops till the new year, you can enjoy the 
VINTAGE journey....

Thanks Brooke....will always CHEER YOU ON.....

( Brooke has been working on these pattern designs now for 2 months) 
Cori has spent the same amount of time.....These ladies did this all for YOU! 
Their patterns are EXCELLENT,
we all believe in helping YOU along with lot's of detail so you will
all achieve the same RESULTS. 
( their patterns and mine are ALL very detailed , so YOU will
get the same results) 

NOTE for those not in the HOP..
if you wish any of Brookes Patterns you can obtain them 
for $10.00 each

send payment directly to Brooke at her paypal account.

brooke@brookesbooks.com   x stitch

If anyone drops out for any reason and have received 
patterns, please remit to both Cori and Brooke
10.00 each...The patterns are FREE if you are in the hop..
This would be a very nice gesture on your part! 


Now for the back of the TAMMY BAG.....
it all started here.... Cori, TWEET TWEET lady 
who has to be one of the best APPLIQUE artiste out there...

She sent me this cute PINNY after me talking about 
that HAPPY SONG.....Of course I did not have a yellow gingham
Tammy Bag, so I made one up to showcase it...
What is sooooo fabulous about these OOAK original designs
by Cori, is that it is sooooo PRACTICAL....my word for 2015 BTW.

Behind it is a little thread catcher and pin keeper....
oh and place to hold your wee scissors ( under the thread catcher)

I added mine with a purse magnet, but I also have used 
an eyelet too....( more on that later) 
It is perfect for your Tammy NOTIONS Bag...
I keep all of my Stitching Stuff in this one bag now....
all of my floss for my stitching projects....

Wellllll we got talking as only we can do and I convinced her to make
1-2-34 SEASONAL Vintage Pinnies for the back of our Tammy Bags...
and she did... Her patterns are soooo detailed too..you will be
surprised at your outcome...YOU will be able to make any of these below...

Think applique, embroidery, box pleats...you will learn how to do it all !

This is what the SEASONAL VINTAGE PINNY looks like on the back of my Tammy Bag...
I added gingham on the pocket to highlight it further...

Same deal too.....YOU choose any SEASONAL pattern and you will get 1 FREE, the other 3 will be sold for $10.00 ..... After DEC 15th, each pattern will sell for $10.00 EACH. ( again $40.00 value for only $10.00 for those in our hop)

I have all these patterns available NOW ....as soon as you sign up for our Tammy 4 all seasons HOP....
 You can always start on your PINNIES while you are waiting Brooke to send me the other 2 cross stitch patterns...

YOU can make YOUR PINNIES any colour, you don't need to coordinate them with your Tammy....
that will be left to you.....YOUR SUMMER could be RED instead of turquoise..
YOUR WINTER, could be BLACK....your SPRING could be PINKs or YELLOWS...
FALL , could be RUST......YOUR bag, your pattern, your pinny....YOUR choice! 
Are they not gorgeous....Box Pleats.., applique, embroidery..YOU all wanted to be challenged in the NEW YEAR, wellllll I was listening....Here you go....Let's be Challenged together...

Big thanks goes out to CORI, for these VINTAGE PINNY designs....WE will continue to cheer her on too.... Will you make the Cute signature BIRD, or cupcake, or buttons or tea or coffee cup..

Make 1 or all 4 that will be entirely up to you....YOU know I will probably  make more than 1 lol...

NOTE for those not in the HOP..
if you wish any of Cori's Patterns you can obtain them 
for $10.00 each

send payment directly to Cori's at her paypal account.

Ohhhhhhh and of course we have some SPONSORS. A LOT OF THEM....in fact... 
for this ONE HOP....yep... YOU cannot even imagine what they have provided....
I will share more on all of them VERY SOON! 

Yarn TREE  ( q-snaps)

WE are filled with GRATITUDE by these amazing people and their companies... !

And Pauline was to Cheer for you all but her dear
husband took very sick and is hospitalized..they both
could use your prayers..... We wish them both well! 
Pauline will try to join us later as she is a wonderful stitcher...

In the meantime... MARY will be stepping in as she was 
helping Pauline with this one.... in the background.....
Mary from I Piece 2 Mary.....
who has cheered for us a few times, is sooo ready for this hop..
She has made many Tammy Bags and will tell you they are 
very easy to make now....Many ladies have made more than a few wink....
She is a very special lady to all of us.....

Sooooo this is what MARY WILL NEED FROM YOU..
in the Subject line.." TAMMY 4 all SEASONS"


Blog name URL ( if you do not have one...we can host for you) 
YOUR email address...

and here is some extra info, you can relay to her please...

Do you require reading glasses?
Do you require Aida cloth, Monaco( linen like)  DMC floss?
Do you require LIGHT? to stitch better?
Do you require stitching Frames? 

OK Review here...

YOU will be stitching :

1 of the cross stitch or embroidery patterns
1 of the pinnies for the back of your Tammy bag
1 Tammy bag ( or more )

You all will get 1 pattern FREE of both the Vintage  Cross Stitch pattern by Brooke
and  a Vintage PINNY Pattern from Cori...

You will have over 2 months to do this....

Will you be joining us for a VINTAGE TAMMY Stitching


YOU matter!

ps. I will be providing some helpful hints
on cross stitching for those who join in..

IE: how to centre your project on your fabric
how to separate threads so they lay flat
how to use a Stick with me magnet to hold your pattern
how to mark off your pattern as you go..
how to cross stitch so your back looks as good as your front
how to stretch your fabric onto your frame
how to press once completed

Anyone and everyone can participate in our HOPS.
If ever you wanted to have cheerleaders in your life
to cheer on your creativity….
well you do not need to look any further…

1. Choose the patterns of your choice
to make a NEW OOAK Tammy BAG. 

2. BE a cheerleader for all those who participate, there is nothing 
as heartfelt as your lovely comments.

3. Please turn off your word verification the day of your
post…you really do not want to miss any comments..
YOU have no idea how that one comment can be a life changer….

4. Be sure to add your post at midnight EST. WE have visitors
all around the world who like to get up like we do in North America
to your lovely creations

5. Please ADD everyone including YOUR blog on your post 
that day, so we can find everyone as easily as we found you..

6. MOST IMPORTANT, commit, if you don't, you have
taken the spot of someone else who I will be hearing about,
trust me there…

7. Add the button to your blog so everyone will note your 
Tammy 4 all SEASONS is coming and also
a reminder for YOU to get your project DONE.....
A great gentle reminder....

( code is on the side bar) 

Let me know tomorrow what CROSS STITCH patterns you would like..
and what Pinnies... ( although all of you should have those by now)



  1. Me...Me, I am in! I may or may not have had a heads up on this hop...;) Can't wait Samm, been looking forward to this for a while! xx ~Cori

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  8. I have emailed Mary. I do not want to miss another chance to make a Tammy. I am going to buy the pattern now, so I can start planning. I know craft stores carry the Aida cloth, but what about the Monaco? Do you have a recommendation? And where do we buy the clasps? Thanks for another FUN hop idea!

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  33. My choice for the hop is Spring embroidery and Summer Pinny.

    Thank you to both designers for their tireless work to make these patterns available to us!

    And thank you Madame Samm for everything!

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  38. I have never made a Tammy bag, mostly because I thought the frame attachment would be too difficult. But I can't resist Brooke's designs. I used to do a lot of cross stitching, even making display samples for a local shop. Quilting has taken over my time for a few years, though, so this would be a great way to get back into it. The Vintage Winter design is just gorgeous. And Cori's patterns are very cute. I would love to do her Vintage Spring design. This is my first time participating in a hop like this, but I don't have a blog, so I'll have to rely on the good graces of the hosts.

    Leslie in MN


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